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After Yang Chu Chu returned to the company, she was restless. From time to time, she would take out her phone to look at the information.

He wondered when Luo Jin Yu would send him a message.

After all, she was still a young girl, and she could not hold herself back. The moment she fell in love, she felt that only that man remained in the world.

At around six o'clock, the message came. Yang Chu Chu immediately stood up and ran towards her cloakroom.

"Which skirt should I wear to look good? This one? No, it's too childish, is it? No, it's too mature. That's right, this … Isn't it too exposed? "

Yang Chu Chu seemed to have difficulty choosing her clothes, she stood in the big fitting room, looking at the clothes that were all over the cabinets, she started to have a headache.

Yang Chu Chu immediately took out her phone and looked up on the internet for a sticker that showed how she dressed during their first date.

Unfortunately, what was written was nonsense. There was no standard at all.

"Forget it, I'll just wear simpler clothes!" Yang Chu Chu suddenly realised that he should not be dressed in formal attire. After all, dating was a very private thing, being too demure and elegant would cause Luo Jin Yu to feel pressured.

In the end, Yang Chu Chu chose only a black T-shirt and a pair of nervous jeans. After that, she tied half a ball of rice to her head, making him feel extremely refreshed.

After applying a faint makeup, Yang Chu Chu looked left and right in the mirror. After feeling satisfied, she took the car key with him and left.

She didn't want to bring an assistant. She just wanted to go alone.

Yang Chu Chu drove to the restaurant that Luo Jin Yu had booked. This was actually a 7-Star hotel, the restaurant was on the 8th floor.

Yang Chu Chu raised her head and looked at the tall hotel building shrouded in darkness. Her two small hands were tightly entwined as she thought to herself, after eating, Luo Jin Yu wouldn't ask to go inside the hotel to rest, right?

Too fast, too fast!

However, he was so excited!

Yang Chu Chu's mind raced as she thought of this. After putting on a mask and hat, she quickly walked towards the elevator in the hall.

She hid herself well, so she didn't care about the people staring at her and just kept playing with her phone.

When they arrived at the private room, she directly pushed the door open and went in. Luo Jin Yu was already a step ahead, he was sitting alone on the table with a cup of red wine beside him.

"You're here?" His voice was low and there was a trace of tenderness in his eyes.

Yang Chu Chu quickly took off her mask and hat, then very childishly walked behind him and extended her arms to hug him.

Luo Jin Yu's healthy body was a little stiff. All of the women he had met in his life, he had never greeted them with such a straightforward manner.

"About that, let me tell you first, this is the first time. You have to be more gentle, okay?"

Luo Jin Yu's already tense body, after hearing her unfathomable words, immediately flushed a deep shade of red.

"What are you talking about?" Luo Jin Yu immediately grabbed her two little hands, turned his head, and looked at her sternly.

Yang Chu Chu's beautiful eyes went blank for a moment, and then she pointed upwards in astonishment: "Didn't you choose to come to the hotel's dining hall to eat? Don't tell me that you want to …"

When Yang Chu Chu said this, she even used two of her fingers right? The meaning of this simply caused Luo Jin Yu's face to turn completely red.

"You're so young, why are your thoughts so dirty?" Luo Jin Yu had no choice but to scold her.

Yang Chu Chu's face immediately flushed red. In the next second, she covered her face with her hands, wishing that she could find a hole to hide in.

Did Luo Jin Yu really have no other intentions?

Did he simply bring her here for a meal?

5555, she didn't want to live anymore.

Luo Jin Yu had been frightened by her just now, but now he was enraged by her laughter, hence, he said indifferently: "Don't tell me you think I have other motives for bringing you here to eat?"

Yang Chu Chu still did not dare to take her hands away, she only nodded her head.

"Why are you more anxious than I am?" Luo Jin Yu was extremely speechless to her, but she looked extremely genuine, and it was truly interesting.

"I'm not in a hurry!" Yang Chu Chu couldn't help but deny it: "I'm just thinking more!"

Luo Jin Yu was convinced, "Why are you thinking so much? We've only just confirmed our relationship, what's the rush? "

"I told you, I'm really not in a hurry!" Yang Chu Chu hurriedly took down her small hands, her small face completely red as she explained in a hurry.

Luo Jin Yu looked at her pink cheeks and his chest felt stuffy. He quickly took a sip of the alcohol beside him: "Alright, I know that's not what you mean, don't be shy!"

"Are you going to make fun of me in the future?" Yang Chu Chu immediately asked him.

"No way!" Luo Jin Yu consoled her like a child.

"Really? "Swear!" Yang Chu Chu really doubted his words.

Luo Jin Yu could not resist laughing out loud: "Alright, I swear, only the two of us know about this secret, okay?"

The corner of Yang Chu Chu's mouth rose, "Alright, I'll believe you then!"

Luo Jin Yu quickly called for the waiters so that they could carry the dishes to the table.

After the delicious dishes were served to him, Luo Jin Yu picked up a piece of fresh fish and placed it into Yang Chu Chu's bowl: "Eat!"

Yang Chu Chu looked at the fish in the bowl, she was stunned for a moment, then her eyes started to turn red.

The action of Luo Jin Yu catching fish for her just now was so natural, with a trace of pampering.

This made her think of herself from a long time ago. At that time, when she was still an eight to nine year old little girl and her father at the same table did the same thing, she envied her daughter the moment the dishes were served.

However, thinking that she had never had a father since she was young and she couldn't get this kind of care, she hid in a corner and cried for a long time.

At this moment, there was a man who cared about her like his father and gave him food. This feeling was really good, so good that she wanted to cry.

"Why aren't you eating?" Luo Jin Yu turned his head, and seeing that she was staring at the bowl in a daze, and didn't even pick up the chopsticks, he immediately asked with concern.

Yang Chu Chu quickly grabbed the chopsticks and directly threw the fish into her mouth.

"Be careful of the bones!" This was the first time Luo Jin Yu saw someone directly devour a fish in one bite.

Yang Chu Chu did not dare turn her head to look at him, because she felt tears welling up in her eyes.

"En!" In the end, Yang Chu Chu still spat out all of her bones and she could not help but wipe her eyes.

She could not allow Luo Jin Yu to discover such a fragile thought in his mind. Otherwise, he would definitely be angry.

He had said it before, he wouldn't treat her as his daughter's pet. He was looking for a girlfriend.

She couldn't let him know that she was a little fatherly. She wanted to find a sense of security and dependence in him.