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C691 is about to pamper her

In a famous foreign tourist town, the suburb is a large flower sea with beautiful scenery, which attracts many people to visit. In the high-end villa hotel in this scenic area, Luo Jinyu wears a Bluetooth headset and is sitting outside the balcony talking about business. Yang ChuChu wakes up after a noon sleep. The whole person is lazy. He stretches his waist, rubs his bleary eyes, wears only a silk dress, and goes downstairs covered with a rose red loose coat. His long hair has not been combed. He is laid lazily on her waist and chest. The whole person looks very pink.

Just like the most gorgeous rose in the window, it is full of charming fragrance, making people unable to open their eyes.

Luo Jinyu was saying something when he saw the beautiful figure coming out of the door. He forgot what he was saying. His deep eyes became straight lines and stuck on the lazy little woman.

Yang ChuChu went to the sofa opposite him and sat down like a kitten. He folded his long hair at will and looked at Luo Jinyu with a smile, like a kitten waiting for the master's comfort and praise.

Luo Jinyu found that he could no longer think calmly and answer calmly, so he made a quick call, took off the Bluetooth headset, a pair of deep eyes, deeply fixed on the bright and moving girl opposite.

"Have you slept well?" The low voice, through doting up.

"Well, we're full. What are we going to do next?" Yang ChuChu fell asleep, her spirit came back, and she wanted to play around again.

Luo Jinyu is still doting on her, and her voice is very soft: "what do you want to do?"

"I I don't know! " Yang ChuChu is not a very subjective person. When she used to be a star, most of the things and agents worried about her. So now let her think of something fun. She really can't think of it. Her head is empty.

"Do you have any wishes that have not been realized before?" Luo Jinyu looked at the way she thought with her little head askew. She was innocent like a child. He asked with a smile.

"My wish? My wish is to go shopping and play with my father like all the children Yang ChuChu inadvertently put out his mind that has been shaking.

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face is slightly shocked. Unexpectedly, her wish is to see her father.

"Have you ever looked for your father?" Luo Jinyu asked in a low voice.

"No, my mother said he was dead, not in the world." Yang ChuChu laughed bitterly.

"Do you believe it?" Luo Jinyu's expression was also shocked.

"I don't know. Believe it or not, my mother doesn't want me to go to him." Yang ChuChu lowered his head, and her face was full of sadness.

Luo Jinyu pushes the wheelchair to her side, reaches for her hand and gently holds her small hand.

"What about yourself? Want to know who he is? " Luo Jinyu knows that this is the biggest shock in her life. Yang ChuChu raised her beautiful eyes and the bright light flashed. Suddenly, a mist rose in her eyes. She bit her lower lip and nodded: "I think sometimes, he must not know my existence. I think again, he has a bad life, is he married again and has other children!"

When Yang ChuChu said these words, the tears in his eyes also fell down. It was very painful to watch.

Luo Jinyu directly pressed her small head into his arms, and his strong hand tightly clasped her trembling body. His voice was soft and comforted: "instead of thinking, let me find him for you, even if I look at him from afar, do you want to?" Yang ChuChu immediately broke away from his arms, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at his deep eyes. Then, her little face crossed a smile of joy: "you Do you really want to help me find him? But... My mother never mentioned who he was. She also said that if I went to see him or wanted to find him, she would break my leg. "

"Maybe your mother was hurt too much, so she hated him so much and was afraid that you would go to him." Luo Jinyu is suddenly in a dilemma. I don't know if I should help her to find his biological father.

If Cheng Ying gets angry again, it's not good. "Well, I can see that my mother really hates him. She also said that she would never want to see him again in her life, Luo Jinyu. Otherwise, don't look for him!" Yang ChuChu just had a moment's impulse to ask him to help him find out. However, looking back on his own growth experience, her mother's love for her has been

a lot. What does she complain about here?

"Well, then don't look for it. In the future, I will hurt you well!" Luo Jinyu finally gave up, hugged her again, and put her thin lips on her hair: "I will give you the love you lack!"

"Well, I know!" Yang ChuChu opened his mouth and smiled happily.

Luo Jinyu saw that she was no longer sad, so he reached out and wiped away the tears from her eyes.

"Do you want to do anything else?" Luo Jinyu continues to ask her.

"That's good. Luo Jinyu, tell me a story. I want to hear a story!" Yang ChuChu suddenly looked at him with a smile.

"What's the story?" Luo jinyujun's face is slightly shocked. Obviously, his business courses are easier than stories.

Yang ChuChu continued to think with her head askew, then she smiled and said: "forget it, I won't embarrass you. Are your feet better? Can you walk? "

Luo Jinyu's foot injury is almost healed. He can walk easily.

"Yes!" Luo Jinyu said in a low voice.

"I want to go shopping hand in hand with you, to play in the place with the most crowds, and hold hands openly!" Yang ChuChu suddenly said, excited like a child.

Luo Jinyu couldn't bear to let her down again. He nodded: "OK, let's fly to the most bustling city in the evening, spend the night there, and then walk in the crowd, stroll!"

"Well, good!" Hearing the word "overnight", Yang ChuChu's little face blushed inexplicably. But isn't that what she expected?

Hey hey!

Does she remember that she brought the sexiest pajamas? I'll check it later, but don't miss it.

Yang ChuChu immediately stood up from his arms and said in a hurry, "then I'll go upstairs and prepare my luggage!"

Luo Jinyu looks at her eagerness to rush upstairs strangely. Her eyes and eyebrows are full of affection and her smile is more charming.

If this is her wish, he must satisfy her. Upstairs, Yang ChuChu turned over his wardrobe, and finally found it. She had a little mouth, and didn't know if it had any effect.