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C1403 recognizes this daughter-in-law

The marriage of Linglan and Linglan is finally settled. Both elders seem to be very satisfied. As time goes on, delicious dishes have been placed on the long table. It's time for dinner.

The two old masters sat on the throne, Ling's parents and brother and sister Ling Moheng sat on one side, and blue's family on the other.

LAN Yanxi secretly looks at Ling Mo Feng. He is calm and calm. He should smile when he smiles, and when he doesn't smile, he purses his thin lips, which makes him feel like a jade.

Ling wennuan is his younger sister. LAN Yanxi has seen it in Ling Mo Feng's mobile phone album. She is a lovely girl. She is obedient and does not quarrel. She is just a pair of big eyes with smart water, but she stares at LAN Yanxi from time to time, as if she wants to have a good look at her future sister-in-law.

LAN Yanxi is restless, because she feels that all the people in Ling's family are looking at her. She can only bend her mouth rigidly to make herself look graceful and polite.

LAN Xianxian and LAN Lin are sitting beside LAN Yanxi. Three women play together. Ling Mo's sharp eyes glance at them and you will know how embarrassed LAN Yanxi is in the blue family.

Both of her cousins have their parents' protection and heartache, and their faces are full of happy and arrogant smiles, but lanyanxi only has the care of a rare old man. After all, the old man is not her parents, and the details can not be taken care of, so lanyanxi's face is slightly indifferent.

Ling Mo Feng thought of these, the heart inexplicably hurt for a while, look to blue Yan Xi's eyes also more a touch of gentleness and pity.

"After that, I'll be my own family. Don't be polite. It's common. I don't know how to greet you." The old blue man smiled and talked. Then everyone moved their chopsticks and began to eat and talk.

LAN Xianxian and LAN Lin have no appetite, because they didn't destroy the engagement of LAN Yanxi and Ling Moheng. They are bored.

Blue slender heart is unwilling, so, at the dinner table, she looks at Ling Mo Feng from time to time with a pair of tender and affectionate eyes, hoping that the man opposite can accept the hint of her admiration.

Unfortunately, Ling Mo Feng is like a piece of wood. His eyes are always attentive and attentive to the elder's speech, as if he can't accept the sentimental eyes of blue fibril, which frustrates blue fibril's face.

After dinner, they moved to the living room for a rest. The two old men began to talk about their friendship in those days, but they were very happy. After more than half an hour, Ling's family decided to go back first.

The old blue man immediately said to the blue Yanxi who was sitting beside him, "go to send the family of Mo Feng!"

LAN Yanxi has no reason to neglect. He gets up and leaves with his uncle.

In the whole process, Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi talked little, almost no eye contact, so it's hard for people to grasp any handle, just that they didn't take marriage seriously enough.

LAN Yanxi breathed a long sigh of relief and finally gave the ridge tonight.

"Well, go back to have a rest, Yanxi. You will come to Grandpa's room in a moment. Grandpa has something to say to you!" At the command of the blue old man, every family left.

LAN Yanxi obediently knocked on Grandpa's door. The old man was drinking with a cup of tea. He laughed and said, "the Ling family is very satisfied with you."

"Ah? Grandpa, how do you know? " LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes were startled, but when she was chatting just now, she didn't hear how much Lingjia people thought of her.

"I just called Mo Feng's grandfather. He told me!" The old man said happily.

"Grandpa, what I'm doing today is like a piece of wood. I just giggle. Is Ling's uncle and aunt really OK with me?" LAN Yanxi's face was sad.

"As long as Mo Feng likes you, his family will definitely like you. They believe in their son's vision and won't be blinded." The blue old man hurriedly comforts the granddaughter gently, afraid she thinks more.

"Well, I'll do well later!" Blue Yan Xi wryly smiles, at present also can like this.

On the way back, Ling's mother deliberately pushed her son's car, which left Ling Mo Feng helpless.

"The three daughters of the blue family are all very good." Ling mother said.

"Yes, it's OK!" Ling Mo Feng nodded.

