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C1442 preparing for marriage

There is a big happy event in the entertainment circle recently. Since the popular male star has ended being single, he has entered the marriage hall.

The news that Lu xuanchen is going to get married soon breaks the hearts of thousands of young girls. However, even in the face of the risk of popularity decline, Lu xuanchen is not worried at all. Just as it happens, in order to challenge the image of a tough guy, he trains his body every day and every night. He also wants to change his image in the entertainment circle by taking advantage of the turning point of popularity decline, as long as it is organic in the future He won't miss the role that will challenge. Because of his relationship with Lu xuanchen, Rong Rong had a conflict with his partner. On this point, Mao Rongrong felt helpless. Because she wanted to get married, the partner proposed to withdraw capital. When the firm would be stable, it suddenly faced a shortage of capital chain. For Mao Rongrong, it was a headache indeed. All of them are partners who come together, and Mao Rongrong doesn't want to offend people. After all, this circle is so big that he can't look up and look down. There is still a possibility of cooperation in the future, so Mao Rongrong naturally promised him to leave.

What she didn't expect was that her partner ran to her opponent's side to work on the third day. In addition, he fought two lawsuits with her in a short month. Mao Rongrong was speechless.

However, fortunately, the man he found was considerate and gentle. When Mao Rongrong's career was frustrated, the love field was still satisfied. At the end of the year, Xuan Chen went to the Mao family to propose his marriage with a thick gift and dowry. Because of his complicated family relationship, he didn't have an elder to make the decision for him. All things can only be done by himself. Fortunately, the elder of the Mao family is also easy to get along with. Seeing his sincerity, he naturally agreed to marry his daughter.

However, Lu xuanchen, after all, is a great celebrity in the entertainment circle. There must be many inconveniences in his future life. This is also something that the elders of the Mao family are still worried about. Lu xuanchen also has no way to change his current situation. Acting is his hobby, his career and lifelong dream. He can only assure the elders of the Mao family that their future life will be as simple as possible and will not bring work troubles into their lives. Rong Rong Rong was able to speak at home. She immediately strengthened her determination to marry, which contributed to the good things of the two people. So she set a date for marriage.

The capital chain of maorongrong office is fully supplemented by Lu xuanchen. Maorongrong has become the largest shareholder and the boss of the company. Naturally, the work is heavy. Lu has been preparing for a major show for the past six months. After a round of training in the morning, he went directly to Mao Rongrong's company to pick her up for lunch.

Lu xuanchen is now the resident of the office. When he has time, he will come over to have a look. As a result, a group of girls in the company want to scream every time they see him. But when they think of him as the boss's boyfriend, they are frightened and dare not think about anything. Rong Rong was busy with several divorce cases. Suddenly she saw the door of the office open. She pushed her glasses and smiled, "what's the matter with you?" Lu

xuanchen comes in with a smile on his thin lips. He wears a set of black sportswear. The whole person is young and energetic. Mao Rongrong didn't know what Huachi was before, but since he knew Lu xuanchen, Mao Rongrong finally realized what is "heartbeat". "

of course, I came to accompany you to lunch!" Lu xuanchen put the fruit he bought on the tea table beside her, went to her desk, and answered in a low voice. "

I may not have time to eat out today!" Mao Rongrong pointed to several folders beside him: "they are all divorced. I don't know what's going on with people now. It's normal to see divorce more than eating and sleeping."

Lu xuanchen reached for a piece, opened it and looked at the reason: "the character is different, the couple's life is not harmonious, what are these reasons, before marriage, how everything is harmonious?"

After hearing this, Mao Rongrong couldn't help laughing: "yes, before marriage, this or that, after marriage, there are all kinds of dislikes. Alas, people are too frivolous now, they are greedy for passion for a while, but they can't maintain long-term feelings." "

Rongrong, you It's not testing me, is it? " As soon as someone's back is cool, he immediately leans down, and the voice lines become tense.

Mao Rongrong was stunned, his eyes narrowed slightly, and stared at him. "To be honest, I really thought about what happened after we got married." Lu

Xuan Chen immediately became nervous and hurriedly went around behind her. He put his hands directly around the thin shoulder of the woman, and put his thin lips against her ear and whispered, "what's the matter?" "

just like the above examples, there are some reasons for disharmony in personality and some aspects..."

Hearing this, Lu xuanchen immediately complained: "Rongrong, what do you think about these things? It's useless for you to talk about the disharmony between husband and wife. You haven't tried it yet, or Are you suggesting that I have meat tonight? " Mao

Rong Rong was embarrassed at once. He reached out his hands and pulled his two big hands away. He said solemnly, "you promised me that you would do what you should do when you got married?" "

but we are about to get married. There is still a week to go!" The man's face was full of longing. Rong Rong thought about it carefully. Indeed, she and Lu xuanchen have been together for a long time. They have been only holding hands and hugging each other. Even if they can't help kissing at midnight, they finally stop at the last step.

She can understand that this man is very uncomfortable to restrain himself. How can she compensate?

Before, she felt that she had little need for that aspect of things, but now, she felt that she might enter the state of wolf like tiger ahead of time.

"Give you some benefits!" Lu xuanchen's eyes were evil. He walked quickly to the door of a good office and locked the door. "

what benefits?" Mao Rongrong shivered all over. Lu

xuanchen took off his upper coat directly. There was only a pure white T-shirt in it. After a few steps forward, he untied the T-shirt directly. The firm muscles exposed were full of male charm.

"You What are you doing? " Mao Rongrong looked at it and felt that his breath was sluggish. This man came to her office in the daytime to play rogue. Moreover, she didn't hate it, but her eyes couldn't move away. This is the most annoying thing. Lu xuanchen is like a juggler, showing her figure after nearly three months of training. He believes that this woman must be very satisfied at present.

"Put it on!" Mao Rongrong quickly reached out his hand to block his eyes, but secretly moved his two fingers away, and stared again: "go home at night!" Lu

xuanchen picked up the T-shirt proudly, put it back on and said slowly: "I heard that before many women get married, there is a trial stage. Are you sure you don't want to try it?"

"You don't look like there's a problem. I won't try!" Said Mao Rongrong with a shy face.

"It's useless just to see. You have to try!" The man thin lips hook smile, step by step toward her: "Rongrong, I can remind you in advance, oh, married, do not return." "

if you don't give up, you will never give up. Anyway, your face and your figure will be enough for me to see for a lifetime." Mao Rongrong was directly amused by his words. A man's speechless expression: "men are not used to see, they are used, you know?" "

anyway, I don't have many requirements in that respect, just use it." Mao Rongrong has an indifferent attitude. "You can't use light energy. It's still easy to use!" Lu xuanchen lures her step by step. "

stop, let's not talk about this topic, I will accompany you to lunch!" Mao rongjue's conversation will break down sooner or later. "

since you are busy with your work, I'll send someone to deliver the meal!" Lu xuanchen doesn't want to embarrass her.

"No, just go to the restaurant next to our company. Don't worry about the time." When Mao Rongrong stood up and walked towards him, his fingers could not help but tap lightly on his chest: "well, it's strong enough!"

Lu xuanchen grabs her hand, and Mao Rongrong immediately lowers his head.

Two people walked out of the office, attracted a wave of envious eyes, everyone will feel that Lu xuanchen used to be a bright moon far away in the sky, it is difficult to see one side, but at present, Lu xuanchen gives everyone a sense of affinity, and the stars are not far away.