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C1198 learn to please on the first day

The man's domineering words made lanyanxi tremble inexplicably. His beautiful eyes were wide, and he stared at his dark eyes, like a deep vortex, to absorb her soul.

LAN Yanxi's heart beat was frightened. He quickly took back his eyes and lowered his head. "You said that I could stay here in the future. Would you not drive me away now?"

Ling Mo Feng looks at her to dodge her own eyes, and her sexy thin lips pick up slightly: "you come here with the box, how can I bear to drive you away? Now that you have made up your mind, let's live here. Just in time, I have a room made up for you and follow me upstairs. "

Lingmo Feng finished, slender legs a step, a hand a box, easily carry upstairs. "

this box is very heavy. Let me take one!" LAN Yanxi was stunned for a second, and then he came back to help.

"No, I'll do it!" Ling Mo Feng is a man, how can he show weakness in front of women? Besides, this kind of physical work should have been done by men.

Lanyanxi looked at him as if he was very relaxed and went upstairs. He had to stop talking and follow him quickly.

Ling Mo Feng's room for lanyanxi is at the other end of the corridor, which is separated from his master bedroom by two rooms. The distance is very safe.

Push open the door, Ling Mo Feng will turn on the light in the room. What you see is a spacious room. It's clean and tidy. The bed is like a new one. It's also Beige embroidered with patterns. The bed sheet is sky blue. It has the smell of young people. There are make-up tables and chairs beside it. There are two small single sofas and a lovely tea table. It's on top of it With a bunch of fresh roses.

Lanyanxi stood at the door, a little shocked. Although this room is incomparable with the princess's room in Lanjia, it is elegant and simple, but it is still pleasing.

"This flower Did you buy it? " LAN Yanxi is blinded by the gorgeous color of the rose. He goes to ask with a smile. "

No, I have planted several kinds of flowers in my back garden. I have cut some of them down." Ling Mo Feng's handsome face is inexplicably hot. It seems that someone has peeped into his mind, which makes him uncomfortable.

"Really? I didn't expect that you were a man who planted roses? It's fun! " Lanyanxi found that the more he understood Ling, the more he found that there were many surprises hidden in him. It turned out that he was really different from the strict and rigid vice president in the camera. Ling

Mo Feng smiled disapprovingly: "is that right? This rose has always been there, and I didn't choose to plant it, but when it comes, the whole garden is still beautiful. "

"I'll take care of the garden for you in the future, and I'll plant flowers as well." LAN Yanxi recommends herself with a smile. "

OK, I'll give you the whole family. As long as you don't tear down my house, you'll be at your mercy." Ling Mo Feng looked at her charming smile and inexplicably said the suggestive words.

LAN Yanxi was not stupid. Of course, she could hear the man's words. She pretended not to know, and only whispered, "thank you!"

Ling Mo Feng also felt that his words just now were not right, and Jun's face flashed with uneasy expression: "it's late, you should have a rest earlier. By the way, you don't have an independent bathroom in your room. You may have to go to the public bathroom next door to take a bath. You can rest assured that I don't use it very much at ordinary times. I'll use it for you alone later."

"Good!" Blue words hope that this man is very warm, delicate and thoughtful mind, so that she does not have a trace of discomfort.

The atmosphere suddenly fell into an awkward situation. After all, it's not easy to find a topic for two people who are not familiar with each other. In addition, both of them are not active. Naturally, such a rigid situation will arise. "

call me if you have something!" Lingmo Feng said this, and then turned to leave.

LAN Yanxi has been busy all night, and her forehead is hurt again. She is really sleepy now, so she curls up in bed and goes to sleep. This bedding should have been cleaned and exposed to the sun. It has a dry fragrance. LAN Yanxi closed her eyes and smelled the smell. She even thought of the picture when grandma gave her permission to manage the bed when she was still alive. She was moved for a while. Ling

Mo Feng pushes the door into his bedroom. After closing the door, he leans directly against the wall of the door and looks slightly at his eyes, as if he wants to see the direction of the woman again. Unexpectedly, he leads the woman into his own life territory.

He has never been so impulsive in his work. From small to large, everything will be carefully considered in his mind before making a decision. But today, he seems to think flawlessly. When she comes, he lets her in.

I don't know how different it will be if there is another woman in my family? Ling

Mo Feng chuckled helplessly. Maybe, nothing will change, just one more person's life, just like when I was in school, there would be a roommate moving in, but their lives would not be disturbed by each other.

Obviously, Ling Mo Feng has no experience in women's field, and will not understand that with another woman, life will be wonderful and interesting. In the morning, Ling Mo Feng's biological clock is to get up at 6:30 in the morning, but when he opens his eyes, he suddenly hears some sounds coming from downstairs. Ling

Mo Feng emptied his mind for a while. Then, all thoughts came into his mind. He remembered that Lan Yanxi seemed to live in yesterday.

Ling quickly got out of bed, washed and went downstairs wearing a nightgown.

However, as soon as he got to the stairway, he could smell that the whole room was full of burning smell. "

damn it!" The man smelled the smell, could not help but a low curse, long legs quickly toward the kitchen. As soon as I stepped in, I felt that there was a misty smoke inside. A small figure was putting a pot of unknown things into the plate. The smell of burnt fragrance came from that plate. "

What are you doing?" The man's sexy eyebrows are tightly twisted together, and suddenly he asks aloud.

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi, who is making breakfast seriously, was startled by his sudden voice. She almost couldn't hold the pot production stably. Fortunately, she reflected quickly and raised her eyes to question the man.

"I'm making breakfast for you, but it seems that it's not delicious!" LAN Yanxi was shocked to say that she didn't think she had any talent for cooking, but she was at home, watching her mother stir fry eggs and rice for herself. It's very easy. Cook some rice, and then take the eggs to stir fry. It's fragrant golden fried rice. But why, when it comes to her, it turns into a black fried rice?

Ling Mo Feng's face was stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect that this woman would cook breakfast for herself in the early morning. What time did she get up? At this time, the sky outside the window is still dark. Most of the people are still sleeping. Even those working people are not used to getting up so early.

"What did you fry for me?" Ling Mo Feng was still very moved, although he always felt that his room was blocked by her smoke, which made him speechless.

"Fried rice with eggs..." LAN Yanxi said with a low head and a dejected head. Ling

Mo Feng turns on the range hood. In a moment, the whole kitchen becomes clear, even her ashamed eyes can see clearly. Ling

Mo Feng went over and looked at the food on the plate: "would you like egg fried rice?" "

No, I think this breakfast is relatively simple. I should be able to do it well!" LAN Yanxi is honest.

"What are you doing up so early?" Ling Mo Feng looks at some stains on her face. Her pretty white face turns into a kitten, which is very lovable. "

to make fried rice with eggs, you need to cook it well. If you don't get up early, how can you cook it for you after you get up?" LAN Yanxi said with a serious face.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her for a while, then stooped, and his thin lips were close to her: "Lan Yanxi, I learned to please you on the first day?"

Bai Yiyan's whole body quivers, and meimou quickly raises her eyes and stares at him: "you Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to please you. I'm doing my part. " "

Oh? Do you know that you have a lot to share? " The man raised his eyebrows and laughed, which was very evil.