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Tang youyou suddenly feels that the season owl in front of her is cold. It's so strange that she's afraid of something strange.

Why? Why did the man who was gentle to her last night wake up all night, his expression was cold, as if she had become his enemy.

But how could she be his enemy?

Ji Xiaohan stares into her eyes. When she questions, there is a trace of embarrassment on her handsome face.

Indeed, he lied to her more than once. The tears in Tang youyou's eyes slipped down in a flash. She wiped them off with the back of her hand. Her voice was full of condemnation and anger: "Ji Xiaohan, I didn't expect that you were a big liar. You cursed my parents. What else did you cheat me? Is your love for me a lie? You just want to have my two children, so you pretend to love me and say you want to marry me. It's ridiculous that I believe you, liar. "

Ji Xiaohan's eyes hide deep pain, but she feels that at this moment, it seems to be better for each other to be a cold and heartless person. "What would you do if I said yes? I pretended to fall in love with you. In fact, I wanted to take the opportunity to establish a good father son father daughter relationship with the children. I will give you a career and let you neglect to take care of the children. Now, the two children depend on me and my grandparents. As for you... " Ji Xiao can't make it up anymore, because it's not his true words, he can't speak colder words.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me? Season owl cold, you are too much Tang youyou just wants to rush over and slap him hard, because she is so angry that she wants to be angry. "What's wrong with lying to you? Do you know what your father did to me? Do you know who Javier is? He is the old bastard who married my mother. He is the source of my nightmare. Tang youyou. When I investigate these two jade pendants, I will know who you are. You are the daughter of Xia Weiwen. You are the daughter of my enemies. Now you know why I lied to you Ji Xiaohan suddenly told the truth. It was so cruel and terrible.

Tang youyou is completely stunned. Like a fool, the expression on her face is frozen. She just opens her eyes and looks at the man standing up in front of her. He looks fierce and hateful, which makes Tang youyou feel cold and sharp.

"What did you say? I'm your enemy's daughter? Ji Xiaohan, are you kidding? How could I be

"I'm not joking with you. In fact, not long ago, I've verified your DNA and Xia Weiwen. You are really a father daughter relationship. If I hate someone, I will not mistake the relationship." Season owl cold sneers.

Tang youyou shivered all over. He felt black in front of him, and some of him could not stand stably.

She tried to calm herself down. She had to hold on. She couldn't just faint.

"Are you sure?" Tang youyou asked as if he didn't give up.

Season owl cold nodded: "yes, I'm sure." "Why do you want to do more than that? Don't you love me? Aren't you playing with my feelings all the time? When you know that I have that jade pendant, you should be disgusted with me, but why do you want to confirm it? Are you going to continue to love me if I'm not chaveen's daughter? " Tang youyou really calmed down. The only advantage of having two children is that she is used to calming down when she does anything, because she knows that being upset can't solve anything.

Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan is speechless, because what Tang youyou said is the truth.

"What's the difference? After knowing your identity, we It's impossible! " Ji Xiaohan didn't dare to look directly into Tang youyou's eyes. Those big clear and shiny eyes were once his favorite. He felt very charming and beautiful.

But at the moment, he dare not to look straight. He is in a state of mind, and he is sad.

At the moment, Tang youyou's heart is also messy to the extreme. Too many blows make her brain blank.

She and Ji Xiaohan are separated by a desk, and they are trusting each other, as if they have never loved each other, which is a layer of indifference more than strangers. "Don't worry, I won't be obsessed with you. If you really don't love me, if you really hate me and don't want to be with me, I will never disturb your life again, and won't pester you. Now I just hope you promise me to return the children to me. They are mine, and I am a person!" Since Ji Xiaohan has coldly ended all these relations, Tang youYou can only accept the fact sadly. Since Xia Weiwen is really her father, she also recognizes it.

So, she finally knew why she was pregnant with the dragon and Phoenix. There was a reason. She was one of the dragon and Phoenix babies, but her brother died too early.

"I can't give it all to you, son!" Ji Xiaohan finally raised his head, looked at her eyes, and said in a low voice.

"What?" Tang youyou put his hands around his chest, only to think that he said this sentence is too funny: "if you don't return the child to me, are you going to drive me out of the house alone? Are you sure? "


"Don't call me that, Ji Xiaohan. Don't call me that in the future." Tang youyou suddenly shouted angrily, "my name is only allowed to be called by the person I love."

Ji Xiaohan stares at the suddenly powerful woman in front of him, as if thinking back to the day when he first met her. She is also so stubborn and strong.

"Well, we need to have a good discussion about children's affairs. I have a share, don't I?" Ji Xiaohan really doesn't want to fight with her again because of her children's affairs. He is afraid that he will suddenly feel soft and really agrees to all her conditions.

Tang youyou held back his tears and laughed at himself: "are you going to put all my father's old accounts on my head? Do you really know what I did wrong? Do you want to do this to me? "

"I'm sorry, but I didn't expect this to happen..." Ji Xiaohan didn't dare to see her tears in her eyes. He only felt his heart was bleeding.

"Don't you tell me I'm sorry, I'm sorry for you, shouldn't it be me? I don't really need to talk about children's affairs, because I believe that children will make their own choices, and it's meaningless for us to compete here! " Tang youyou said, pretending to be cold.

Ji Xiao's face was cold, and he seemed to understand what she said. It's true that he can't control his two children. He is a son with high intelligence. As long as he wants to do something, this little guy sometimes has more executive power than adults. It's useless to stop his behavior.