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C707 malicious retaliation

With the help of assistant, Bai Yiyan changed a new set of clothes, which was sponsored by the new product conference. In addition, Bai Yiyan had several sets of clothes to change at the new product conference.

After Bai Yiyan changed her clothes, she went downstairs. Outside the hall, she had stopped a white business car. This was the car Bai Yiyan needed to ride in a moment. The assistant hurriedly stepped forward and opened the door for her. Bai Yiyan looked up and saw the woman sitting inside. It was Li Ranran. She sat proudly in the seat, with her long legs on stilts. There were two places left beside her, but all the things were put. One was her bag, and the other was her pet. The rest was just behind her It's a little narrow. It's not very comfortable to sit there.

Bai Yiyan waits, only to find that Li Ranran doesn't mean to take her pet cat or her bag away.

The elder brother an immediately smiled and said, "sister Ranran, could you please lift your bag? We will sit on it according to Yan."

"Isn't there a place?" Li dye a light sweep.

Her words are also hard to find. Indeed, the car is for seven people, and there is still a place in it. Bai Yiyan asked for the other side like this, which seems unreasonable.

Bai Yiyan has no choice but to say nothing more. People don't want to let her position, and she doesn't force it.

Bending over and sitting behind her, an assistant followed.

"Please sit down in a car. I can't smell you." Li Ranran suddenly reached out his hand to cover his mouth and nose. He said to the assistant with a disturbed expression.

The little assistant turned pale when she heard that. She didn't expect that the other side would dislike her like this.

"What kind of perfume do you smell? It's too pungent!" Li Ranran added on purpose.

The little assistant is crying at the moment, because she is also a girl and loves beauty, but her salary is not high, she can't afford a big brand of perfume, what she bought is the ordinary people's money, but it's not to the pungent point.

Bai Yiyan knew that Li Ran Ran was the one who deliberately pricked her, so she comforted her assistant and said, "go to the car in the back. I don't need any more service from you."

Seeing Bai Yiyan saying this, the assistant turned and got off with gratitude.

So, in the whole car, only Bai Yiyan and Li dye and dye are left.

All of a sudden, she reached out, held her pet cat in her arms, and made fun of it.

When Bai Yiyan saw her doing this, she looked depressed again.

She just picked up the cat when she had finished her position on purpose. She put it clearly, just don't let her sit.

When Bai Yiyan decided to watch the news on her mobile phone, suddenly her mobile phone rang, and she was called by her aunt. Bai Yiyan was surprised.

She took a look at Li Ranran. Li Ranran suddenly began to say, "your cell phone rings. Why don't you answer it? It's noisy."

Bai Yiyan doesn't want to take it, but she doesn't want to take it in front of her.

However, hearing Li Ranran's rebuke, Bai Yiyan had to answer it quickly.


"Xiaoyan, I just saw a message saying that you and Ji Yueze have been reunited. Is it true?" Bai Zhenzhen asked happily on the other end of the phone, as if he had found a life-saving herb.

Bai Yiyan nodded vaguely: "well, auntie, I have a job here. I'll call you back later." "Xiaoyan, don't hang up. I'll just say a few words. You must help me, OK? I'm really scared! " Bai Zhenzhen thinks that Bai Yiyan is hiding from her on purpose. She immediately starts crying. She pleads and cries and says, "your father needed money to deal with the affairs. I gave it to you without saying anything. This time, you can't die without help. Xiaoyan, you must help me!"

"Auntie, don't worry. I'm trying to figure out a way, but it may not be easy at present. Can you give me some time?" Bai Yiyan immediately said in embarrassment.

"Well, then you must help me find a way, and I'll count on you."

"Well, I will!" After Bai Yiyan finished, she hung up.

Li Ranran, sitting in front of her, gave a sneer. It seems that Bai Yiyan's aunt is in great trouble. What can I do for her? Bai Yiyan's mobile phone doesn't have a very good sound insulation effect. When she answered the phone just now, the car was very quiet, so Li Ranran heard some of them. Because she heard that the woman across the street was very happy when she heard that Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze had made a good deal. Does this matter with

Ji Yueze?

After hanging up, Bai Yiyan's expression fell into deep thought.

In fact, she has always wanted to plead with Ji Yueze, but during this period, Ji Yueze's temper is not very good, and she has been afraid to talk about it.

It seems that this matter will be mentioned sooner or later. Let's wait until after tonight, and she will find another chance to mention it.

Thinking of what might happen tonight, Bai Yiyan blushed a little more.

If she was afraid of this before, but now, she suddenly hopes that after giving Ji Yueze herself, she can let him be very lenient in this matter.

Bai Yiyan thinks so, but she doesn't know. Soon, she will touch the man's minefield again.

When the business car drove out, Li Ran Ran's cat was frightened. Suddenly, she jumped directly into Bai Yiyan's hand.

"Ah!" Bai Yiyan is immersed in her own thoughts. Unexpectedly, a cat will jump over. She is also shocked.

Then, instinctively, she tried to drive the cat away from her hand, but suddenly, the cat's paw clawed hard at the back of her hand and jumped away by force.

"Ouch!" Bai Yiyan once again suffered from eating pain. She cried out for pain. She looked down and saw several marks on the back of her hand that were caught by the cat. Although there was not a lot of blood, she also broke her skin. There was a little red blood. The pain was not good. "I'm sorry, my cat didn't mean to. It was just frightened!" Li Ran Ran looks over her shoulder at the wound on the back of her hand, and then she apologizes, but not in a very eager tone. She only feels shocked when this happens, but has no responsibility like

. Bai Yiyan actually knows that she just intended it. This cat is her own. Driving will frighten her. Li Ranran should have known for a long time. But at that moment, she didn't hold her cat tightly. Instead, her cat suddenly jumped on her. Isn't it a kind of dereliction of duty?

"Are you revenging on purpose?" However, Bai Yiyan sneers and refuses to pay.

"What revenge? I have no enmity with you! " Li dye dye dye a pair of innocent tone. "You know it!" Bai Yiyan doesn't break it.