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Xia Xinnian was amused by Yan Junhan's expression, but the smile was still full of emotion. She poured half a glass of red wine for Yan Junhan and handed it to him: "brother Yan, I owe you too much, but don't worry, I remember everything in my heart. If you need my help in the future, just come to me and I will try my best to help you."

"Is it? Now I beg you to help me find a girlfriend. Can you help me? " Yan Junhan took the glass and drank it gracefully.

"Ah?" Xia Xinnian didn't expect that Yan Junhan would ask for this kind of request. She was stunned.

Yan Junhan chuckled: "I'm joking with you. I'm still focusing on my career. I don't want to find a girlfriend for at least two or three years, unless I can find a gentle and sensible woman like you."

Xia Xinnian is a little blushed by his praise. She is only gentle and sensible to her friends. She can't do it to jimucheng. Sure enough, the more close people are, the more temperamental they are. Is this the exclusive nature of all lovers?

"I hope you meet as soon as possible." Xia Xinnian can only send blessings.

Yan Jun sighed: "I have no destiny with you. If I want to have another destiny, I'm afraid it's more difficult than going to heaven. Forget it, I still don't hold much hope."

Xia Xinnian comforted him: "don't lose heart. Maybe you can meet him tonight."

Yan Junhan's face was slightly shocked. "Mind you, don't curse me. I want to enjoy a few more years of single life."

Xia Xinnian laughs silently. Yan Junhan is still such a freewheeling nature. I don't know what kind of girl can catch him.

"I'll go to the bathroom." Yan Junhan saw that he had not yet served, so he got up and went to the bathroom.

He just walked to a corner, suddenly a flower in front of his eyes, a woman rushed at him.

Yan Junhan instinctively reached out his hand to catch him, but suddenly the other side went to hide behind him, tightly grabbed his clothes, and begged anxiously: "help me, there is a bastard looking for me."

Yan Junhan turned around and looked behind him. He saw a girl with a red face. She could not even stand stably.

He frowned and saw a fierce man rushing out of the box. He saw the girl hiding behind Yan Junhan at a glance. He rushed over several steps to drag her back to the box.

"Who is she, sir?" Yan Junhan is tall and stands in the way of the girl behind her. He doesn't let the other side catch her.

"I'm his boyfriend. Don't meddle. Get out of the way." The man's tone of obvious impatience.

"He is not." The girl behind me is scared to cry and try to deny it.

"Oh, take my money and want to leave so easily? There is a kind of money you don't borrow from me. If you don't pay back the money you borrowed, it's very annoying for you to be Laozi. " The middle-aged man's expression was even more fierce, with irony.

"I I didn't say no, I'll pay you back tomorrow. " The girl was scared and shivering. Obviously, she had never experienced such a terrible thing from childhood. Her face was white, her hands were small, and she tightly grasped Yan Junhan's back clothes.

Yan Jun, Han Junrong, is also a little stiff. He didn't expect that he just came to the bathroom and met this kind of thing. To be honest, he didn't want to meddle.

"Miss, did you really borrow his money?" Yan Junhan immediately asked the frightened girl behind him.

"Yes." Behind him came a cat like voice, still shaking.

"How much did you lend him?" Yan Junhan really can't throw the drunk girl to the man who is not a kind man. He has to take care of this business.

"800000." The girl said in a flurry.

Yan Junhan's eyes were slightly surprised. 800000 yuan, of course, was not much for him, but not much for the working class.

"Sir, please help me. I can't be captured by him. He will sell me." The girl behind her is so scared that she seems to faint at any time.

The middle-aged man sneered, "are you going to pay her back?"

Yan Jun cold iron blue face: "you want to sell her?"

"Yes, there is a boss who is willing to help her pay back the money. I'm very satisfied with her." The middle-aged man held out his thumb and pointed to the box behind him, with a proud expression on his face.

"Don't No, don't let me in. " The girl behind cried and shook her head, tightening his clothes even more.

Yan Junhan wants to call the police with her mobile phone, but it's natural for the police to pay back the debts. The police can manage once, but not the next time. She will suffer the fate of being sold.

"Sir, please help me. I will lend you the money tomorrow. I swear, this is my ID card." The girl behind seemed to see that he was in trouble. She immediately seized the only chance to save her life, opened the bag in a hurry, and took out her ID card and handed it to him.

Yan Junhan was in a dilemma. He took a look at Xia Xinnian, who was not far away. He reached into his arms, took out a check from his arms, and wrote an 800000 check to the man: "I'll pay it back for her. Don't trouble her again, or I'll call the police."

"Ah, hero saves beauty. It's a good thing. OK, take it away. It's really unlucky." The man took the check with a swearing face and turned away.

Yan Junhan turned to look at the shrunken shoulder, shaking girl: "tomorrow to my company to find me, I just lack of manpower, your money, with your labor to return."

"Well, give me the address. I'll come to you tomorrow." The girl was full of gratitude.

Yan Junhan took a look at her ID card: "Ling Suxi?"

The girl nods vigorously: "this ID card is true, I did not cheat you."

Yan Junhan's eyes stared at her face for two seconds. This ID card is really her right. This face is pretty.

"I see. Hurry up and don't let them catch you again." Yan Junhan said, and went directly to the bathroom.

Ling Susi stumbled to the door.

Yan Junhan put his ID card in his wallet, went back to the table, saw the dishes on the table, Xia Xinnian was curious to ask him: "so long? Nothing. "

Yan Junhan didn't want to tell what happened just now, so he shook his head and said, "it's OK. Have a meal."

Xia Xinnian and Yan Junhan went back to the company after having dinner. As soon as they got to the door of the company, they saw a familiar figure. With a smile on her eyes, she quickly walked over: "Susi?"

Lingsu Ximeng turns around and sees Xia Xinnian. She runs towards her quickly.

"Susie, what's the matter with you? How is your face red? " Xia Xinnian anxiously supports her and sees something wrong with her.

"Mind Can you lend me some money? I need it urgently. " Lingsusi grabbed her arm in shame and opened her mouth.

"How much do you want? I'll lend it to you. " Of course, Xia Xinnian won't let go. Besides, she has free money now.

"I want to ask you to borrow Five hundred thousand. " Lingsusi bit her lips, which was not very interesting.

"Well, I'll turn you around in a moment. Is 500000 enough?" Xia Xinnian asks gently.

"Enough, mind you, why don't you ask me why I borrowed so much money?" Ling Suxi's ashamed self mockery.

"People have difficulties. You must have met something." Xia Xinnian smiles and shakes his head.

"I'm sorry to say this. I won't say it first. Can I take your money slowly?" Lingsusi bit her lips, but she didn't dare to say it at last.

"Well, don't worry about paying back your money." Xia Xinnian nodded. At last, she took Ling Suxi to the office to have a rest. Seeing that she was drunk, she was not sure to let her go.