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Behind him, Ji Xiao Han and his son spread out the food and cushions they brought and arranged them neatly.

"Daddy, why don't we play on the plane? to see whose plane is flying higher and farther away. " Tang Xiao Rui couldn't wait to spar with his father.

His daughter was really like Tang You You, with her pair of large, divine eyes, rippling water ripples, her beauty was outrageous to behold.

"Oh no, it's broken!" The two high speed aircraft rolled a few times in the air, then both of them fell to the ground.

Ji Xiao Han's expression froze, and he looked at his depressed son with a ashamed face: "I'm sorry, Daddy lost!"

"Daddy, is Mummy really that beautiful? Now it's all right, the plane was wrecked. " Tang Xiao Rui felt so much heartache.

"How about I get Uncle Yuan to give you another car …"

Tang Xiao Rui shook his head sensibly: "Forget it, Uncle Yuan is so old, it's better not to let him climb the mountain. Let's go and play kite with him."

Ji Xiao Han truly felt that he had let down his son. Those two planes were his beloved possessions, but they were destroyed because of him.

Indeed, a beauty miscalculation.

The father and son duo walked towards the already exhausted mother and daughter pair.

"Daddy, why are you guys here? You don't play with planes? " Tang Xiao Nai asked with an astonished expression.

Tang Xiao Rui spread out his small hands: "The plane is broken, how can you still play with it? Give me the kite, big brother will fly out for you."

Tang You You propped herself up using both hands to support her knees, raising her head, looking at the man's smiling eyes, she was slightly vexed.

The way this man looked at her was getting weirder and weirder. Was it because he agreed to be her girlfriend that he became so impudent?

"Let the children go. Come and sit for a while. I think you're very tired!" Ji Xiao Han's tone revealed his concern.

"That's right, Mummy, quickly follow father to sit over there and watch me fly the kite with brother." Tang Xiao Nai said in a very considerate manner.

Tang You You really could not run anymore, she walked over, sat on the mat, took a washed up fruit and began to eat it.

Ji Xiao Han's tall and big body walked towards her and sat down beside her. With his powerful aura, even if he was no longer in the job area, he would still be able to see through everything.

When the breeze blew, and the fragrance of the menthol, which belonged to a man, wafted into her nose, causing her body to tremble slightly.

He secretly cast a sidelong glance and saw the man reach for a bottle of water. He unscrewed the bottle and passed it to her. "Drink some water. Are you tired after running for so long?"

Tang You You's expression became slightly tense. The man's gentle concern, with an irresistible charm, struck straight into her weakest heart.

She wanted to resist, but she couldn't help but reach out her hand to catch the bottle of water. She raised her head stiffly and took a deep breath.

Her heart turned cold, and her mind that had been in a trance suddenly began to tremble. This type of feeling was indescribably strange.

"This is the roasted chicken that the Uncle Yuan is most adept at, it has a taste of repayment." After Ji Xiao Han gave her some water, he took out a glove and tore off a piece of chicken drumstick that had been burnt to smell the fragrance and passed it to her.

"I... "I won't, thank you!" Tang You You realized that she was already panicking when this man was trying to please her. At this moment, she did not expect him to offer her another chicken leg.

Smelling the smell of burning incense, she felt really hungry. She subconsciously swallowed her saliva, but didn't dare to pick it up.

"If you don't eat it, I'm going to eat it." The man didn't get angry after hearing her rejection. Instead, he intentionally smiled as he spoke.

"Go ahead and eat!" Tang You You couldn't help but let herself look as if nothing had happened, as her small face turned slightly red.

Ji Xiao Han actually took a bite himself and praised it: "It is indeed delicious, the Uncle Yuan is the best and longest time, it is the head chef, actually the majority of the food we eat is personally made by the Uncle Yuan."

"Oh!" Tang You You didn't understand why this man wanted to talk about this with her, but she didn't ask.

However, hearing him say that Uncle Yuan was actually a chef, Tang You You was a little surprised. She turned her head and looked at the man who was eating with relish, then swallowed her saliva.

"Of course, if you don't believe me, I'll make it up to you." As Ji Xiao Han said that, he gave her another chicken leg and passed it over.

Tang You You was no longer reserved, because the smell was too fragrant. She could not help but want to pay for it.

The meat was still fresh and delicious, but there was a faint medicinal fragrance mixed within the meat. It seemed to be made from being boiled and then grilled to smell like charcoal, which meant that it probably required a lot of work to make such a fragrant chicken, Uncle Yuan was really too considerate.

When they woke up, it was already 8, then how early would Uncle Yuan have to wake up to roast this chicken?

Thinking of this, Tang You You felt gratitude and admiration towards the Uncle Yuan.

"If we eat all the chicken legs, will the children have any objections?" When Tang You You was about to finish nibbling on the chicken leg, she suddenly realised that she and Ji Xiao Han had shared the most meat.

Ji Xiao Han laughed disapprovingly, "There are still a lot of things here, enough for them to fill their stomachs."

After Tang You You finished listening, her eyes swept across the big basket that he had carried over just now. There were still many delicious foods inside, so there was no need to worry about this.

"Why did you suddenly treat me so well?" Tang You You asked him casually while holding a tissue.

From this morning onwards, Ji Xiao Han's attitude changed drastically. It was as if he was treating her like a lover, which made her feel extremely unsuitable, but he didn't seem to reject him at all.

"A man should treat his girlfriend with the same attitude as I do right now. Am I not gentle enough?" Ji Xiao Han's answer, stupefied Tang You You.

"Did you treat me well just because I agreed to be your nominal girlfriend?" Tang You You suddenly felt stuffy.