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LAN Yanxi didn't expect that this man was waiting for her. She blushed and her voice was as small as a mosquito: "old Husband. "

"What a grievance?" The man's eyebrows are slightly selected, and he is dissatisfied.

LAN Yanxi knew that he was trying to embarrass himself. He immediately raised his eyebrows and put two small hands on his waist: "Ling Mo Feng, make me dinner. I'm hungry. I want you to look good."

The little woman started to get angry. She was so gorgeous and hot that Ling Mo Feng was speechless. He was so happy that he felt angry. He immediately walked over and hugged her small body in his arms. His thin lips apologized and kissed her good forehead: "well, I'm not good. I shouldn't provoke you."

Lanyanxi thought that she was hard to be coaxed. She didn't expect that when the man was gentle, she would surrender, and that's what she achieved. Alas.

"Ling Mo Feng, we are engaged, and you will be my fiance. When I introduce you to others, I can also be fair." LAN Yanxi said in a muffled voice in his arms, as if a heart hanging in the air had fallen to the ground, so at ease.

"Well, don't think about it. You go to take a bath and I'll cook." The man gently patted her on the back and comforted her.

LAN Yanxi nodded like a obedient child and walked up the stairs.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her beautiful appearance with three turns in one step, and suddenly felt that the family had become warm.

In the past, when he lived here alone, he felt that loneliness was beautiful, but if there was no her around now, he would find how terrible loneliness is.

The man went to the refrigerator, opened it, took out the ingredients from it, and began his life of cooking husband at home. In an abandoned factory, on the wet and cold floor, there is only a layer of shabby curtains. At this moment, some tiny moonlight comes in the window, which makes people vaguely see the woman curled up in a group. Her cold teeth are shaking, which is even colder than the cold night. What's colder is a tortured and humiliated heart.

"Let me go Don't hurt me Don't... " The woman made a broken voice, despairing and miserable. Just now she experienced death like torture. Her voice was hoarse and her tears dried up. She endured great humiliation. I wish she died at that moment, but those damn bastards didn't kill her. On the contrary, they took pictures of her and left.

Blue fiber wine has been awake, completely awake, but it is because of sober more desperate. Although she had no innocence for a long time, she had five boyfriends in all, but the crimes she had just suffered made her feel afraid of men.

There was no cell phone, no money, but the clothes she had worn were broken. Suddenly there was a shrill cry of night birds in the distance, and blue fiber covered her ears.

Although she wanted to die, she wanted to leave from this ghost place. Now she suddenly didn't want to die. The death she felt was the most terrible. She must find those villains. She must beat them to death and let them go to hell.

Blue microfibril dragged the painful body, stiff action to pick up her own clothes, she put them on randomly, pulling the painful wound, let her make a broken cry.

Who is it? Who is going to hurt her like this?

Is it LAN Yanxi?

The only enemy LAN Xianxian can think of is Lan Yanxi. Her teeth are itchy. If she can go out alive, she must pay a heavy price.

"Lan Yanxi, you are engaged, but you let those bastards spoil me so much. If you don't revenge me, I will be a man in vain." The voice of women's hate and resentment, in this dead and silent factory, is like a ghost crawling up from the 18 layers of hell to claim people's lives. Listen, it makes people's backs cold and creepy.

Blue fiber stumbled out, her legs were extremely sore, from small to large, how could she have suffered such humiliation and torture, she felt that life was gray.

Just as bluefiber was running in a hurry, she heard the sound of a car far away. She finally found hope, barefoot, desperate to the direction of the lights.

The driver was a middle-aged woman, who was suddenly run out of the blue fiber and blocked in the middle of the road. She stepped on the brake hard.

"There are ghosts." The woman let out a scream.

LAN Xianxian saw that she had stopped the car, and had come to pat her window, and shouted: "help me, elder sister, someone is trying to hurt me, please help me, I will repay you."

Hearing the other side talking, the eldest sister just opened the window and saw a woman in a shawl. It looked like she was hurt.

"How do you make this look like a ghost?" The elder sister looked at her in surprise and asked.

Blue fiber immediately grievance sad cry: "elder sister, help me, my boyfriend threw me here, I am so afraid."

"Get in the car, I'll lend you the phone, and you'll find your friend to pick you up." The elder sister is very kind, and she is also a woman. Naturally, she sympathizes with her and lends her cell phone.

Blue fiber immediately took her cell phone, folded and said thanks, shaking her fingers. For a while, she didn't know who to pull it out to.

She originally wanted to call her parents for help, but lanxianxian thought of the pain she was suffering now, and she was ashamed that she couldn't open her mouth. Even her own parents wanted to keep it from her for the rest of her life.

At last, Lanxian thought of her most trusted person, her sister, Lanlin.

Lanlin is simple and naive. She looks forward to her. She feels blue and delicate. Let Lanlin come to pick up her. Lanlin will surely keep a secret for herself.

"Elder sister, can I borrow a dress for you?" Blue fiber saw a woman's coat next to her. She asked pitifully.

The eldest sister readily agreed: "it seems that your clothes are rotten like this. Take them and wear them. In the future, look at the men's eyes a little brighter. Don't make yourself so embarrassed."

"Thank you, sister. Thank you so much." Blue fiber thank you, and then took the mobile phone to blue Lin.

She asked her elder sister for an accurate address, and bluefiber found that she had been brought to such a remote place by those bastards. It was early in the morning in a remote town outside the suburb.

Lanlin received a call from Lanxian. She was surprised. When she heard that she was in a small town she had never heard of, she was even more curious.

"Elder sister, how did you go so far? Didn't you go shopping with Childe Li this afternoon?" Lanlin has a good command of the whereabouts of the blue fiber, so she is so surprised.

"Xiao Lin, don't ask so much, come and pick me up quickly." Blue fiber was asked some fidgety, just said these words, then hung up.

The elder sister kindly asked her to go to her home and sit for a while. As soon as blue fibril saw the bright lights in her room, she did not dare to go forward. She only stood in the dark place outside the elder sister's yard.

When Lanlin arrived, it was more than two o'clock in the morning. Lanlin didn't come alone. She was still wearing a bodyguard.

"Sister, you What's the matter with you? " Lanlin couldn't believe that she would see the blue fiber in such a remote place. Moreover, she looked so embarrassed, covered with filth, her clothes were broken and broken, as if she had experienced a catastrophe, so was her escape from death.

"Don't ask. Take me home. I don't want to stay here for a second. It makes me sick." Blue fibril wants to lie at the moment, but she's like this now. I'm afraid she can't wash it even if she jumps into the Yellow River.

"Sister, don't you believe me? I ran so far to help you, you didn't tell me the truth. " LAN Lin can't bear to say it. She's a little angry.

Blue slender eyes flickered, her heart was anxious and disordered. She really didn't want to say a word, because she still didn't believe LAN Lin.

"Elder sister, if you are still true that I am your sister, don't hide it from me. No matter what happens, I will stand on your side, and I will help you." Lanlin immediately showed sincerity to care for her.

Blue fibril was wronged. Suddenly she heard that someone was so concerned about her. She cried, hugged LAN Lin and told her about her abuse.