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It's been two days since Mei Jie's incident. After the media's spread, it's still very fierce. Whether it's Mei Jie's kidnapping or a child who has no ability to resist, it has also attracted countless parents' condemnation and uneasiness. Some people have taken the initiative to summon people to travel outside the general office and ask the authorities to explain the incident. Otherwise, they won't give up 。

Ling Mo Feng stood in the conference room and looked at the crowd of people who had been sent by the leader. His handsome face was dignified.

Chu lie knocked on the door and came in, looking worried: "Sir, the foreign guest's car is about to arrive here in an hour. There are so many people around the door, just afraid that it will have a bad impact on us. What can we do?"

Ling Mo Feng is also having a headache. There are foreign leaders coming to visit the state affairs. What an urgent event. For example, outside the gate, there are a group of people who are unwilling to leave. They are waving flags and shouting. They have to give an explanation to leave.

"Sir, if it's inconvenient for you to show up, I'll send someone to drive them away first. I have investigated. Some of these people are radicals. They organized the parade. Maybe the purpose is not simple. It's interfering with the state affairs. Last time, Mr. Lin explained it in the media. It should be OK Press for a while, wait until the evidence comes out, then explain, but these people... " Chu lie also said that he was helpless. The people have the right to know, but if it goes too far, it also interferes in state affairs.

Ling Mo Feng took back his eyes, raised his wrist and looked at the time: "it's more than 10 a.m. now. How many people are coming outside? Is there a number?"

"About a hundred." Chu lie quickly replied.

"Well, you can empty out the cathedral next to you, invite them to sit in it, prepare enough lunch, entertain them first, and as for the explanation, you can find two people to go over and give a general description of this matter, and also remind them properly not to be instigated, to cause trouble, to threaten national security and image." After pondering for a moment, Ling Mo Feng immediately gave his countermeasures.

This method is the safest for Chu lie to feel. It can not only pacify people's hearts, but also timely arrange the avenue at the gate for foreign leaders to visit.

"I'm going to do it now, sir. I just don't know who I'm going to call to be the spokesperson for this time." Chu lie asked in some difficulty.

"It's their business to bring in the head of the Department of public information. They have to deal with it." Ling Mo Feng's face darkened. Before the news department, it was mainly under the jurisdiction of the old president. Most of the people were loyal to him. Now that something like this happened, Ling Mo Feng will not let them stay out of the business. He must let them be loyal to the old president to the end.

"Yes!" Chulie immediately realized that this idea was very good. Mr. chulie thought that things were always the most reasonable. It's time for the people in the Department of public information to do something.

Under the arrangement of Ling Mo Feng, the state visit at noon was very successful. In the evening, Ling Mo Feng also had exchanges with foreign guests and shared dinner. When he learned about the wedding of Ling Mo Feng's engagement in the previous period, the other party specially prepared gifts.

Ling expressed his great honor and gratitude for this. Until late at night, everything had a short end. Ling took a tired bus back to the vice president's office.

At the moment, only the light at the door is on, and the room is quiet.

Ling Mo Feng thought, is this woman asleep?

The man gently hooked the corner of his lips, unexpectedly inexplicably lost some feeling. Before she waited in the living room, he blamed her for staying up late and not sleeping. Now, she went to bed early, but he was sour.

It's so complicated.

"Good night, sir. See you tomorrow." Chu lie said with a smile and led a group of people away.

Ling Mo Feng also said good night to Chu lie and pushed the door in.

Ling Mo Feng took off his coat as he went up the stairs. When he came to the bedroom, he heard a cough coming from the bedroom. He pulled his heart and walked quickly to the inside.

"Yan Xi." He saw that the bedside lamp was still on, and the light was weak, which reflected the little red face on the bed.

"You're back?" LAN Yanxi reached out and sat up, saying softly.

