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At more than eleven o'clock, the main banquet hall is full of guests. Most of the invited guests are dignitaries. There are many famous guests. The stars are shining brightly. Ji Xiaohan is holding Tang youyou's hand. Tang youyou is accompanied by two small figures. You can't help admiring the power of genes when you see the four members of the family. Season

Xiao Rui's five features are completely inherited by Ji Xiaohan. At a young age, his eyebrows are deep, high and cold, and he is noble and natural. Facing such a big scene, he is calm and calm, and has no timidity. People can't help but want to see his eyes more, delicate and beautiful, and want to steal them.

Ji xiaonai looks more like Tang youyou. His round face is inlaid with big crystal black eyes and small mouth with rising edges and corners. Whether it's tiny or light, it's extremely lovely and sweet. When he grows up, she must be a great beauty.

Mr. Ji delivered a speech on the stage, his face was ruddy. He was very happy and pleased. Ji

Yueze and LAN Yue pick another table and miss Ji Lin's father and son. LAN Yue and Ji Yueze talk in a low voice, and they are also talking about today's great joy. Why didn't Miss Bai come? Did you really break up? " LAN Yue asked curiously.

When she was old, she didn't often look at her mobile phone, so Bai Yiyan was not aware of her fight against the gangster's injury, but she knew that her son had last mentioned the matter of breaking up in front of the reporter.

"There's something wrong with her. It's inconvenient for her to come!" Ji Yueze looks at his mother's gentle face and suddenly feels ashamed.

She was also extremely distressed. What Bai Zhenzhen did in those years was really a great harm to her mother. "

you haven't broken up yet!" LAN Yue asked with a smile, in a positive tone.

Ji Yueze is a little surprised: "Mom, how do you know?" "

I can see it!" LAN Yue smiled happily and said, "you really like people." Ji's face is slightly embarrassed. In front of his mother, he seems to have the shame of a teenager. "

I suggest you don't break up in front of the public media in the future. You can't do it. At last, you just let others gossip." LAN Yue is also very concerned about the relationship between her little son and Bai Yiyan recently. Seeing many people's messages on the Internet makes people worried.

Ji Yueze nodded like a obedient child: "well, not in the future."

After his grandfather's speech, Ji Xiaohan took Tang youyou's hand and stood in front of the stage, with a beautiful face, full of joy and happiness. He said in a low and gentle voice: "thank you for coming to my engagement banquet with you. Thank you very much!"

A crowd of applause broke out at the scene, and several good men smiled and asked: "Mr. Ji, can you talk about how you and Miss Tang met? I believe everyone here is curious, right? It must be a romantic and warm story. "

Hearing the man's inquiry, Tang youyou looks embarrassed. Ji

Xiao Han looks at Ji Lin with a cold look. Then, he says calmly: "I know that many media have speculated on our feelings. Here, I can tell you frankly that you and I love each other at first sight. I hope that in the future, all media friends can be merciful and do not arrange our feelings again Love story. "

Ji Xiao's humorous words made everyone laugh. Don

you look at the wonderful and beautiful man around you with love. The maintenance and love between his words make her feel at ease and warm. She feels that she will be accompanied by him in this life without any trace of shock. Two little guys are sitting beside the old lady laughing. Today's daddy is so handsome and Mommy is so beautiful. This is their favorite picture.

The old lady and the old man were also very happy, looking at the excellent grandson and granddaughter-in-law on the stage with gentle faces.

"Here, I want to thank my grandparents and my mother!" Ji Xiaohan looked at the place where LAN Yue was sitting. He continued in a low voice: "my mother has paid a lot for me and my brother. Once, I ignored her care and love for our brother. Today, I want to say sorry to her. There was a misunderstanding between us. But later, I will do my son's filial piety and take good care of her, No longer let her be wronged, no longer let her be alone! "

Ji Xiaohan's moving words made LAN Yue stay. She didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan would face so many people and admit their mother's and son's feelings this time. She covered her lips after reflecting, and tears poured down. She was really happy. She had never been happier. There is a sigh between the old man and his wife, but it's very gratifying that his grandson and his mother can let go of the past, regain the relationship between the mother and his son, and attach great importance to love and filial piety, which is more like a man's responsibility.

All the people at the scene were quiet. The women who had thought of being Ji Xiaohan's wife were all lamenting that they really missed a good man. If they could be looked upon by Ji Xiaohan, they would have saved the galaxy in their last life. Tang

youyou didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan would admit LAN Yue's mother son relationship in public. She was stunned for a while, then she felt happy for their mother son reunion. At the same time, there was a bit of shame and loss in her heart. At this moment, she suddenly thinks about her father. If there is a figure of her father sitting in front of the stage, it's so good that everything will be complete.

Unfortunately, there are so many imperfections in life. Tang youyou sighs gently. Xiao Han said something more and was ready to step down and have a drink with the people. At this time, a person suddenly made an incredible voice.

"Mr. Ji, I think you should read the news." A man suddenly opened his mouth a little eagerly. Season

the owl's cold eyes are slightly stiff, and his healthy body is shocked.

Did something he was worried about happen?

"What's the matter? Why does it say that Tang youyou is the biological daughter of LAN Yue's current husband? "

"That's right. Isn't it too messy? Is this true or not? "

"There are pictures on it. Is this Xia Weiwen? He and don youYou are very close, and they also wear bracelets for her. "

There was a sound of wonder all around. Obviously, at this time, everyone received an incredible message.

There are also some photos of LAN Yue and Xia Weiwen appearing in public. It's amazing.

If Tang youyou is Xia Weiwen's own daughter, then by etiquette, she should be Ji Xiaohan's stepsister?

Brother and sister to be engaged?

This is really a big scandal!

Oh, no, it's a scandal. It's a matter of God.