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C1644 scares her

Ling warm heart a warm, Mu Weicheng unexpectedly for her to warn Zhang Luyao, that Zhang Luyao will certainly be angry dead, over, she seems to set up a strong rival.

"You said, if you help me talk, will Zhang Luyao bully me even more? I'm really worried. " Ling warm just want to read well, don't want to make trouble.

"She dare!" Mu Weicheng's angry eyes flashed. He saw Ling wennuan bullied by her several times before, and he was very upset. He wished he could drive those vicious girls out.

"With you, I'm not afraid. I'm going to be bullied. I'll go to you and make up my mind." Ling warm eyebrows immediately smile.

"I can't protect you from time to time. You should be careful. Don't let people bully you. Remember that when others bully you, you can bully back. Your brother is Ling Moheng. Don't be afraid of anyone." The man saw that her neckline was a little askew. He couldn't help but reach out and tidy it up for her. He consoled her in a low voice.

Ling wennuan chuckled: "I dare not take my eldest brother's identity to oppress others. I just want to read in a low-key way. If I really let people know my identity, I'm afraid that I'll get more attention in school. At that time, I might be highly praised by others. I can't cope with those things."

"I know that low-key is a kind of attitude for people, which is also a good habit for you to bully your family." Mu Weicheng sighed and looked at the beautiful girl with gentle eyes. Her big eyes, which seemed to speak, were really beautiful.

"Let's go. I'll take you down." Although Mu Weicheng didn't give up to let her go like this, he didn't dare to force her, so he said in a low voice.

Ling wennuan stood still, like a stuffy child, uneasy.

"What's the matter?" Looking at her like this, Mu Weicheng immediately asked what she had to do.

Ling wennuan is about to stretch out one of her little hands.

The man didn't realize her meaning, and immediately grabbed her hand to have a closer look: "what happened to the hand? Are you hurt? Where? "

Lingnuan listened to his frank care, she couldn't help laughing: "it's hard, just want you to lead me downstairs."

Mu Weicheng's face was embarrassed. He quickly put down her small hand and smiled awkwardly.

Ling warm immediately opened his eyes to see his face: "how can you blush?"

Mu Weicheng is about to turn his face to the other side.

Ling warm immediately reluctantly around to his other side to see him.

"Warm." Mu Weicheng is a little embarrassed. Is this girl flirting with him? Who gave her the guts?

Ling warm smile's joy is infinite, she feels the Mu Wei Cheng shy appearance also quite good-looking.

Ling wennuan felt that when she had the upper hand, suddenly, the man tugged her wrist hard, and she jumped into his arms without warning.

The next second, the man picked up her chin, and the thin lips kissed her fiercely.

Ling wennuan finally paid for her behavior. Her brain exploded into a blank. Her breath was blocked by a man. She was short of breath for a while, but on her lips, the man was strong and domineering. I don't know if she was angry and wished she could kiss her soft lips.

Ling wennuan just hated that he didn't kiss herself. At this moment, she just wanted to stretch out her hand to push him away. Because her palpitation was obviously accelerating and her body was warming up. A sense of indescribable confusion in her body made her nervous and uneasy.

Mu Weicheng became addicted to her. He knew her lips were tender and sweet. But he didn't expect that they would be so sweet as sweet, which made him reluctant to let go.

Ling wennuan has no experience at all. At the moment, she only feels dizzy and has a feeling that her legs are soft and unable to stand stably. She subconsciously can only tighten the man's clothes.

Finally, Mu Weicheng let go of the big hand around her waist and let go of her. Both of them gasped for breath. They did not dare to touch each other in their eyes. They felt that if they looked at each other again, their reason would be completely lost.

"I really have to go!" Lingnuan, who was reluctant to give up just now, runs faster than the rabbit. He grabs her backpack and runs away quickly without saying a word.

