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C1001 Hongmen banquet

Ji Xiaohan taps his fingers on the desktop, his handsome face is cold. The photo in his mobile phone is sent to the computer by him. After opening it, you can see the position of the school that was circled out. A red line is half drawn along a road, and then it's gone.

Deep eyes, the moment cold light Zhan people, Ji Lin is to hit the children's idea? This is the scale of Ji Xiaohan. If he really dare to think of it, he will not let him live for long.

However, at present, he arranged to monitor Ji Lin's people, and no news came back. Ji Lin's behavior in the recent period seems to be normal, and there is no sign of trouble.

However, since he moved this idea, Ji Xiaohan must warn him once, so he decided to invite Ji Lin to have a meal. The meal was at noon the next day, and he called Ji Lin in the morning. On the phone, neither uncle nor nephew tore their faces. The way of speaking was polite.

Ji Xiaohan has set up a grand banquet. Ji Lin will also come here to make a breakthrough, because if he doesn't come, it means he's guilty. According to Ji Lin's character, he will never show half of his weakness to the other party before winning or losing. Xiao Han also predicted that Ji Lin would come. He is so arrogant and conceited, and how can he shrink back?

At 11:30 noon, Ji Lin came.

Ji Xiaohan asked him alone, so, in the whole box, at the moment, only Ji Xiaohan sat at the table alone. Nuo

in front of the big dining table, the man's demeanor is all open, a black suit, matched with a black shirt, his eyes are sharp and arrogant, staring at the glass in his hands, as if looking at it, as if thinking.

Ji Xiaohan's dress gives people a sense of oppression. It's too formal, but it's also full of mysterious feeling, which is hard to see. When Ji

Lin came in, he was overwhelmed by the atmosphere created by Ji Xiaohan.

He didn't expect that when he saw his big nephew from a young age, he suddenly came to suppress him like a king with an aggressive manner.

"Uncle, please take a seat!" Ji Xiaohan waited until he came in. He pretended to see him all of a sudden, put down the cup in his hand, and raised a smirk of indifference with his thin lips. Season

the appearance of Xiao Han's fake smile makes people feel the atmosphere of winter, and the air conditioning is oppressive.

Ji Lin forced himself to take a chair and said with a light smile, "Oh, Xiao Han, I didn't expect that our uncle and nephew would have a chance to sit down and have a meal. It's really rare." "

Yes, I didn't expect it!" There was no outsider at the scene, and Ji Xiaohan didn't want to lie with him. When Ji Lin saw that Ji Xiaohan didn't want to pour tea for him, he had to pour a cup by himself and taste it: "good tea!" Xiao Han knew that he was deliberately diluting the atmosphere and smiled coldly: "what is uncle busy with recently? It seems to be very busy. " "

it's just a small business. It's not worthy of your concern. Unlike you, you need to manage the whole season's business. Every day, your uncle really loves you. Young people should have young people's lives. Do you feel bored when you deal with dead materials every day?" Ji Lin reveals some information intentionally or unintentionally, but Ji Xiaohan doesn't take it seriously at all.

"I don't have any hobbies by nature. My only hobby is work. My uncle's kindness is good enough for me." Season owl cold retreat degree of answer, the eye color light and cool a few minutes. Season

Lin couldn't help biting the root of his teeth. Although he was very hateful, he couldn't show half of his face. "

what is uncle's busy small business? Do you need my help? You're welcome. If you need my help, just talk. " Ji Xiaohan continues to ask him. "

dare not bother, you invited me to dinner today just to care about me?" Where dare Ji Lin let Ji Xiaohan meddle in any of his things? So he refused his kindness directly.

Season owl cold light way: "just want to care about you, uncle has suffered a lot in prison!"

Ji Lin's face changed for a moment, and he sneered. The false concern of Ji Xiaohan is too obvious.

"It's really hard to stay in prison. The hardest thing is that there is no freedom. That kind of ghost place is really not for people." Ji Lin sneers and complains, takes a cup and drinks tea.

"So my uncle should be disgusted with that place. I'm sure he doesn't want to go back in the future." Ji Xiaohan's eyes suddenly sank, and what he said was very touching. Ji's face was frozen, and he turned around and stared at Ji Xiaohan: "what do you mean?"

"It doesn't mean much. I just hope my uncle will change his mind and become a new man. This kind of opportunity doesn't exist every day." Ji Xiaohan looks straight into his eyes with warning in his eyes. "

ah, it's finally true. Ji Xiaohan, do you know who you're talking to? When I turned my hand for the cloud in the mall, you were not born. Are you threatening me now? " Ji Lin slaps the table and stands up. His face is angry.

Ji Xiaohan was angry at him. He just smiled: "uncle, don't be excited. I'm not threatening you. I'm just reminding you. After all, I'm your nephew. I don't want you to go wrong again."

"Oh, you are really a good nephew. If my dead brother saw you so capable, he would close his eyes." Ji Lin is also frightened by his extreme words and deeds just now. Before he fully holds the power of Ji's family in his hand, he should not have a direct conflict with Ji Xiaohan. He has no chance to win or to be sure. However, when it comes to the dead Ji Nan, Ji Xiao's cold face suddenly turns ugly, and his voice becomes cold: "how could my father die in peace? Maybe he's waiting for my son to get justice for him. " Ji's face suddenly changed, and he laughed: "isn't it easy for you to avenge your father? Let Bai Zhen pay for her life. She has already surrendered herself to the police station. Why didn't she make a decision? It's said that you are decisive in your work. I didn't expect you to be sloppy in this matter. It's not like your style! "

"I just want to wait a little longer. Maybe more truth will come to the surface. Although Bai Zhen turned himself in, I still don't believe that she is a woman who dares to kill people. Moreover, my father was so kind to her, as long as she didn't have mental problems, she couldn't kill my father." Ji Xiaohan didn't directly aim at him, but he said his doubts and created a false image of him.