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Tang youyou's face changed. Before Tang Youkang, he was working for Ji Shangqing. Didn't Ji Shangqing attach great importance to him? Why did he quit all of a sudden? "

sorry, I have nothing to do with him. I can't help you!" Tang youyou refused directly.

"You are the only one who can help me now. I think Ji Shangqing is good to you. Please say a word for me..."

"What makes him nice to me? He is him, I am me, we have no relationship, so I can't help you. " Tang youyou's expression is stern. Don't allow Tang Youkang to go on talking.

Tang Youkang felt as if he had broken something, so he had to smile: "I know, I feel it. He is Ji Xiaohan's cousin, and you are his cousin. Maybe you can help me to ask for a favor, and he can continue to hire me."

"I don't like this person very much. I don't want to talk to him actively. Do you think of another way? Besides, should Tang Xuerou accept her punishment? I remember that she was sentenced. If you take people home directly like this, will her punishment be exempted? " Tang youyou is no longer the woman who can't be resisted. She just thought that Tang Xuerou seems to be in prison. If she commits a crime, can she be sentenced for mental problems?

Tang Youkang's expression of panic: "you long, I'm actually taking Xuerou back to stay for two days. She has to go to the hospital for treatment. You can rest assured that when her condition is complete, she will make atonement." "

that's good. I'll go first. The company has something else to do!" Don youyou doesn't talk to him any more. Turn around and go. Don

Youkang looks at her resolute figure, and the whole person immediately collapses like he has no strength.

I didn't expect that I would be forced to this point. Did I really do something evil? Tang

Kang bows his back and returns to the car. Meng Lijuan quickly asks him, "how is it? Did Tang youyou promise to help? "

"She didn't promise!" Tang Youkang sighs. "

who is this? I'm not willing to help you with such a small favor. You are his adoptive father. She's cold-blooded and merciless." Meng Lijuan suddenly changed her face and scolded.

"Enough, don't you think life is not chaotic enough?" Kang Youkang feels that there is a reason for him to go to this field. No wonder heaven can't blame the ground. He can only blame that he didn't treat this daughter well in that year, which will make her angry.

"You yelled at me again, Tang Youkang. You have planted you. You didn't talk to me so loudly before. Did you dislike me?" Meng Lijuan was originally mentally fragile, and now she was yelled a few words, and immediately burst into tears.

Tang Youkang roared angrily: "what are you crying for? Cry again, and I'll divorce you! "

"Well, you finally said these two words. Have you left me for a long time? It's a pity that you are ignored by others. What's better for you? " Meng Lijuan became angry as soon as she said it, and the scolding was even worse. Don

Youkang directly opens the door and squats on the side of the road to smoke. Don's leisurely business car just passed by his car.

Through the window, Tang youyou saw Meng Lijuan get off the car and kick on Tang Youkang's shoulder. Don

Youkang takes a cigarette and looks at the shrew like woman in a daze. She sits on the ground in a mess. Look at the scene of Tang Youyou, with a sharp heart stroke. Back then, when the Tang family was so beautiful, it was really helpless to compare it with the current situation.

However, Tang Youkang's request will not be met by Tang youyou. She knows Ji Shangqing's thoughts. She can't even meet him now, let alone ask him for help. Yang

is waiting for the scene.

"Well, it's your turn to play!" The director came directly to shout. Yang is dressed in a young and lovely cowboy skirt, with books in her hands. She plays a female high school student in school. She has a model and a kind of role. She plays the role in her own color.

In the eyes of innocence, in the high-definition lens, but also clear people can not open their eyes.

"Oh!" Yang ChuChu was about to speak lines when she suddenly felt a surge in her stomach. She couldn't help but vomit on the spot.

Although I didn't spit out anything, it was still very uncomfortable. "

stop, don't shoot first!" The director hurriedly called a halt, and then came to care: "you are fine, what's the matter? Have you eaten anything bad? "

"I don't know what's going on. I feel like vomiting. Director, I'm sorry. Can I go for a drink?" Yang ChuChu is a very dedicated actress, when all the staff are ready, but because she was alone, the shooting ended, she really felt ashamed. "

go ahead, we'll wait for you!" The director is very kind to her.

As Yang ChuChu walked, he endured the feeling of nausea. "

it's strange that the lobster I ate at noon is too spicy?" Yang ChuChu thought in a daze.

Yang ChuChu took a bottle of water to drink for two, and the feeling subsided. At this time, Lu xuanchen in the studio also paid attention to the scene just now and came directly to care for her: "Yang ChuChu, are you ok? What's the matter? Are you ill? "

"It's OK, I feel like vomiting!" Yang ChuChu chuckled at him twice. "

do you want to see a doctor? Don't drag! " Lu xuanchen has a good impression on Yang ChuChu since she helped Tang youyou to have a meal last time. She is a friend directly. "

I can bear it now. When the film is finished, I will go to the hospital again to see the situation!" Yang ChuChu is afraid to leave now, because she will have a part in the next time. "

call me if you need my help!" Lu xuanchen said very gentlemanly. "

OK!" Yang ChuChu looked at him gratefully.

Lu xuanchen lies back in his chair and recites his lines. Suddenly

however, the mobile phone on the chair beside him rings. After a look, he quickly takes it over: "what does the other side say? Still can't talk about the price? I'm twice the market price! "

"Xuanchen, they say they want to see you and talk to you face to face!" "

see me? Why do they ask for this? You are my agent. Can't you talk for me? " Lu xuanchen tightened his eyebrows. Unexpectedly, he wanted to buy a piece of land, but he caused so many troubles. "

people insist on meeting you to talk, afraid that I am a liar!" The agent is very helpless to say.

"I'll fly back tomorrow morning. Tell them I'll meet them!" Lu xuanchen's recognition of the matter must be achieved. He decided to meet the family and see what attitude.

"Wait a minute, the granddaughter wants to talk to you!" The agent said suddenly.

Next second, an angry female voice came: "Lu xuanchen, right? Don't talk about it. We won't sell that piece of land. We won't sell any more money, you know? "