"Warm." Mu Weicheng didn't expect her to run away in panic. In a hurry, he immediately called out, followed her with long legs, and saw the elevator door closed.

Mu Weicheng's heart stopped. He wanted to catch up, but he couldn't.

He hurried back home, took out his mobile phone, and quickly sent a text message to her to let her pay attention to safety, and returned home to report his safety.

Ling wennuan will return his message soon. It's a good word.

Looking at the empty living room, Mu Weicheng still remembers the scene of kissing her.

Some emotions, pressing back for too long, will frighten each other when they erupt. This is the situation he just had. He has too many and too many likes. Once he touches her, he will get out of control. Is it really frightening her?

Ling wennuan ran to the side of the car in one breath. Seeing that she was running out, the driver thought that she was in any situation. He got out of the car and asked about it.

Ling wennuan immediately shook his head: "I'm ok. My grandfather told me to go back earlier."

The driver immediately drove Ling warm back to Ling's home.


The sun was blocked by dark clouds, and the whole sky was gloomy.

Ling Mo Feng wakes up and hears the rain beating the curtain. He quickly lifts himself out of bed and closes the window. Turning around, he sees the woman curling up to sleep and kicks all the quilts off. Now the weather changes and the weather is cold. Ling Mo Feng hurriedly walks over and covers the quilts for her.

Ling Mo Feng has important state affairs to deal with today, so he has to start before six o'clock. He can't help but bow his head and kiss lanyanxi on the forehead. Lanyanxi was so tired yesterday that she slept soundly at the moment, and the man's kiss didn't disturb her.

Ling Mo Feng called the aunt who delivered the meal and asked her to bring some nutritious porridge for breakfast.

He and lanyanxi haven't done anything now. He's really worried about the sudden arrival of children. Lanyanxi must take good care of her body, otherwise it's not good for her pregnancy.

At eight o'clock, LAN Yanxi woke up. She touched her mobile phone and looked at the time.

Sitting up from the bed, I suddenly felt confused. For a while, I didn't know what to do.

Ling Mo Feng is not around, how can you have such a mood?

LAN Yanxi is holding her mobile phone. All of a sudden, she receives a call from her mother from abroad. She has had enough fun and wants to go back to China.

LAN Yanxi said a few words to his mother, and then hung up his mobile phone. Ling has won the election now, and it's time for his mother to come back.

Everything seems to have settled down, but the previous breathtaking deeds are fresh and impressive.

LAN Yanxi changed clothes and went downstairs. Her aunt was warming her breakfast. When she saw her coming down, she came to greet her with a smile.

LAN Yanxi also politely said hello to each other.

After breakfast, lanyanxi suddenly thought of Grandpa. Now the whole blue family, in addition to Lanlin, will come to the hospital to visit Grandpa. The two uncles and aunts will not come at all, as if they really want to break off the relationship with Grandpa.

This day there are no parents, but children? LAN Yanxi sighs that this family style really needs to be changed.

Lanyanxi was about to go out. Suddenly, she saw Uncle Yu's phone call coming in. She looked surprised and answered it quickly. Then she heard uncle Yu's anxious voice: "Miss, the old man is gone. I brought him breakfast in the morning and found that he is not in the ward. I looked for him all the time, but I didn't find him."

"What? How could this happen? It's still raining heavily. Where will grandpa go? " Lanyanxi's heart stopped suddenly and he was very anxious.

"I'm going to visit the hospital's monitoring now. If it's convenient for you, come here." Uncle Yu said in a hurry.

"OK, I'll be right here. You can find it for me first." LAN Yanxi quickly asked two bodyguards to drive her to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, she called Cheng Yuan. Cheng Yuan happened to be on the way to find her, so she arranged to go to the hospital together.

LAN Yanxi got out of the car and ran to the monitoring room in a hurry. She happened to meet uncle Yu coming out. She asked quickly, "did you find grandpa?"

"He seems to have been taken away by miss three." Uncle Yu looks nervous.