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C1109 is all taken aback

If Yang Siyu had a sip of tea in his mouth at the moment, he would have to spray it directly on Ji Yueze's face, because the skill of the show's lower limit is really unexpected. The smile on Yang's face solidified. After staring at Ji Yueze for a long time, he finally burst into laughter.

Ji Yueze was laughed by her. She frowned and said calmly, "you can laugh when you hear someone else has a hidden disease? Yang Siyu, do you know how to respect me Yang

continues to snigger, laughing and saying: "Ji Yueze, you are still as naughty as when you were a child." "

what I said is true!" Ji Yueze, afraid that she didn't believe it, thought he was joking and stressed it immediately.

"How could anyone curse himself like this?" Yang Siyu didn't believe it.

"Just because you don't have one, you have to believe that I didn't cheat you. So, if you want to marry me, can you imagine that you can't be a normal woman in your whole life?" Jiyueze wanted to say that to get her out of the way. "

of course, I can't imagine. However, Ji Yueze, I seem to hear that you have made a girlfriend. Have you been a divine friend with each other for so long?" Yang Siyu still thinks that Ji Yueze is interesting, and he can't help but ask him with a smile.

"No, it's the other side who can accept my shortcomings in this respect, so I'm in touch with her." Ji Yueze told the lie more and more true. "I know you don't want to marry me, in fact, I don't want to marry anyone," Yang said Season

after listening to Yueze, Jun's face froze a little, and then his mouth shook: "why didn't you say it earlier!"

"Ji Yueze, you must love the girl named Bai Yiyan very much. For her, you even told such lies. She is so lucky!" Yang Siyu said in a low voice.

"What do you mean? Aren't you here to have a blind date with me? " Ji Yueze couldn't understand her mind.

"Since you have found out the embarrassing reasons to deal with me, let me also tell you a few sincere words, I In fact, I like women! " Yang Siyu suddenly said a word seriously. "

ah?" Ji Yueze also has a feeling of being stunned. It's hard to believe that she's staring at this delicate and sweet girl. Unexpectedly, her taste is heavier than her own.

"What? Shocked by what I said? " Yang Siyu can't help teasing him.

"Are you sure?" Ji Yueze still can't believe that she said this sentence is serious. "

I'm sure that I have a girlfriend who has been dating for five years. She is very kind to me and takes good care of me. I want to spend my whole life with her, so don't worry, I won't marry you. Don't make up those ridiculous and funny reasons to scare me!" When Yang Siyu said that, he couldn't help laughing. "

Yang Siyu, you are so hateful!" Ji Yueze is a little annoyed. He feels that he has been tricked. Yang's thought and expression is a good expression: "who told you to confess so soon? Can I be blamed for that? "

"If you told me at first that you like women, do I need to make up such a bad excuse? I thought you promised to come over for dinner because you liked me and wanted to marry me. " Ji Yueze is still angry. "

well, I won't marry you. Just rest assured, but I need you to play a play with me. Ji Yueze, we I mean, pretend to be dating for a few months. " Yang Siyu asked earnestly.

Ji Yueze's face changed. Unexpectedly, she asked for it. "

I'm sure you're in a bad situation, aren't you? Otherwise, on your condition, you will not be forced by your grandmother to meet me. Since we all want to love each other and can't be together for various reasons, let's cover each other. I only need a few months. By then, she and I will go to a country where same-sex marriage is legal and complete the most important ceremony in our life! " Yang Si's language is incisive, his voice is serious and sad. Ji

Yueze is really moved by her. Unexpectedly, the purpose of her coming here for dinner is to hope to help each other. "

well, you guessed it, I really need a little time to slow down. If I don't call you, I believe my grandma will soon arrange me to meet other women. Her purpose is to hope that I can get married quickly, but not with the woman I love!" Between Ji Yueze's looks, there is sadness and helplessness. "

I know something about you and Bai Yiyan. I'm curious. Is her mother really the murderer of her uncle?" Yang Siyu couldn't help asking. "

sorry, I can't say this year, but my feelings for her will not change." Ji Yueze laughs bitterly and shakes his head. It's a secret. He still needs to keep his mouth.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just curious. If you don't want to say it, I won't ask!" Yang Siyu found that he seemed to touch the taboo of the other side, and quickly smiled.

"It's OK. You'll know later. For the moment, we still need to act!" Ji Yueze's heart is at last relaxed. He didn't expect that Yang Siyu would give him such a big surprise.

"Yes, but you are a natural actor. You have the talent for acting, but I don't. I'm really afraid that the trick will be ruined. What can I do if I let your grandma and my family know?" Yang Siyu is still worried. When she entered the living room just now, she was scared and upset.

Yang Siyu also came to see Ji Yueze with a gambling mentality. Unexpectedly, he would play with her. She really appreciated him.

"Don't worry. I'm here, and I won't let you act badly. By the way, do you need to discuss this matter with your man? I'm afraid she'll come to trouble me! " Ji Yueze can't help reminding her.

"I'll tell her, but she still feels that it's too risky. Besides, she loves me so much that she always worries that I will betray this relationship. If she really comes to you, would you please explain for me?" Yang Siyu is still pleading. "

don't worry, I will. If I need your help to explain, you will help me too." Ji Yueze couldn't help asking.

"Of course, are we mutually beneficial?" Yang Siyu nodded and smiled. At this time, a servant came up from a distance and said, "second young master, Miss Yang, the old lady let you in for dinner." "

OK!" Ji Yueze agreed.

"In a moment, I may be a little indifferent to your performance. I hope you don't mind! It's necessary to act! " Ji Yueze quickly reminds her. "

I know that if you treat me suddenly, your grandmother will see the flaw." Yang Siyu's expression of understanding.

"Let's go in and eat!" Ji Yueze is relaxed.