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Even though the bed was more than two meters long, the little guy had to get close to two people. Therefore, the distance between the two of them was only two palms apart.

Tang You You laid down. In the past, she could quickly sleep with her daughter.

His nerves were always tense, so naturally, he could not fall asleep quickly.

Unfortunately, the man seemed to have already expected that she would be so violent. When her leg kicked over, the man slightly raised one of his firm and powerful legs, and immediately after, Tang You You's leg was stuck in the middle, unable to move.

"You … Let go! " Tang You You was so angry, how could this bastard have a trump card?

"Be at ease. You don't even need to see whose bed you're lying on." Ji Xiao Han's voice was low, filled with warning.

Tang You You's small face paled, and she immediately said snappily: "Alright, I will settle down, hurry up and let go! Then go back to your room and sleep. Don't disturb my rest. "

"This is my room!" If it was a man, he would definitely be angered to death.

Tang You You had nothing to say, so she could only grind her teeth and say: "Hurry up and let me go, I'm going to the neighboring room to sleep."

"Daughter is awake, I want to see you!" Hearing that she was about to leave, Ji Xiao Han loosened his leg and reminded her.

"Let's wait until she wakes up!" Tang You You really didn't want to lie with him anymore. She couldn't accept it.

The aura of a man was filled with danger, causing her to be unable to sleep soundly.

Just when Tang You You was about to move her daughter's small hands away, she did not expect to wake the little fellow up from her shock. She immediately opened her eyes wide, and subconsciously hugged her arm even tighter.

Tang You You looked like she was about to collapse. Her daughter had light sleep, and would wake up at night, she was really afraid that she would cry in the middle of the night.

A man's low laughter came from the side, as if he had just seen an interesting show.

Tang You You really did not want to care about him anymore, this man's mental state must be abnormal, to think that she was helpless after being entangled by her daughter, and even had such a smirk on her face.

"Alright, I won't tease you anymore, hurry up and sleep!" Ji Xiao Han realized that Tang You You's face was covered with fatigue, but he had been forcing himself not to sleep.

Of course Tang You You was tired, even her nerves had been stretched for the past few days. At this moment, she really did not want to care about anything, all she wanted to do was to sleep until the sky went dark.

Ji Xiao Han did not tease her anymore, with a pair of deep and gentle eyes, he gazed at his daughter's little face, his heart filled with unspeakable satisfaction.

He was also curious as to why his attitude towards his son was so different from his attitude towards his daughter. He felt that his son was his, and that he would never be able to escape. However, his daughter was going to be married off.

Ji Xiao Han instantly felt the deep sense of responsibility a father should have, and also experienced the indescribable complex feelings a daughter should have.

Sigh, his mood was actually damnably unbearable.

When Ji Xiao Han calmed his mind and looked up, he saw that the woman had already fallen asleep.

Because her daughter was holding onto one of her arms, she would habitually lean towards her daughter's side. At this moment, her sleeping little face had naturally entered Ji Xiao Han's eyes.

There was a small light in the room, which was considered dim, but Ji Xiao Han could still see Tang You You's sleeping appearance clearly.

Even though she was asleep, her picturesque eyebrows were lightly knitted, as if she had a lot of things on her mind that she couldn't let go of.

Presumably, all of her worries stemmed from him.

What a stubborn woman. If she could let go of her past grudges and get along with him properly, then she wouldn't have so much to worry about.

But Ji Xiao Han understood, this woman was different from the other girls who lost their souls the moment they saw him.

She didn't seem interested in anything about herself. How noble.

However, it was precisely because of this indifferent personality of hers that Ji Xiao Han had the urge to challenge her.

He really wanted to know, one day, when she looked at him with a face full of infatuation, how enchanting she would be.

Ji Xiao Han felt that this must be an extremely interesting challenge.

In the middle of the night, everything was quiet as everyone immersed themselves in their dreams.

It was Ji Xiao Han's first time sleeping so peacefully, as if … There was nothing left in this world worth worrying about.

Suddenly, he felt something was wrong.

In his dreams, it was like a rain, wet everywhere …

Ji Xiao Han moved his finger, and suddenly … His pair of handsome eyes suddenly opened wide, and immediately afterwards, his fingers touched his waist.

What was going on?

Ji Xiao Han looked to be in a daze, but in the next moment, he quickly reached out and pushed Tang You You.

Tang You You was startled awake by his push, and then, she stared at him warily: "What!"

"Why is this place all wet?" Ji Xiao Han pointed to the bed.

Tang You You followed his finger and looked over, her beautiful little mouth hooked up, and said complacently: "Your daughter wet the bed."

"What?" Ji Xiao Han didn't believe it at all. His handsome eyes stared at the little fellow who was still sleeping. A child who was almost four years old, and yet actually wet the bed?

"This is what happens when your daughter is in a strange place." Tang You You said indifferently.

"What do we do now?" Ji Xiao Han would never deal with such a sudden situation, his handsome face looked anxious.

Tang You You watched as the man panicked. She really wanted to ignore him, but her daughter's pants were also wet, so she couldn't ignore him.

She got up, opened her suitcase, and took out a pair of clean pants.

"Mr. Ji, you should go to another room to sleep and take a bath!" As Tang You You helped his daughter change into her pants, she spoke to him sarcastically.

Ji Xiao Han was so tired that he couldn't help but laugh as he watched his daughter change to a new pair of pants.

"Alright, I will sleep with my son. You changed Xiao Nai's pants, and quickly go to sleep as well." Ji Xiao Han finally understood that it wasn't easy to have a child.

It was the first time Tang You You heard him say something like that. She couldn't help but raise her head and look at him, but she didn't say anything.

Ji Xiao Han ran to the guest room next door. Seeing his son, a tiny person, taking up most of the bed, he stroked his forehead.