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C822 kicks over the vinegar jar

Don't forget who sent you back, Tang youyou said to Ji Xiaohan, who was trying to vaguely pass his dark and unpredictable eyes

"Er..." Tang youyou found out just now that he wanted to hide it from him. It was just a fantastic thing.

Tang youyou had to smile: "are you angry? I'm with brother xuanchen

"It's a very intimate call. If I remember correctly, you still call me by name and surname." Someone is really jealous. What's more, it's flying vinegar. Jun's face is frozen and his voice is dissatisfied.

Tang youyou blinked his beautiful big eyes. Looking back carefully, it seemed that he was called by his first name and surname.

"Don't be so hard on others, will you? I called him as I grew up. I can't call someone else's name as soon as I meet him." Tang youyou asked him in a soft voice, and his two little hands were also wrapped around his arms.

The man didn't push her away, but he hugged her fiercely in his arms. His thin lips were dangerously spitting low heat in her ears: "then promise me that you will call me husband no matter what occasion you may have."

"Ah!" Tang youyou was really shocked by his request. Her beautiful eyes were slightly raised. She said to his dark eyes, "we haven't got married yet. We haven't been engaged yet. Would we call you husband, it's a little bit too sarcastic?"

"What? unwilling? Is it strong enough? " Someone is more jealous. I know she and Lu xuanchen have nothing to do with each other, but I just can't hear her calling someone else's brother sweetly, so Ji Xiaohan can't let her go.

"Of course, I would like to, but..."

"Let's get engaged first. I'll let my grandma choose a good day and get engaged as soon as possible!" Ji Xiaohan was just sitting on the sofa thinking about his wedding with Tang youyou. He wanted his grandfather to see him and Tang youyou walk into the marriage hall with their own eyes, and he didn't want him to be shocked.

"Why do you mention this all of a sudden? Aren't you busy these days? Your uncle's business has not come to an end! " Tang youyou is surprised and happy. If she can get engaged as soon as possible, she certainly can't get it.

It's not that she doesn't have a sense of security, it's just that she feels that she has lived with Ji Xiaohan for more than half a year, without any fame, and they will always fall into the trap of talking. Moreover, they are deeply in love and eager to have a proof.

"I've changed my mind. We'll get engaged, no matter if it turns out or not!" Season owl cold thin lip bit lightly in her ear root: "start to prepare from tomorrow, no later than ten days time!"

"Well, you decide!" Tang youyou listens to his so firm tone, the corner of his mouth rises inexplicably, happy.

"I won't be happy to see Luo xuanchen in the future!" Finally, the man gave up on this topic.

"I didn't go to him deliberately. We just met by chance!"

"You want to say that you have a lot of destiny, don't you?" Man's unreasonable light ridicule.

Tang youyou: "..."

I don't even know the truth about such a vinegar king.

Fortunately, Ji Xiaohan didn't pursue any more. Maybe even he felt that he was over demanding.

"What is this?" Suddenly, Ji Xiaohan grabs her left hand and raises it slightly. Seeing the beautiful bracelet, he squints, "where did you come from?"

"Don't get me wrong, it's not from Lu xuanchen, it's from my father," Tang explained at once

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan let go of her little hand and snorted, but didn't say anything too much.

Tang youyou laughs bitterly and shakes his head. It seems that it's not easy for Ji Xiaohan to accept his father.

"Take a bath!" At last, Ji Xiaohan can sleep in bed quietly.

Tang youyou didn't come back just now. He didn't have the energy to do anything. He was always worried about what would happen to her.

Tang youyou said, "where does your father live tonight?"? Don't tell me. He's staying with my mother again? "

"No, he lives in a hotel!" Tang youyou said in a hurry, and then she tooted, "didn't you let your driver tell you everything? Why do you ask me? "

"My driver didn't mention it again. I just asked him to stare at you and not to contact other men." At last, Ji Xiaohan was at ease. He lay on his back and waved to her: "come here, sleep!"

Tang youyou nodded and climbed to the bed, thinking that he could have a good sleep tonight.

But soon she found that she wanted to go to bed a little early.

Season owl cold a turn over, deceive in her body, thin lips like raindrops fall on her small face, finally, kiss her lips directly.

"It's late!" Don youyou finally breathes the air and reminds him.

"Don't worry, the later I am, the better my strength will be!" Someone said in a big way.

What else can Tang youyou say? My husband's physical strength is good. It's really not something to celebrate.


On the breakfast table, Ji Xiaohan mentioned the engagement. The two elders agreed very much, but they had no opinion.

Since he is an old man, he seldom comes down to have breakfast together. When he heard that they wanted to be engaged, he was very excited: "OK, hurry to make it!"

Ji xiaonai stirred the nutritious rice porridge in the bowl, and tooted her little mouth and asked, "after daddy and mummy are engaged, can I have another sister?"

The atmosphere on the table suddenly froze.

Everyone looked a little embarrassed, then the old lady smiled: "xiaonai, why do you always want to have a younger sister, isn't younger brother good?"

In fact, the old man likes his son a little.

Ji xiaonai, however, said solemnly, "I don't want my brother. He must be as dull and boring as his brother."

Next to Ji Xiaorui said lying on the gun, however, he still has the bearing and demeanor of being a brother, and decided not to care too much about his sister.

The second elder was made to laugh directly.

Tang youyou blushed, and Ji Xiaohan swept her face and gently hugged her waist under the dinner table.

Tang youyou is scared. He reaches down and pushes the man's unruly big hand away.

"Xiaonai, when you eat, don't talk. Don't you remember?" Don youyou was afraid that the little guy would say something bolder. He immediately scolded her with a soft voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mommy!" Ji xiaonai immediately became a obedient baby.

"Youyou, is your company off? If you don't have a holiday, you can go to work. I'll take two children with me! " The old lady is getting better and better to Tang youyou now. Maybe it's another result of LAN Yue's incident, which makes her less resentful of Xia Weiwen.

"No, grandma, I'll stay at home and play with the children!" Tang youyou and his mother Liu Xi have asked for leave and decided to go to work after the new year. "Yes!" The old lady is no longer demanding.