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Seeing that he had opened his eyes, Tang Xiao Nai immediately asked curiously: "Uncle, what wish do you have? Can you tell me? "

"No way!" Ji Yue Ze immediately shook his head, "If you say your birthday wish, it wouldn't work!"

Tang Xiao Nai's crystal-like eyes darted around, saying, "You must be hoping to find a girlfriend quickly!"

Tang You You could not help but laugh, "Why are you thanking me? Your uncle bought this cake."

"Oh, thank you uncle!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately grinned.

Tang You You passed a piece of cake in front of Ji Yue Ze, then handed it over to his son, and finally handed over a piece of cake to Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the white butter, and frowned slightly while resisting: "I don't like to eat it, you guys can eat it."

"Daddy, why don't you have a bite? It's really delicious!" Tang Xiao Nai felt pity for Yue Yang when she saw that her dad didn't even eat such delicious food.

Seeing that his daughter was looking at him with such anticipation, Ji Xiao Han could only take a small sip with his fork. His thin lips pursed, and then immediately put it back down: "I don't really like eating sweet things!"

This was something that Tang Xiao Rui did not inherit his father's habit of doing, as he had already eaten more than half of it by himself.

Ji Yue Ze also symbolically ate a piece of meat.

It was almost nine o'clock. The family decided to leave the restaurant and go back to their own homes.

On the way back, the two little fellows leaned against Father's Mummy and started beating their heads.

Tang You You was also silent.

"You don't have any objections to my suggestion." Suddenly, Ji Xiao Han opened his mouth and spoke in a low voice.

Tang You You turned his head and looked at his face. The light outside the window was shining on his face, flickering, giving off a mysterious feeling.

Very handsome!

"What proposal?" Tang You You asked, he was captivated by his deep side profile for a moment, and his brain short-circuited.

"I want to take you and the children abroad to meet my grandparents!" Ji Xiao Han turned his head, his gaze was deep and unfathomable.

He was really afraid that Tang You You would not agree, if she wasn't ready yet, he could just delay it a little longer.

"I don't mind. They are your children. It is only right for them to meet your grandparents." Tang You You's answer loosened Ji Xiao Han's taut heartstrings.

"Alright, after you finish your work, we'll take our children abroad for a few days."

"Alright!" Tang You You nodded and agreed.

Ji Xiao Han welcomed the glory of his life, but at this moment, in Mu Family, it was a completely different story.

After Mu Shi Ye finished eating dinner, he asked her mixed bloodline mother, Lan Re Nuo, "Mom, three years ago, did you look for Pei An Xin?"

Lan Re Nuo reached out to take the tissue offered to him by the servant, wiped the corner of her mouth, and lightly said: "What's wrong? "Why did you suddenly ask about this?"

"I just want to know if you found her or not." Mu Shi Ye's voice became louder.

Lan Re Nuo said in the same calm tone, "Have you looked for her, and she has already told you about it? I knew she wouldn't be able to hide it. Did she complain to you again? Son, you're too soft-hearted. Just because she cried a few times in front of you, you felt that she suffered greatly. Heh, I didn't bully her, I just explained a few things to her clearly. "

"Mom, why did you ask her to say that? Do you know that it's very hurtful of you to do this? " Mu Shi Ye finally understood that the reason why his love had ended was not because he had worked hard enough, but because his mother had stopped him from doing so, causing that relationship to crack.

"What did I hurt her about? Furthermore, I also know what happened in your high school. She chased after you without a sense of shame, and she has the reserved attitude of a woman. Son, you shouldn't get involved with this kind of woman anymore. " Lan Re Nuo strongly advised.

Mu Shi Ye's face was filled with pain, and his voice carried a trace of resentment: "She was always unwilling to tell me that you separated us, and I thought that what I did was not good enough, and it angered her. I have been closing my heart for these past three years, and have been living within regret for as long as a year.

"Night and day …" Lan Re Nuo roared loudly, "You really don't miss my son."

"I am not worthy to be your son. From today onwards, I will completely move out. I will never come here again, and this will be too much of an eyesore to you." Mu Shi Ye turned and left after he finished speaking, showing no mercy.

"You unfilial son!" Lan Re Nuo was about to go crazy, she never thought that her son would actually be so rebellious.

"Ye, come back …" After Lan Re Nuo got angry, she felt sad again and chased after him.

Mu Shi Ye's sports car had long gone far away while roaring.

Lan Re Nuo's beautiful face twisted a little because of this.

She quickly took out her phone and called Mu Lin: "Linlin, your little brother had a huge argument with me just now. Watch out for him."

"Why are you guys arguing!" Mu Lin's voice was very light, as if she wasn't talking to her mother.

"He just asked me if I had looked for trouble with Pei An Xin back then, and I told him the truth, Linlin, do you know if he is still in contact with that woman?" Lan Re Nuo asked in shock.

Mu Lin's tone became even colder, "Mom, you really shouldn't have stopped brother and An Xin from doing things, what's wrong with them falling in love? I think highly of them. "

"Linlin, why are you so confused? That Pei An Xin must be here for our Mu Family's money."

Mu Lin was instantly a little angry: "Our Mu Family isn't without money, so what if she wants money? At least she can make my brother happy. "

"Linlin, even you want to anger your mother?"

After Mu Lin heard his mother's sorrowful words, her voice immediately softened. "Mom, don't worry, I will keep my eyes on my brother, I'm hanging up!"

Mu Shi Ye drove the car out, and aimlessly walked a few rounds, but he did not know where he should go.

In the past, he always went back to his own villa to rest. However, he hadn't seen his daughter for two days, so his heart wasn't at ease at all.