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C1166 the result of death rather than life

Ji Shangqing didn't come here alone. He brought six or seven people with him. Moreover, he was tall and big, thick and strong. He was not a good person to provoke at first sight. Zhang

brother saw blue running away and immediately asked Ji Shangqing angrily, "who are you? I dare to rob women with me. You know I am... " Season

Shang Qing didn't say a word. He beat brother Zhang hard before. Then, he said coldly, "you don't know my name yet. Blue Wei is my woman. If you dare to touch her again, I will make you die."

"You You dare to hit me! " Brother Zhang, who has always been used to it, was beaten in front of a group of friends at the moment. His face was badly damaged. He jumped up and wanted to fight back. Season

Shangqing kicks his foot. Before Zhang Ge can jump over, he is kicked out again. He falls on the ground and howls painfully: "blue Wei, you little bitch, I can't cure you, can't I cure you, can't I? You wait, I want his life! " Blue

listened to his threat, ran over in a flash, and said coldly: "you should have killed him earlier, so that I won't be sold by him as a product again. When you kill him, remember to tell me that I will buy you a knife!"

"You Are you his own daughter? Say such cruel words! " Brother Zhang wanted to threaten blue Weiwei fiercely. Unexpectedly, blue Weiwei was even colder than him. He had no way to do it.

"Even if it was before, it will not be later. If he dare to sell me again, I will kill him myself!" Blue slightly resentful teeth.

The atmosphere at the scene was very tense, and everyone's expression was colorful. Ji

Shangqing came here, shining leather shoes, directly stepped on brother Zhang's five fingers, and he rolled them directly. When he heard the noise of finger bones jamming, everyone at the scene felt cold. "

sir Spare my life. I'm wrong. I'm really wrong. Don't step on it any more. My fingers are going to die! " Just now, Zhang Ge is proud and arrogant, but he is as timid as a mouse, begging for mercy.

Ji Shangqing doesn't care about his pain. He still presses hard and says coldly: "remember, blue Weiwei is my Ji Shangqing's woman. If you touch her finger again, I will kill you!" "

season Ji Shangqing? The young master of Ji's family? " At last, someone at the scene heard the young man's coming, and their faces turned white with fear. Unexpectedly, Lanwei would be his woman. This is a big deal.

Brother Zhang just has some money. He lives in the middle of the society. He doesn't even know the genealogy of Ji's family. It's hard to know who Ji Shangqing is for a while. Until someone nearby exclaimed, he was shocked and begged for mercy more loudly.

"Apologize to her!" Ji Shangqing used ruthless force.

At the moment, brother Zhang's face is pale with pain. His cold sweat seeps. He apologizes loudly to blue. "I'm sorry, Miss blue. I have no eyes. I've offended you. Please don't forget the villain. Let me go."

Blue Wei didn't expect Ji Shangqing to be ruthless, which made people so afraid. She still remained on his gentle and polite side. At the moment, Ji Shangqing's fierce breath in his eyes made him strange and scared. Of course, she was more grateful to him. "

do you want to spare his dog's life?" Ji Shangqing turned to ask her. Her voice was as gentle as ever.

Those young girls beside me, just now they are all envious and jealous of her. Their eyes will burst into fire. "

If I said don't let him go, would you kill him?" Blue peeps at the man lying on the ground hatefully. She has cursed him hundreds of times in her heart just now, so she just needs to stab him with a knife.

"Don't you know that there is a saying that life is not like death? What's more fun when you die? You can't live. You can't die. That's the highest level of torture! " Ji Shangqing picked up the eyebrows slightly, and his thin lips raised a cold smile.

All the people on the scene were bristling with sweat, and they were horrified. Brother Zhang, lying on the ground, is as white as snow, sweating and regretting that his intestines are all green. With so many women he had played before, he counted the worst one.

Blue faintly is curious to rise: "what is life not like death?"

Ji Shangqing stepped on his finger and heard a click. Then, brother Zhang cried bitterly. His fingers were broken.

"Take away all the things he cares about most, and he will surely live worse than death, such as his money and power." Ji Shangqing's means of tormenting people can be said to be inborn. If he has a father who plays a cruel role, he will surely have a son who is ruthless. Ji Shangqing just doesn't care to hurt others. If he is also like his father, he is calculating and valuing power and profits, even if he doesn't mix with others to mention his name today, he needs to guess before he recognizes his identity.

"Then can you make him a pauper? Let everyone stay away from him, discriminate against him, ridicule him, let him be like a rat on the street, everyone yells at him, let his wife and children separate. " Blue Wei hates this man, so she deliberately said these frightening words to cause psychological pressure on brother Zhang.

Elder brother Zhang listened, as expected, his life was not as good as death, his tears were all falling out, so he almost knelt up and begged Ji Shangqing for mercy.

"Of course!" Ji Shangqing finally let go of his feet and kicked brother Zhang who was going to get up: "remember, beauty is a curse, you play with the woman you shouldn't play with, you should bear the consequences." Season

Shang Qing finishes, turns around, takes the hand of blue Weiwei, and strides towards the door.

The scene was as quiet as death, and the scene of the just hilarious laughter had disappeared.

Brother Zhang immediately stared at his best friend, but the man was eager to get rid of him, opened his wallet, threw a card to him: "there are tens of thousands of dollars in it, you take it to help me, I'll go first!" The man walked so fast that he couldn't even pay attention to the women around him. More than a few of the men followed suit. Like the beggars, they quickly slipped away after giving some benefits.

Brother Zhang feels his life is gray. He seems to have become a beggar and betrayed his relatives.

Blue tiny feet is not vain to follow Ji Shangqing out of the five-star hotel hall.

Outside, Ji opened the door himself and said to her, "get in the car, let's get out of here!" Blue

she looked at him with tears in her eyes. At this moment, she could not tell what it was like. "

I have completed one of your conditions. Next, there are two more!" Ji Shangqing said lightly.

Blue slightly held back tears and sat in.

Ji Shangqing also walked quickly to the other side, opened the door and sat in. Blue

slightly reached for her ultra short skirt, as if she could not cover it. She blushed.