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The cold and quiet eyes of the season owl narrowed tightly and stared at her uneasy little face with a tone of annoyance: "why to see him? Don't you remember how he scolded you before? Those ugly words, if not for the reason that he raised you for 20 years, I will throw him directly to the Pacific Ocean to let him live and die. "

Tang youyou smiled: "I know you care about me. In fact, I'm going to get my mother's relics!" "It's obviously a trap, and you've been fooled?" Ji Xiaohan gets up, holds her shoulders in both hands, stares at her eyes and says, "I know you are a nostalgic person, but don't have any contact with Tang Youkang in the future. His own daughter was brought into a mental hospital by me. He can't help hating me. Although I don't know what his purpose is at present, it's definitely not good intention."

Thinking of the fact that Tang Xuerou is crazy, Tang youYou can't help shivering.

Before, how proud Tang Xuerou was, how self a woman, now become a madman, it is a very sad thing.

"Well, I remember. No matter what he said, I will not see him." Tang youyou nods and agrees.

Ji Xiaohan is afraid that she will be soft hearted. He sighs and holds her in his arms. His thin lips are on her forehead. "Do you know what I'm afraid of? I'm afraid you and the children are in danger! "

Tang youyou trembled gently. Then she whispered, "I'm afraid you are in danger. You must be careful in the future. Don't do anything!"

Two people are silent, but both understand each other's words that a touch of concern, hug more tightly, kiss deeper, love more enthusiastic.

The next morning, LAN Yue went to the supermarket early in the morning to shop and prepare a lunch for Xia Weiwen.

At about 10 o'clock, Xia Weiwen arrived at the lower floor of lanyue's community by car from the airport.

Knock on the door, two people looked at a, some embarrassed smile.

"Here you are!" Thousands of words converged into a simple voice.

"Well!" There was also a smile on his elegant face.

"Come on in. I'm cooking. I'll be ready soon!" LAN Yue takes a step away. He comes in.

The feeling of intimacy before seems to have faded a lot, and both of them are very good at hiding that deep feeling.

"Do you feel lonely when you live alone?" Chaveen asked her in a low voice. In fact, he was asking himself.

"Occasionally, but not in the future. Xiao Han and you asked me to move in and take care of the children by the way." LAN Yue smiles, as if she can't wait to tell him the good news.

Xia Weiwen's face brightened and his eyes flashed with Brilliance: "really? They accepted you? "

"Well, they know a lot of things in those days, and they have tolerated me. I promised to move in!" LAN Yue smiled, but sighed again, looking at Xia Weiwen and asked, "how about you? Are you not used to living alone? "

"Don't I still have a lookout?" Chaveen shrugged, not wanting to reveal too much of his emotions.

Wang Wang is a dog they raised a few years ago. From a baby to a grown-up dog, Wang Wang has spent a lot of time with two people and is very emotional.

"I want to see you again!" LAN Yue's eyes flashed with tears. In fact, she wanted to say that she wanted him more, but now she can't say it. She's afraid that if she said it, it would hurt both of them.

"I'll bring him here if I have a chance." There is also a touch of bitterness in Xia Wei's classical Chinese.

"Well, that's a deal. You will bring it here later. Before that, you should take good care of him alone!" LAN Yue said with a sigh of relief and a smile.

"Don't worry, I've almost fed it to a little fat pig. I can't even hold it!" Xia Weiwen's humorous words resolved the embarrassment of the two people and smiled at each other.

LAN Yue is cooking in the kitchen. Xia Weiwen is sitting in the living room watching TV. The distance they deliberately keep makes this feeling more sad.

I had a lunch at noon. Although I was still talking about the old topic, I knew each other well and could not go back.

"In the evening, I want to invite you to have dinner with the children. I don't know if your son will agree!" There was a touch of worry in Javier's tone.

"If you can't tell him, I'll ask him." LAN Yuejue's, if he calls his son, he may be rejected. If it's for his own sake, maybe it's also about the possibility.

"I don't want to embarrass you very much. Forget it. If you can't see the children, see you. I want to see her, too." Javier chuckled.

"Well, let's get together, and I won't go!"

"OK, I'll call you later and ask her!" Xia Weiwen nodded. Although he wanted LAN Yue to go with him, he didn't feel very well.

After receiving Xia Weiwen's call, Tang youyou was very happy: "Dad, why did you come back all of a sudden? I didn't say hello. "

"I also decided to come back temporarily. Can we have dinner together in the evening? It would be great to bring the children together! " Javier Wen said.

Tang youyou hesitated for a moment, then she whispered, "OK, I'll ask Ji Xiaohan. If he doesn't want me to bring my children out, I'll come alone!"

"Well, I'll see you in the evening!" After Xia Weiwen hung up the phone, he took out two boxes from his bag, one of which he handed to LAN Yue: "this is a gift I gave you. I hope you can accept it. Don't refuse it."

"How can you give me gifts? We're all separated. I'm sorry to take them back!" LAN Yue said this on her mouth, but she was very happy. She reached for it and opened it. There was a sparkling diamond necklace in it. She exclaimed, "how beautiful!"

"I also bought youyou a gift. I don't know if she would like it!" Xia Weiwen says, took another box to open again, what put inside is a very exquisite bracelet.

"Girls like this shiny thing. I believe you will like it!" LAN Yue comforted him.

"I hope it's my intention to be a father!" Xiaweiwen thought that his daughter really came back to him alive. His inner joy could not be expressed in words. For her, he would rather make any decision.

LAN Yue and his ideas are the same, which is the greatness of being parents.

Tang youyou calls Ji Xiaohan and mentions that he wants to go out for dinner with Xia Weiwen in the evening. Ji Xiaohan's tone is slightly unhappy: "he's back?"

"Yes, may I take the children to dinner?" Tang youyou asked him in a deliberative tone.

"At this time, you'd better not take the children out!" Ji Xiaohan always has a grudge against Xia Weiwen. Naturally, he doesn't want to see his own children. Tang youyou didn't ask: "OK, I'll go to see him alone. I'll come back earlier!"