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When Ji Yueze mentioned the three characters of a good woman, Lu xuanchen was stunned, and suddenly the shadow of Mao Rongrong appeared in her mind. The woman was devoted to petitioning for the people and did not know whether it was a good woman's behavior.

"I hope I can find such a good woman in my lifetime, but it's a very realistic thing that those who do our job don't think about marriage at all." Lu xuanchen picked up the cup, took a sip of wine and laughed at himself.

Ji Yueze understands his sense of helplessness. As a popular idol, it is necessary to be careful to make girlfriend and get married. Otherwise, all the accumulated popularity will be lost. "

let's take a look at the contract tomorrow!" Ji Yueze's thin lips made a smile.

"Good!" Lu xuanchen nods.

After dinner, he went home. Lu xuanchen was a little drunk. He suddenly got a little obsession and asked his assistant to drive the car to Mao Rongrong's downstairs. He took out his mobile phone and called him.

Mao Rongrong answered his phone: "Lu xuanchen, it's so late. What can I do for you?" "

Mao Rongrong, you promise to sell the land to me. I beg you. I have to succeed in this matter, because I promised someone, I can't afford to lose my word." Lu xuanchen, with a few intoxicated voices, pleaded. Rong Rong frowned and listened to his voice as if he had drunk. "

are you drunk? What can I do for you when you wake up from a drink? Goodbye! " Maorongrong doesn't want to talk about things with a drunk person, because it will only waste her time. Lu

xuanchen can't believe that he looks at his cell phone being hung up. His assistant is also surprised.

"She hung up on me before I could finish talking?" Lu xuanchen's face was angry.

"Brother xuanchen, I saw such an unintelligible woman for the first time. Don't ask her!" The assistant was also angry for him. He felt that he had asked for this and the other side was not soft hearted. That must be that he was really unwilling to sell the land. "

No, I have to go down to find her. You drive in and I'll go upstairs to find her!" Lu xuanchen didn't know which horn point he had drilled. Tonight, he had to talk to Mao Rongrong again.

"Brother xuanchen, why do you pay so much attention to this woman? I don't think she looks very good. She is a conservative and uninteresting woman!" The assistant sneered. "

don't talk nonsense. I'm talking about buying land with her. I don't like her." Lu xuanchen looks at the talkative assistant comrade with a chagrin. Li had to drive the car into the community and stopped at the downstairs of Mao Rongrong. Lu xuanchen put on his mask and got off directly. "

brother xuanchen, you are much better, or next time!" The assistant looked at his slender body and asked with great concern.

"I like the way it is now!" Lu xuanchen finished, went directly to the direction of the elevator. He had been to Mao Rongrong's last time, so he knew her floor and number.

When the elevator stopped, he shook his head and strode toward the door of Mao Rongrong. He pressed the doorbell twice, and the door opened. Mao Rongrong was wearing a conservative Pajama, with one hand on his waist, and asked him with a cold expression: "Lu xuanchen, are you finished? It's so late and I'm still bothered. " "

can I go in for a cup of tea?" Lu xuanchen also felt that he was not coming at the right time, but since he came, he could not come in vain.

Mao Rongrong stared at his red face for a while and shook his head: "I'm sorry, strangers are not welcome in my family, so hurry up." Lu

xuanchen pushes the door open directly and takes a step inside with long legs.

"Hello!" Mao Rongrong's face was startled. Unexpectedly, a big star broke into her house by force. It was amazing.

As soon as Lu xuanchen went in, he reclined on the sofa directly, raised a pair of intoxicated eyes, and said lightly: "if you know how important this matter is to me, you can understand why I have come to you tirelessly."

"Tell me, why do you have to buy my land?" Mao Rongrong, with his hands around his chest, looked down at him. Lu

xuanchen is trying to talk. Suddenly he sees the woman in front of him in a big gray pajama. His face suddenly changes. He points to her and says, "how can you buy such an old Pajama? Isn't it tasteless? "

Mao Rongrong is waiting for him to tell his story. Unexpectedly, his focus is on her pajamas. She is so scared that she reaches out to protect her chest. She just took a bath and there is nothing else in it. So when he stares at her, she is ashamed and annoyed: "close your eyes and don't look around."

"Don't worry, I'm nearsighted and can't see clearly!" Lu xuanchen tells a lie casually.

"The devil believes you. Wait a minute, I'll change my clothes and come out!" Mao Rongrong went directly into her bedroom and closed the door tightly. In a moment, she changed into a suit of casual sweater and came out.

"Now, let's talk about why we must buy my land. If you can impress me, I'll think about it." Mao Rongrong said as he poured him a glass of water. Lu

xuanchen suddenly covers his eyes, and his voice is inexplicably sad: "I promised someone that I would build a villa on that land when I grow up. Now, I've made money and I just hope to buy this land."

"The man you promised must be a beautiful woman!" Mao Rongrong said lightly.

Lu xuanchen nodded: "yes, she is a very good woman." "

after you buy the land and build the villa, are you just trying to please her?" Mao continued.

"No, I just Just to fulfill a childhood dream, not to please her Lu xuanchen continues to play his acting skills, his eyes are all red. "

to be honest, I've received so many divorce cases, and I've never been touched by anyone. Your words today really touched me a little. Most men are fickle now. It's hard to see a man who has feelings and righteousness like you." Mao Rongrong is not really stubborn as stone. She just has her own persistence. Now, Lu xuanchen's words have touched her.

"You're a divorce lawyer?" Lu xuanchen's face was slightly surprised. Unexpectedly, she was not married, but she had such experience in divorce cases.

"I don't have to deal with divorce cases. I mean, the divorce rate is too high now. There are many people who come to me for lawsuits." Said Mao Rongrong lightly. "

lawyer Mao, to be honest, I have always admired you as a woman who presides over justice." Lu xuanchen began to speak well again.

"Well, I'm not that hard to talk about, but the double price you said before still counts?" Mao Rongrong smiled lightly. Lu

xuanchen: "..."