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Tang Xiao Rui couldn't resist the Mummy's pleas, and only then did he sneakily point two fingers at her, while smiling.

Actually, it wasn't because Tang Xiao Rui didn't like to laugh, but because of his personality.

A good-looking person really did have an advantage by nature. It was probably because of his blurry background, but he was still unable to block his extraordinarily charming figure and face.

This made Tang You You a little unwilling, he really wanted to slap him for an ugly one, and use it to make fun of him later.

Just as Tang You You was thinking about all these, the horse started to slow down. A man's voice sounded beside her ear, "Do I look good?"

Tang You You's body froze and she quickly put down her phone.

"Who said I was looking at you!" She said stubbornly.

Ji Xiao Han did not continue to tease her. He squatted down and asked his daughter: "What else do you want to play? Let's look ahead. "

The family of four took advantage of the lazy afternoon sun to leisurely walk within the amusement park. The scene was very warm and beautiful.

"Daddy, there's a haunted house over there!" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly tugged on his father's clothes.

Ji Xiao Han frowned, and said indifferently: "Son, do you think Father will be afraid of ghosts?"

Tang Xiao Rui immediately winked at him, the father and son were thinking the same thing. Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled, and immediately understood what his son meant.

Ji Xiao Han immediately raised his eyebrows: "I'm not afraid of ghosts, I don't know if some people are afraid!"

Tang You You stopped in her tracks and looked at the man beside him strangely.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately said: "My Mummy has the least guts. Daddy, she is really scared of ghosts, don't scare her."

"Son, what nonsense are you spouting? Who said I'm afraid? How am I timid? " Tang You You didn't want to be mocked by this man, so she immediately fell for his tricks and unwillingly retorted her son's words.

"Mummy, if you aren't timid, then follow me to the haunted house to play. When you see it, who will be scared to death?" Tang Xiao Rui said while beaming.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes slightly froze as she turned her head to look at Ji Xiao Han. Ji Xiao Han's lips immediately curled up as she said conceitedly, "No matter how terrifying the inside is, I will absolutely not be afraid of it."

"Me neither!" Tang You You could see the contempt in the man's eyes that he had towards her, so she immediately straightened her body.

When Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting went to his father's Mummy, she wanted to go play in the haunted house. She immediately muttered: "Daddy, if you want to play with him, then who will bring us there!"

Ji Xiao Han immediately took out his mobile and called Lu Qing over: "Uncle Lu will wait outside with you guys!"

Tang You You was just trying to show off and compete with Ji Xiao Han, he did not really want to go in and take a risk.

When she wanted to go back on her words, Ji Xiao Han had already grabbed her small hand. "Come, let's go in!"

"Ai …" Wait a minute, I'm not going... "I admit, I'm a coward …" Tang You You immediately shouted out, but sadly, by the time she finished speaking, she was already inside Ji Xiao Han's mouth, and her vision went black in an instant.

"Ji Xiao Han, you did that on purpose, didn't you?" Tang You You suddenly felt that he had been deceived, and could not help but denounce him.

Ji Xiao Han's hands suddenly wrapped around her waist: Follow me, it's okay! "Don't be afraid!"

Tang You You still wanted to say something, but he felt that the big hand that was wrapped around her waist was hot and powerful. This made her breath chaotic, she even forgot to say what she wanted to say.

"Let's go!" If you are afraid, then close your eyes! " Ji Xiao Han had already extended his hand out, wanting to block her eyes.

Touching her delicate face, a small hand quickly grabbed his big palm. "Don't cover it, I didn't say I'm scared. I've never seen such a place before, and it wasn't easy to have a chance. I want to open my eyes and have a good look."

Ji Xiao Han, "..."

Well, he seemed to underestimate this woman's curiosity.

"Ah …" The two of them had only walked a few steps when a ray of light suddenly flashed by and a white skull rolled past her. Tang You You opened her eyes widely and closed them for a moment, then her entire body subconsciously went into the embrace of the man beside her.

Ji Xiao Han let out a low laugh beside her ear.

Who just said they would open their eyes to look, now they were scared into turning into kittens again.

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, close your eyes! I'll carry you, it's fine! " Ji Xiao Han patted her back softly and comforted her.

"Ji Xiao Han, let's go out. I'm scared!" Tang You You could no longer do as he had been scared away by the skull that still had blood and sparse hair on it.

Isn't this too realistic!

"We're already here. If we leave, the children will definitely laugh at us." Ji Xiao Han did not plan to retreat.

In front of the children, he still had to maintain his lofty image as a father.

"It's all your fault. Everything is fine. Why did you propose to enter here?" At this time, Tang You You could only blame him.

"Good, it's my fault. Be good and follow me. I guarantee your safety!" Ji Xiao Han coaxed her with a soft tone, his voice still carrying a trace of a smile.

Tang You You could only remain silent.

Although she didn't answer him, she wished she could hang herself on a man.

Ji Xiao Han naturally took this opportunity to properly feel her soft, small body.

"Ah …" Oh my god! Who grabbed my feet!? " Just as Tang You You was burying his face in Ji Xiao Han's embrace, he found that someone was grabbing onto her foot. That hand was ice-cold.

In fact, Ji Xiao Han also had people grabbing his feet, but he was really not afraid of these things.

"Hug me, Ji Xiao Han, hug me!" At that moment, Tang You You no longer cared about her ladylike image, she directly wrapped her arms around Ji Xiao Han's neck, and used her slender legs to wrap around's waist.