Ling Mo Feng threw his coat on the sofa beside her, and put the palm of his hand on her forehead: "what's wrong with you? Sick? "

"Maybe the weather has changed a lot these two days. I have a cold and a little sore throat." Said LAN Yanxi in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng tried her forehead and found that she still had some low heat. His brow twisted slightly and he reached for her thin shoulder and said, "have you taken any medicine?"

"No, I've drunk a lot of water. It's said on the Internet that if I drink more water, I'll have a good sleep." LAN Yanxi replied in a low voice.

"No, it's useless just drinking water. I have to take medicine, or it will become more and more serious. I'll go downstairs and find some medicine for you, lie down and cover the quilt." Ling Mo Feng could not help sighing. He left the woman at home, but she was ill. Although she was not a child, she was not able to take care of herself. She had to find someone to look after her.

LAN Yanxi looked at the tall figure he turned to leave, and felt very guilty. Today, she read the news and knew that he had met with important foreign guests. It's 12 o'clock now, and he just came back from work. It's really hard, but he still worried and felt guilty.

Ling Mo Feng went downstairs a few minutes later, he took the medicine and carried the warm water upstairs.

Seeing her disobedience and sitting on the bed, he could not help sighing: "Yan Xi, I decided to find an aunt to take care of you, otherwise, I'm not at ease when you are alone at home."

"No, I can take care of It's not a big deal that I didn't cover the quilt or fill in the clothes in time when I took a nap today. It's normal that I was ill. Please don't invite someone over. " LAN Yanxi immediately shook his head and refused, because this is the vice president's office. It's very troublesome to invite people in, because it's still in such a tense moment. It's disturbing for anyone to come in.

"How can illness be considered normal? You look at you, your face is red. " Ling Mo Feng can't laugh or cry. He's very distressed. If he wants to blame her, he can't be cruel.

"I see you. I'm shy." LAN Yanxi immediately beeps to explain.

"Yes? How long have we known each other? You will be shy when you see me? " Ling Mo Feng breaks through her little lie directly.

"Yes, although we've known each other for a long time, every time we see you, it's like the first time we see you. It's exciting and the blood accelerates." LAN Yan hoped that the small mouth could speak and understand, but he also listened to what he said.

"Come on, don't try. I've decided not to change it." Ling Mo Feng said with a serious face.

"No, it's not. If there's an aunt at home, we can't be alone." LAN yanxili has a good temper. He reaches for his strong arm and his small face rubs around his arm: "Ling Mo Feng, I promise I will pay attention next time. Please don't ask someone to go home, please."

Ling Mo Feng had made a good decision, but she was so lovely and tender that she refused.

"Well, I won't invite anyone first. You're bored at home alone. You must be bored. Why don't you come to the office and go to work with me, OK?" Ling Mo Feng finally relaxed to her.

"Really? Can I go to work now? " LAN Yanxi's spirit came in a flash.

"The office is almost cleared. The old president's claws and teeth are also sharp. They should not threaten your safety any more. Go to the general office and be closer to me. I can take care of you at any time." Ling made the second arrangement. In a word, she can't stay at home alone.

"Well, I'll go to work tomorrow. Actually, I think there are more good people in the world." LAN Yanxi immediately laughed happily. In fact, she didn't want to stay at home, wanted to work, and was glowing.

Lingmo Feng saw her smile so happy, immediately spread out the palm: "take the medicine."

"It's this medicine again. It smells bad." Lanyanxi's Princess relapsed again. She was afraid of taking medicine and injection, but she would not take care of herself if she died.

"Take the good medicine as soon as you can." Ling Mo Feng comforts her gently.

"Well, I'll eat, eat, and I'll get better as soon as I'm ill. Tomorrow night, we'll have all the things that should happen. I don't want you to wait any longer." LAN Yanxi finished, took the medicine, looked up and threw it into his mouth. Ling Mo Feng immediately gave her a mouthful of warm water.

Blue words Xi Gulu swallowed, the United States eyes opened, to see the man's expression of that stuffy want to laugh.