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"I'll give you two minutes, I'll wait for you outside the door!" While Ji Xiao Han was speaking, his serene and sharp gaze still unwillingly glared at the place she covered. It was a pity that this woman covered herself tightly and did not see anything, which made him a little displeased.

Tang You You waited until Ji Xiao Han went out, but he was still worried. He quickly walked over and locked the lock.

Ji Xiao Han leaned on the wall outside of the door, feeling extremely depressed, suddenly wanting to find a cigarette.

He didn't know if it was because of the wind, but he could vaguely smell a faint fragrance coming from her body.

It definitely wasn't that kind of strong artificial perfume. It seemed to be emitting from her body. It was a very enchanting smell. It wasn't a bit boring at all.

"Speak, what else do you want to say? No matter what you say, the kids won't depend on me if I don't go to school with you today. " Tang You You stood in front of him, her two small hands tightly holding onto her handbag, and looked elsewhere. She just didn't want to look at him.

Ji Xiao Han frowned, this woman had completely ignored him.

Initially, he had wanted to persuade her to come along, but this woman's stubborn attitude made Ji Xiao Han give up on persuading her.

"Are you not going to attend all the public events of the children's lives with me?" Ji Xiao Han was really worried, this was what this woman was thinking, it was really annoying.

Tang You You's gaze turned over and lightly landed on his dark and handsome face. Her beautiful little mouth raised into a smile: "You're right, that's what I've decided. In any case, I won't let anyone know about my relationship with you in the future."

"Are you unaware that you are doing this as an unqualified mother? Although the children were taught by you to be very strong, if they don't say anything, they definitely hope for you to become more involved in their group's activities. " Ji Xiao Han immediately said righteously and strictly, with sufficient reason to come and teach her a lesson.

Tang You You frowned, she had to admit that this man had his own reasons.


"Alright, we will take turns to accompany the children, but you have to promise me that our relationship with the children will not be revealed." Tang You You really did not want this matter to be exposed. The children's safety, to her, was above all else.

Ji Xiao Han finally understood why this woman was so persistent. Wasn't she trying to get rid of her relationship with him?

How important did she really think she was? Did he really want to have something to do with her? He really took himself seriously.

Ji Xiao Han didn't even bother to pay attention to her as he turned around, leaving her with a cold back that he couldn't climb.

Tang You You shrugged her shoulders disapprovingly. No matter how this man thought of her, she had already decided what kind of life she wanted to live.

When Tang You You went downstairs, the two little fellows had already eaten their fill and were playing in the living room.

"Mummy, why are you going out? Let your dad drive you out." Tang Xiao Rui was really considerate, he had thought about it during dinner just now. Thus, he intentionally said it out loud.

Ji Xiao Han, who was sitting beside him, raised his gaze a little when he heard his son's words.

Tang You You also realized that she didn't even have the ability to move, so she could only turn her head to look at the man.

Ji Xiao Han naturally wouldn't be so stingy. Since he was able to bring the three of them back to their home, he had to manage this woman's entire life.

"Uncle Yuan, give her a car!" Ji Xiao Han ordered Uncle Yuan coldly, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

Uncle Yuan found a car of car key and gave it to Tang You You with a smile: "Miss Tang, take it."

Tang You You accepted the car key and smiled at Ji Xiao Han: "Mr. Ji, thank you!"

Ji Xiao Han turned his face to the side without understanding anything. This woman would only smile at him when she obtained some benefits, what a snobbish person.

Before Tang You You left the house, he reluctantly kissed the two little fellows.

Previously, when she came back, she had to ask her aunt to take care of them for a few days, and now that she was left with a nervous breakdown by this man, Ji Xiao Han, she finally walked out of the living room and turned around. Seeing the depressed man sitting on the sofa, she felt a sense of relief that she had never felt before.

She felt that she was quite heartless. She actually started to enjoy this feeling of freedom after throwing her child to him.

Ji Xiao Han squinted his eyes, he could clearly feel that this woman was walking in a brisk manner. Did she think that by giving her children to him, she could enjoy her free life?

"Uncle Yuan, let's prepare to head out too." Although Ji Xiao Han was dissatisfied with Tang You You, seeing the two little fellows running around in front of him, he was still extremely happy in his heart.

"Wait for me here. Daddy, go upstairs and change your clothes!" Ji Xiao Han instructed the two little fellows before walking upstairs.

When he came down, he was already in a suit, as if he had returned to his cold and aloof CEO self.

"Wow, Daddy is so handsome!" Tang Xiao Nai already had a sense of aesthetics at her young age. Looking left and right, from top to bottom, she still felt that her father was more handsome than any man.

Ji Xiao Han lifted his lips, walked over and hugged his daughter, and said: "Xiao Nai has good eyes indeed!"

Tang You You drove the car directly to the lower floor of the Only Idealism Office Building and parked the car in the car park.

First, she reported to the Personnel Department, then, she went straight to the design department.

Her superior was her godmother, Liu Xi. Seeing that she had finally been hired, Liu Xi heaved a sigh of relief for her.