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C649 Ji's family affairs

In the living room of a luxury villa in M country, Ji yunning's face flickered with uneasy expression. Her adoptive father, Ji Lin, called her two days ago and asked her to give her the lists she had placed in Ji's group. In the past five years, Ji Lin has been locked in prison. He has given Ji yunning the task of infiltrating Ji's group

and Ji yunning has taken over in order to repay his upbringing This task.

In fact, her heart is also full of complexity and uneasiness. She collects some secrets of Ji's group every other time. However, Ji yunning does not know why she collects these things.

She felt that her adoptive father's practice in those days was too callous. Now, after being put in prison for several years, he is also old and should give up the management power of the company.

But what Ji yunning thought was too naive. She didn't expect that after Ji Lin came out, she would still stare at Ji's position in power, which made Ji yunning particularly surprised. However, Ji yunning is also very respectful of Ji Lin, because although she is an adopted daughter, Ji Lin has attached great importance to her since she was a child. She has been trained to be so excellent that she can live a superior life. So when Ji Lin asks her for those lists, Ji Yun

Ning just hesitates for a moment and gives her name to him. Ji Lin originally held 30% of Ji's shares, but as an adult, Ji Xiaohan inherited 35% of his father's shares, and the remaining 20% was held in the hands of Ji Laozi. The remaining shares were held in the hands of several Tang uncles of Ji's family. Since Ji Lin committed a crime and was put in prison, Ji Laozi convened the board of directors and recovered 20% of Ji Lin's shares He has only 10% of Ji's stock right. It's impossible for him to make a breakthrough. Unless he can get all the stock rights of the old man and buy back a few shares of his uncles, he can let Ji Xiaohan out of the management position. Ji Shangqing, Ji Lin's only son, has been actively developing several of his own companies abroad since his father was shut in. Now, they are also developing well. Among them, Ji Shangqing has a technology company under his hand, which specializes in network information. After accumulating

for five years, Ji Lin and Ji Shangqing finally plan to break out.

Ji Lin sent a special person to watch Ji Xiaohan's whereabouts and actions. When he found out that he had a pair of children, Ji Lin was still very surprised. With those two children, the old man must pay more attention to Ji Xiaohan, because he already has an heir, but his son is unmarried, and he doesn't know when to give birth to a child.

For a powerful family like Jijia, it's absolutely the top priority to covet the heirs.

It seems that Ji Xiaohan's career and love are not idle. While he is in prison, he not only controls the whole company, but also finds a woman to give birth to two children first.

What makes Ji Lin even more angry is that Ji Xiaohan has always kept the existence of these two children from his knowledge. Is it harmful to his children? This move, clever and insidious, really wants to give Ji Lin Qi out of a heart attack. Ji Lin has also investigated, and the elder two loves these two little great grandchildren very much. What Ji Lin worries about most now is that if he dotes on them too much, he will give them his stock right too early. Isn't Xiao Han the only one who wants to take back the management right of the company, even if he has a lifetime, it's difficult to realize it. Ji Lin is more anxious and anxious. However, at present, he has not found a suitable mobile phone conference. This time, he dare not be careless any more. He knows that Ji Xiaohan has also sent people to keep an eye on his whereabouts and actions. He is also on guard against him. However, Ji Lin really can't wait any longer When he was raised, he was broken by the doctor's disease, and his condition had worsened. Moreover, the doctor concluded that he might only have less than three years. Ji yunning just stood outside the door and overheard it by chance. Unexpectedly, the old man really concealed himself from the old lady and even the two brothers, Ji Xiaohan. He just didn't want them to worry about it. Moreover, Ji yunning also knew that the old man Ji called his special lawyer to come to the door the next day. If he wanted to

he must be afraid that his life would not be long, he wanted to make a will soon.

Ji Lin now has two important things to do, one is to hit Jijia group, the other is to find an opportunity to see the contents of the father's will. If there is a chance to change it, it's really great.

Ji Lin is waiting for the chance to fight back. Unexpectedly, God is helping him. The chance is coming. Ji Xiaohan's favorite woman had a car accident. President Tang Jishi even put down his body and took care of the woman in the hospital in his spare time. It can be seen that his feelings for the woman should be very good. Ji yunning also confirmed on the side that Ji Xiaohan likes this woman named Tang youyou very much,

she also grudged, saying that the biggest reason why Ji Xiaohan likes Tang youyou is because she gave him two children.

Anyway, after this incident, Ji Lin finds another great opportunity. Ji Xiaohan has a beloved woman.

For a man, falling in love with a woman has definitely become the biggest weakness in his life. What's more, Ji Xiaohan has not only this woman, but also two lovely children. Of course, if Ji Lin can't help himself, he doesn't dare to think about these two children. He still wants to win back the hearts of the two elders. These two children are their favorite grandchildren. Who dares to move them? It's brain water. Even if Ji Lin is bad, he doesn't want to do anything to the children at present.

Ji yunning rubbed his hands, looked up, and watched Ji Lin come down from the upstairs. It seemed that his life in prison was not easy. He lost a circle, but his spirit seemed to be good. Holding a cigar in his hand, he saw Ji yunning. He smiled and said, "Xiaoning, you are back!"

"Daddy!" Ji yunning immediately stood up respectfully and shouted, "Daddy, you are thin again!"

Season Lin light self ridicule way: "the thing in the mind is too much, of course thin, but, see you come back, I am very happy, today can have a good meal."

Ji yunning is still in love with Ji Lin. she goes over and hugs Ji Lin and says with concern, "Daddy, are you in a hurry to find me back? What's the matter?"

Ji Lin patted her on the shoulder with a heavy voice: "Daddy decided to take back Ji's power. Would you like to be my helper?"

Sure enough? Ji yunning looks at Ji Lin in surprise. Unexpectedly, she guesses right.