"Then why didn't you pick the other two?" Ling's mother stared at her son and asked.

Ling Mo Feng was stunned, then he couldn't help crying and laughing: "Mom, when you think someone is a product, you can choose it if you want. Besides, I'll say that I like her two. I don't like them."

"I can see that lanyanxi is a sensible and sensible girl. He must have worked hard to educate him. He has a quiet and steady temperament. He is very good and suitable for being a wife." Ling Mu gave a positive evaluation.

Ling Mo Feng's handsome eyes are happy, some surprised to ask: "Mom, do you really think so?"

"Of course, I'm not a family. If I don't go into a family, I also like a girl like LAN Yanxi who is not shocked by her humiliation. Unlike her two cousins, her face is full of uneasiness." Ling's mother also knows what kind of girl is suitable for her son.

"Mom, Yanxi is pitiful. When I marry him, I will treat her well." Ling Mo Feng's voice sank, hard to hide the color of heartache.

"If you hurt her, she must know in her heart that the heart is full of flesh. She is sure to be good to you in the future. OK, that's it. Just for her, first get engaged, wait until the business is stable, and then get married. Your grandfather has told us about you, and we agree to do so for the time being." Ling mujue's self-cultivation of her son as a warm man is right. He has the ability to love others and can feel others' good for him. This kind of perception is very rare.

"Mom, thank you!" Ling Mo Feng rarely showed a childish smile.

"Thank you. You are my mother's proudest son. No matter what you do, my mother supports you. My mother will treat your daughter-in-law well." Ling mother smiled and patted her son on the shoulder, sighing.

In the second villa of the blue family, in the living room, blue slender and black smiled coldly: "Dad, I heard their quarrel personally. Really, they didn't love each other at all, and Xiao Lin heard it."

Next to LAN Chen and her daughter LAN Lin are also sitting. All four of them look dignified.

"Yes, I heard that, but why are they still willing to be engaged? It's amazing. " Lanlin couldn't help it.

"They are engaged to each other only for mutual benefit. Your grandfather is also busy contacting and walking with the old politicians. It seems that he is also helping Ling Mo Feng to get through all kinds of relationships." Lambert said sarcastically.

"Dad, why does grandpa treat lanyanxi so well? I haven't seen him treat us so well!" Blue fiber suddenly sad up, eyes are angry red: "the same is the granddaughter of blue family, our treatment, just like picking it up, which is like the treasure in Grandpa's palm."

"Shut up. Don't say that again. You can't say it in front of your grandpa." Lambert immediately scolded her daughter, forbidding her to say such nonsense.

"What I said is all practical. Why don't you let it be said? Grandpa has to be eccentric." Blue fiber is more aggrieved.

"In fact, it's also our fault. After my brother died, we were too eager for quick success and instant benefits. Your grandfather was afraid that lanyanxi would be helpless in the blue family and life would be difficult in the future. That's why he planned for her." LAN Chen looks down and blames herself.

"It's said that your grandfather is not biased. He just wants to balance the interests of the blue family. If LAN Yanxi doesn't marry a man to rely on, he is afraid that we will be bad for her in the future." Lambert thought of that, too.

The topic was a little sensitive. LAN Chen immediately got up to leave: "second brother, I went back with Xiao Lin first, and had a rest earlier!"

"Well, come back." LAN Bai raised his hand. As soon as LAN Chen's father and daughter left, LAN Bai's face became more ugly.

"Dad, the third uncle is not willing to give you the management right of the company?" Blue fiber changed a snobbish face and asked.

"I'm afraid it's not so easy for him to hand it in." LANBO lenghum: "I was going to sell lanyanxi's equity to me. Now it seems that it's not so easy to get it here."

"Then if Uncle Sanshu gets the equity of lanyanxi, does he decide the company?" Blue fiber asked nervously.

"Of course, whoever holds more shares has the right to speak!" Blue Cypress is angry.

"Then we didn't get it, and three uncles couldn't get it, so we stuck. Anyway, dad has the most say right now!" Blue fibril smiles optimistically.