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Seeing Tang Youyou, Mao Rongrong was stunned. She took Lu xuanchen's mobile phone and looked at it again: "I know her. She used to live next door to my house. Is her name Tang youyou?"

Lu xuanchen nodded: "yes, in fact, at that time, I also lived next door to you, just a little farther away!" "

well, I may not have noticed you, but I have an impression on Tang youyou. I heard my mother say that she is often abused by her stepmother and stepsister. Is it true?" Asked Mao Rongrong in surprise. Thinking about her childhood in Tang Youyou, Lu xuanchen's face flashed a touch of heartache: "yes, she was often beaten. She deliberately didn't wear school skirt after being beaten. At school, she was criticized by teachers. Her childhood was really disastrous and compassionate." "

I didn't expect that it would be her, but I admire her very much. Her stepmother is so bad for her. She still listens to them. I heard that she has to contract household chores for her family when she is a teenager. Her stepmother deliberately loses her temper and drives the nanny away, just to let her do more." Mao Rongrong also heard a lot about Tang youyou's deeds, and only now can he express such feelings.

"A person's luck will not always be bad. At least, she is very lucky now. She married the most powerful man and lived a happy life. By the way, she has two children. I have seen them. They are lovely!" Lu xuanchen laughs to turn off the screen of the mobile phone and says with a smile. "

I remember when you said that, not long ago, the eldest young man of Ji family got married, just to marry her. At that time, the whole city became a sensation, but envied a wave of women." Mao Rongrong laughed. "

Yes, she just got married a while ago." When Lu xuanchen mentioned this, his face was not so sad. Sheng Wu brought all the delicious food to the table and chatted while eating.

Mao Rongrong took a chopstick of vegetables and suddenly looked up and asked him, "you like her very much, don't you?" Lu

xuanchen's hand holding chopsticks slightly stiffened, then the voice line tightened: "before, I just wanted to protect her and give her a better life. If I don't like it, it's a fake."

"She must be a very good woman. She can make you love her deeply." Mao Rongrong is unavoidably envious. "

she is just stubborn and stubborn. When she was a child, she had seen too many embarrassing things. She was beaten and cried. In front of me, she had almost no image. I had a feeling that I wanted to protect her. But now, Ji Xiaohan has replaced me. He is the man who can really protect her and no longer be hurt. I have let go of her feelings." Lu xuanchen's wry smile, now full of memories. Mao's eyes turned around his face, and then he chuckled. The meal was relaxing and pleasant, and the atmosphere was not so awkward with the memories of childhood. After eating, Mao Rongrong plans to leave with some of his information. "

lawyer Mao, if you have any questions, please call me at any time, 24 hours a day. If I'm filming, my assistant will answer them for me." Lu xuanchen said to her back.

Mao Rongrong nodded: "I will definitely call you. There are many questions that may need to be confirmed face to face. I just take them back to study."

"You mean Got my case? " Lu xuanchen's eyes flashed a hint of happiness.

Before, Mao Rongrong only said to think about it, and then helped him to have a look. Now her tone seems to be positive.

Mao Rongrong pushed his glasses, looked a little unnatural, coughed softly and said, "for the sake of your sincere treat, I'll help you once." "

thank you so much!" Lu xuanchen was ecstatic, but his face was serious.

It's just that he's wondering what he's happy about? "You're so kind. I'll charge for your case."

"Of course, you can work out the cost. I will pay you on time." Lu xuanchen laughed. When Rong Rong saw his thin lips rising, the calm heart lake suddenly swung. Lu xuanchen, who had not been aware of before, laughed well, but felt that his evil spirit was not serious. But now, his smile from the heart was so devastating that even she could not help it. "

I said something bad to you before. I hope you don't mind!" Said Mao Rongrong suddenly. "

don't worry, I don't have a grudge. In fact, you are right to say that there are many ways to make money in a profession like ours, and the labor force paid is not directly proportional to the rate of return, so there are so many people who want to be stars one after another." Lu xuanchen does not care to pick eyebrows, not angry at all. "Maybe, most people still want to choose jobs that are easy to make money. For example, it's very difficult for our company to recruit a talent. The workload is large and the salary is not very high." "

in the future, if I meet any talents in this field, I will definitely introduce them to you for work at the first time." Lu xuanchen joked. "

thank you so much. Let's go first!" Mao Rongrong said, and left quickly.

Once out of the box door, she can't help clapping her chest. It's over. What's the heartbeat? Lu xuanchen's expression was a little triumphant. He turned around, leaned on the chair, took a glass of wine and took a sip of it. He felt satisfied with the meal. Looking at the two men who were brought in, Xiao Han slammed the magazine in his hand and said, "that's the report you wrote? Who gives you the power to expose my family affairs? "

"Yes It's Ji Lin! " The two men were trembling with fear. In front of them, the eyes were cold, and the handsome face was iron. It was said that Ji Xiaohan, the eldest young man of Ji's family, was really intimidating and intimidating. "

you are honest. Now I will give you a chance to survive. I apologize to my family in public. Besides, I admit that all you have written is a catch-up and make-up." Although Ji Xiaohan hates to strangle these two bastards on the spot, he still has to consider the identity of the person in charge of his Ji family after all. Even if he is angry again, he can't lose his demeanor.

"Yes, Mr. Ji, we are wrong. We should not collect money and scribble. We must apologize to you." Two men are still very afraid, shaking their legs, no backbone, agreed to write an apology on the spot.

"Besides, anyone authorized to write anything about Ji's family in the future, understand? Otherwise, let me catch you again, and you will wait for the defendant. " Season owl cold cold finish, no longer look at them, turn away.

He didn't really have to fight a lawsuit with these two people, which was too damaging to his reputation.