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The moonlight sprinkles on the end of the corridor, the antique corridor lamp is turned on, and lanyanxi only feels like entering a dream. Looking back, the man follows her closely, and the deep eyes lock her firmly, making her fall into the color world he weaves.

Ling Mo Feng looks at the girl walking in front of him. At this moment, she is really like an elf coming out of the oil painting. She has long black hair with waist, a set of vintage brocade dress, bright and beautiful. Walking in the dim light color, she is like the person in his dream, which makes him hate to be able to set this moment.

"Hope!" The man whispered softly.

"Well!" The girl who goes forward suddenly looks back, her eyes are clear and fall into the moonlight.

The man suddenly bullied him forward, and LAN Yanxi forced his subconscious to lean against the wall behind him.

Ling Mo Feng's tall body tied her between the chest and the wall. He raised his fingers and stroked her pretty face gently.

LAN Yanxi's breathing was very tight. She knew the man in front of her very well. At this moment, she seemed to understand what he wanted.

Ling Mo Feng's breathing is also a little short. Her eyes are like weaving, and all her beauty is caught in the net.

LAN Yanxi's feet are on the top of his feet, and he gives the lips one step ahead of him. Finally, the man doesn't restrain himself, and the thin lips are a little hasty and crazy to get all her sweet breath.

The color of the lamp is blurred, but it's not the same as the warm fragrant nephrite. Ling Mo Feng forgot where he was at this moment. He just wanted to hold her tightly and covet more from her.

LAN Yanxi's pressing and leaning these days made her in a bad mood. At this moment, she seemed to get a relaxation, and her two slender arms were tightly wrapped around him.

It's been a few minutes since the atmosphere rose. Ling found that his fingers had opened the zipper of her back unconsciously, and he had also pulled her long hair to one side and kissed her at the neck.

"Yan Xi, it's late. We have to go back!" Ling Mo Feng stopped the impulse in time and reminded her in a hoarse voice.

LAN Yanxi seems to have calmed his mind from a distant dream. His eyes are intoxicated and drunk. He can't stand stably and his face is crimson. He can only rely on his chest to breathe. His small hands are still gripping his skirt.

"Good!" LAN Yanxi also breathed slowly and nodded.

Ling Mo Feng put out his arms around her waist, and they went down the stairs.

Although there is no redundant communication between the two people, the sparks in the moment just now are not extinguished in each other's bodies, only relying on reason to extinguish the ideas that should not have been.

In the path of the forest, Chu lie follows Cheng Yuan. Cheng Yuan is looking around at the night scene, but Chu lie is looking at her.

He walked forward a few steps, walked with her side by side, deliberately stretched out his hand to reach her, and Cheng Yuan suddenly pointed to a place not far away: "see? There are fireflies there. "

Chu lie's fingers were stiff, and her eyes looked in the direction she pointed to: "there is a lake, where there is water, there will be fireflies, of course. What a fuss."

"I used to see only one, but now I am surprised to see one." Cheng Yuan tooted her mouth.

"It's a pity that we don't bring the bottle here now, otherwise, I can catch some for you and let you take them home to see." Chu lie's only romantic cells have been inspired. Since it's something his girlfriend likes, he will certainly catch some to please her.

"You really want to help me catch it? Otherwise, you can grab one of them and let me have a close look. " Cheng Yuan deliberately embarrasses him.

"Well, wait for me!" Chu lie thinks that he is invincible. Even if his girlfriend's request is unreasonable, he must go all out.

When Cheng Yuan saw him running to the grass, she told him: "be careful, there is a runny water, you can't fall down, I won't save you."

Chu lie is very conceited to say: "rest assured, fall where I can get up."

Hearing this, Cheng Yuan couldn't help but chuckle.

He could amuse his girlfriend and let Chu lie lose his judgment on the current situation. When he rushed to the group of fireflies, he forgot to observe the area under his feet. When he reached out and caught one, he didn't feel enough. Good things were in pairs, and fireflies were in pairs.

"Don't kill them, I'll see." Cheng Yuan immediately called him from a distance.

Chu lie immediately shouted back to her: "don't worry, I will be careful."

Chu lie saw a bigger one. He was in a hurry. He stepped over immediately. He had just netted the firefly into his hand. Suddenly, his foot slipped. Chu lie could not hold his center of gravity, so the whole man rushed forward.

"Thumping" is the sound of heavy objects falling into the water.

Cheng Yuan's frightened face faded. She ran forward and shouted: "Chu lie, Chu lie, where are you?"

A figure was wet all over. He jumped out of the grass quickly. It was chulie who fell into the water.

"Ah!" Cheng Yuan was startled. Then, two groups of light appeared at the bottom of her eyes, one big, one small and two fireflies flying in front of her.

"See? They are all in pairs. " Chu lie doesn't care about her wet body at all, only smiles at the dazed woman.

Cheng Yuan took back her eyes and saw that the man was wet all over, but she was still smiling. She couldn't help blaming him: "who made you work so hard?"

"What you like, I will send it to you as hard as I can." Chu lie was embarrassed to scratch the back of his head, and felt that he was a little silly in this way.

Cheng Yuan's eyes were wet, and she immediately rushed to his arms regardless of the fact. Her hands hugged him tightly: "chulie, thank you."

After Chu lie was shocked for a while, he really pushed her away: "I'm all wet, don't hold me, be careful to wet your clothes."

"You can do anything for me, so can I." Cheng Yuan reaches for him again and kisses him on the face.

Chu lie's face was even more embarrassed. He looked up at the presidential palace not far away. There was a light on the second floor just now. When the light went out, he immediately whispered, "let's go back, sir. They should also go home."

Cheng Yuan is in a good mood. She nods shyly, "OK!"

When Chu lie came to the side of the car, everyone found that Chu lie was wet.

"What's the matter? Take this opportunity to swim in the pool? " Ling Mo Feng couldn't help teasing them.

LAN Yanxi immediately hit him with his arm, which made Ling Mo Feng smile more.

Cheng Yuan's face was blushing, and Chu lie also smiled sheepishly: "no, there are many fireflies over there. I want to catch some for fun, but I fell into the pool."

"I see!" Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi exchanged eyes and understood each other.

Cheng Yuan is more shy, and Chu lie wants to giggle again.


Ji xiaonai and Ji Xiaorui look at Mommy curiously. Ji xiaonai reaches out to touch Tang youyou's flat stomach, then opens her clothes, pastes a small face to her, and listens carefully: "Mommy, does the baby cry?"

Tang youyou looks at his daughter's lovely appearance and almost faints. As soon as he tells them the good news, they keep making jokes for her. They are really happy.

"The baby doesn't cry. He's very young." Tang youyou stopped laughing and explained to his daughter.

Tang Xiaorui's hands are around his chest. He is young and old. Maybe it's used to describe him. His eyebrows and eyes are domineering.

"Mommy, how did the baby get in your stomach?" Ji xiaonai continues to be a curious baby.

Tang Xiaorui immediately came over and touched his sister's head: "you are really bored. This kind of question must be that Daddy kissed Mommy."

"Oh, let daddy kiss more mummies, so that we can have many younger brothers and sisters." Ji xiaonai said naively, full of expectation.

Tang youYou can't help but caress his forehead and sigh. How can she explain this serious problem in the face of a little guy over five years old?

"Well, don't ask so much. When you grow up, Mommy will tell you." Tang youYou can only forbid two little guys to continue to inquire.