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C2049 love blossoms

Tie Xun Jun looks embarrassed. Well, he just wants to ask about having children later, so he nods honestly.

Tang Weixin scolded him: "stupid."

Tie Xun happily waited for her to imagine the future life, but didn't expect to get a light scold, and he was stunned again.

Tang Weixin chuckles. The man looks stupid and cute.

"I'm serious." Tie Xun was a little annoyed. He put his long arm around the woman's waist. With a strong force, Tang Weixin sat on his strong leg. Tang Weihu took a breath.

"You're not afraid I'll beat you?" When Tang Weixin found out that the man was domineering, she had amazing strength. She pretended to be angry and asked him.

"Hit me, and I'll kiss." Finish saying, tie Xun big palm to her back brain place, press her whole person to oneself, another hand also strong to pick up her chin, thin lip accurate obtained her lip piece.

Tang only felt that his brain was empty, and he forgot what he was going to say, leaving only the hot breath of men.

Tang Weixin shivered, and the man's hand caressed her waist. She felt that her body was extremely hot. She couldn't help reaching out to hook his neck and immerse herself in it.

Tie Xun's eyes were dark, and the woman in his arms was as soft as cotton, so he held her horizontally and walked towards the bed.

As soon as Tang Weixin's back pasted the softness of going to bed, the whole person woke up. When the man was about to press down, she put out her hand directly in the middle of each other, panting and saying: "don't be in your house. Tomorrow, we'll find a hotel."

Tie Xun is boiling with blood. Listening to her words, it's like pouring a bucket of cold water, and the whole person wakes up.

"Well, let you go first." Fuxun knew her persistence, so he had to bear it first.

Tang Weixin reached out and pinched his handsome face.

"Good night, remember to dream about me." Tie Xun evil spirit back, low voice addicted to people.

Tang Wei can't laugh. It seems that she has met her opponent.

This night, in an instant, it was dawn. In the early morning, everything in the family was in order. The mother got up early. She prepared breakfast with her aunt. Then, two sons went downstairs and two future daughters-in-law whispered. On a warm day, the whole family ate breakfast.

"Brother, did you take xiaonai to the island last time? I want to take idealism to see it today. " Tie Xun opens his eyes and plans for today's exciting and surprising day.

Tang Weixin stops drinking milk and chuckles.

"We've been there. Let's play. There are many memories of our childhood, but they have changed so much that we can't find the original appearance." Tie Ting works outside all the year round and doesn't go home many times all the year round, so he has a vague memory of the changes in this city.

"Yes, the whole world is making progress and development, and will certainly not stay the same as before." Tie Xun also lamented, fortunately, childhood memory is still very clear.

"Brother, where are you going to play?" He asked curiously.

"I want to take xiaonai to see the wedding dress and ring." Tie Ting had thought about this for a long time, but he didn't mention it all the time. He was free today. It's good to have a look in advance.

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes were surprised, and then she smiled, "OK, I want to see it too."

The tie mother saw that the two sons had their own ideas, and she was very happy. After breakfast, she called the two sons directly in front of her.

"Here, take it. It's my mother's intention." The tie mother has prepared a large sum of money for her son, which is for them to marry and have children. Now it is just in use.

"Mom, what is this? Give us money again? " Fuxun looks at the bank card in his hand. He is helpless.

"There's some money in it. Take it to use. Don't be too small. I know you two are not short. As a mother-in-law, I can't be mean. Take it." The face of tie mother is firm.

Two men looked at each other, then silently accepted: "thank you mom."

The bound mother is pleased to see her two sons, tall and handsome. She has been cultivating her blessings for several years, so she looks forward to them. They are going to have a family and a career. She also has the face to see her dead husband. She can be very proud to tell him that neither of them has grown crooked and become their pride.

Fu Xun and Tang Weixin drive a car towards the wharf, but Fu ting and Ji Tingyan are ready to go out after lunch. They prefer to sit at home. In the eyes of lovers, the scenery is everywhere. This kind of boring and crooked time is also very happy.

At the wharf, there is a yacht tied to the house. Tang's intention is better than that of tie Xun's. after two rounds of riding the wind and waves on the sea, the two people landed.

Tang Weixin rarely wears a sexy skirt today. The whole person looks more sweet. If she is judged by her appearance alone, others may not guess her career, but they will mistakenly think that she is a serious teacher or white-collar job.

Tang Weixin is good at disguise herself. Of course, this is her talent and responsibility.Tie Xun took her to walk on the bluestone Road on the island. She was relaxed.

Tie Xun brings a camera to Tang Weixin. She plans to take more photos for Tang Weixin. Unlike other women, she likes to take photos. There is not a single photo in her mobile phone.

"Take a good picture of me, or I'll make you cry and delete it." Qingrou's voice, however, said threatening words, which made him laugh and cry.

Who is going to cry today? He really remains to be seen.

"Don't worry, you are good-looking. You are good-looking in any way." Tie Xun likes her more than just her appearance. Her soul seems more charming.

"You boast too low." Tang Dynasty only complains on the mouth, but the heart is like drinking honey, sweet.

Walking all the way, shooting all the way, tie Xun put her figure into the camera, and when she was old enough to take it out for playback, she would surely feel like another life.

There is a five star hotel not far away in front of us. Tie Xun 's eyes are bright, and he directly leads Tang Weixin' s hand to the hotel hall.

Tang Weixin really didn't expect to follow her boyfriend to do this, but it seems to fit her style.