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C920 succession

Time passed and another day passed, and the wedding was tomorrow. This was a great day for Ji's family, and everyone was looking forward to this day. summer

Wei Wen also decided to return to his daughter's wedding ceremony generously this time. Although Ji Huanhan did not officially invite him, he knew that Ji Huanhan had forgiven him and admitted that he was Tang Youyou's biological father. Identity. Searching

After returning to his daughter and having such an excellent son-in-law, Xia Weiwen was happy and satisfied. only

What was shocking was the precious friendship between him and Lan Yue. However, at present, both people can calmly let go. All they want is to see the children happy and happy.

Good people have the same character and the same thinking and thinking. summer

Wei Wen is very fortunate to have Lan Yue's many years of companionship, why not Lan Yue?

Mr. Ji's mood has stabilized a lot recently. It may be that people are refreshed at happy events, eating is better than before, and his complexion and body have also recovered a lot.

The old lady is also happy to shut up. She is a person with a straightforward personality. She loves to write on her face with anger and sorrow. The older and more honest she is, the more interesting it is. Two

A little guy has been sticking to Lan Yue and the old lady very recently, because the little guy also knows that the second wife loves them. Unlike Tang Youyou, she will discipline her severely. Ji Xiaonai is a villain with an elder brother and a gentleman. Dad Local mommy loves, and grandma and grandpa are petting, don't be too happy.

Seeing that the day of the big wedding is tomorrow, Tang Youyou, who was still calm before, is still nervous. people

In her lifetime, marriage was a major event. Tang Youyou could not imagine herself marrying in a wedding dress. She had already prepared for two children to finally not marry. can

God has given her such a man, and she is also the biological father of the children. She doesn't have to worry about it, and love and affection can be both. This is really a great happiness.

Ji Hanhan handled some official duties in the study and came to her.

Opening the bedroom door, she saw the woman's slender figure standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the scenery outside the window in a daze. "

What are you thinking? Ji Yanhan asked with a light smile, walking behind her, her arms naturally wrapped around her waist, pulled her closer, and leaned against his chest.

As soon as Tang Youyou touched his arms, he stood a little unstable and wanted to rely on him.

"I was thinking about the scene when I came here for the first time. It was almost a mystery in your house. You were not good at me at that time. I was afraid that I would never see the children again and panic." Tang Youyou looked out of the window and saw the road where she was looking for children everywhere behind Ji Yuhan. ear

A low laugh came from the man: "Why think about the day? I admit that I was very bad that day, don't you care about it, okay?"

Tang Youyu smiled with a lip on his lips: "You really scared me. I fled abroad and I was not so scared."

"I'm wrong. I apologize to you and make up for your mental loss by the way!" The man said, and the thin lips had kissed her ears: "How can I compensate for it?" Tang

Youyou didn't expect him to be serious again, with a scared blush, and quickly reached out to pull his big hand: "Don't do this, in case the children come in ..."

"Xiao Rui is playing upstairs, Xiao Nai was forced to play the piano by my mother, and will not come up for the time being!" Said the man in a tone that knew the situation well.

Tang Youyou was directly amused by him, turned around, held his handsome face, finally couldn't help it, tiptoeed, powdery lip, and lightly pressed against his thin lips. season

Han Han shook his heart, and such a dragon-like water kiss couldn't satisfy his need for water and water at the moment. He wanted more. on

When Ji Hanhan reached out and circled her in her arms, deepening the kiss. he

Behind him, a soft cough came from the old lady. season

Han Han and Tang Youyou's expressions were stiff.

"No!" Ji Minhan grinds his teeth. Don

Youyo is ashamed and flushed with embarrassment.

The old lady said calmly, "Grandpa is looking for you, go up!"

Ji Yanhan quickly blinked at Tang Youyou, Tang Youyou was afraid to look at his eyes.

"Okay, I'll go up to find Grandpa!" Ji Yanhan was in front of the old lady, but she was not embarrassed at all, and her lips were still smiling, still elegant.

The old woman glared at him: "During the day, what anxiety!" This

In a word, Tang Youyou directly wanted to drill a hole. season

Han Han stopped by the old lady, smiled helplessly and asked, "Grandma, you are not young, how can young people manage themselves?"

"Shit, dare to make fun of me?" The old lady laughed angrily.

Ji Yanhan hurried away quickly, Tang Yuyou also felt that Ji Yanhan was too daring, and the old lady's joke was also dare.

After Ji Yanhan left, the old lady and Tang Youyou stood with a dull atmosphere.

"Yoyou, okay, don't be embarrassed, is my old lady incomprehensible?" The old lady immediately said with a smile. Don

After longing for the long hair in her ear, she smiled dryly: "Of course not."

Heck, it's finally a good day. "The old lady sighed.

"Yeah, thank you grandma for her success!" Tang Youyou was very grateful to the old lady and respected her even more.

"The result of everyone being modest to each other is not my credit, it still depends on your fate with Han Han!" The old lady thought of her own strong opposition at the beginning, but now she was a little embarrassed when she wanted to come, naturally she did not dare to accept this feeling of. "

No, it's your old tolerance that makes us today. "Tang Youyou still feels, the old lady is the most important person.

"Let's go, family, what's your kind, in the future you and Hao Han live a good life, I will follow you to enjoy the blessing." Said the old lady cheerfully. "

We will be together well. "Tang Youyou's blush."

One more thing, I discussed with Lan Yue. After you get married, the first thing is to have another child, don't wait! "The old woman rubbed her hands, and it seemed that this sentence was not very embarrassing.

Tang Youyou: "..." "

I know you two young people may think that two children are enough, but people are prosperous, and it is the best continuation of a family. It happens that you and Han Han are still young, Lan Yue is back, and the two little ones are also I ’m all grown up, so I can really consider having a baby again! "The old lady is exactly a word of persuasion. Tang

Laughing a little, she was very strong, she couldn't say no to the old lady, because she was immediately Ji's granddaughter, so she nodded: "Grandma, I will discuss this matter with him!"