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C538 new ways of getting along

Tang youyou leaned powerless in the elevator and looked at the lights on her head. Her father's words sounded in her brain over and over again.

"You long, Xiaoyue and I have decided to divorce."

Tang youyou's eyes are inexplicably sour. She hated her father before. He must be a cold and merciless person. Otherwise, how could she be abandoned?

But now, as it turns out, her father is a very responsible, responsible and doting person.

Although he had only just met, he could sacrifice his decades of successful marriage for his own happiness.

No It shouldn't be.

"Ding!" The door of the elevator opened. Tang youyou was in a trance for a long time, and then came out with a heavy step.

Just walked to the door, the door opened from the inside, and Ji Xiaohan looked at her with gloomy eyes, saw her tears in her eyes, and felt an inexplicable pain.

Tang youyou raised his eyes, looked at the man's eyes, looked at each other without words. Finally, she fell into his arms and just wanted to hold him tightly.

The season owl cold gathered tightly the arm, hugged her tightly in the bosom, heard her soft voice sobbing.

He had always been calm and calm, and now he was in a mess. It seemed that he had no other idea but to hold the little woman tightly.

Close the door, two people quietly hugged for a long time, finally, Tang youyou red eyes out of his arms.

"What did your mother tell you?" Although Tang youyou guessed it, she wanted to see the reflection of Ji Xiaohan.

Season owl cold thin lips slightly skimmed: "with your father should be the same words, they want to divorce for us!"

"What do you think?" Tang youyou's heart trembled, as expected, but why her heart would be so uncomfortable.

Because she has been to their home, warm and full of deep love, Tang youyou really felt that it was a very cruel thing to do so.

Ji Xiao's face froze, his expression remained unchanged for a long time, but his voice was still cold: "I don't think they should have been together. My mother did this to betray my father."

Tang youyou's expression is slightly stupefied. Later, she whispered, "I'm sorry, my father is also responsible."

When Ji Xiaohan saw her apologizing to him on behalf of Xia Weiwen, he was suddenly very upset, and his tone was a little sullen: "why do you apologize to me, and it's none of your business, it's their selfishness."

Tang youyou knows that Ji Xiaohan's hatred for the past cannot be relieved. She doesn't force him to do anything. She just sits on the sofa next to him and buries her face in her palm. After a long time, she says, "I don't want them to divorce, do you?"

When Ji Xiaohan heard her decision, his handsome face suddenly froze into a piece, watching the woman constantly shaking her head and saying what she wanted to say.

"We can't do this. They have no obligation to make way for our happiness. Ji Xiaohan, shall we not force them? We are content with the status quo. It doesn't matter if we don't have a marriage. We can still do our parents' duty and accompany our children to grow up. "

Ji Xiaohan knows that Tang youyou is a hard spoken and soft hearted woman. Although sometimes she can be cruel, most of the time, she is reasonable and kind-hearted.

It is because of knowing her advantages that Ji Xiaohan will sink in such a short time.

In this world, only goodness is a person's purest soul, precious and rare, even with some foolishness, which makes people love and angry.

"if this is your decision, I will not force you, nor interfere, as long as you do not feel such grievance, then we can maintain the status quo." The man's low voice began to ring.

Tang youyou put down his palm, raised his clear fog eyes and stared at Ji Xiaohan: "I thought you would oppose my decision."

"Why should I object?" Season owl cold don't think of self mockery.

"Because I think you can't wait for their divorce." Tang youyou said with a wry smile.

Season owl cold tone: "once, I hope so, but now, I changed my mind, as long as do not let you embarrassed things, I agree."

Tang Youmei's eyes flashed a flash of joy. She stood up from the sofa and threw herself into his arms again. She rubbed her face against his shirt and murmured, "Ji Xiaohan, don't be so nice to me. You are so kind. I really don't want to leave you in my whole life."

"That's my purpose. I will spoil you until you can't leave me. In this way, other men will have no place in your eyes." Ji Xiaohan listened to her words, and his indifferent face raised a trace of smile.

"Are you still eating luoxuanchen's vinegar?" Tang youyou chuckles. "You are such a fool. How could you come up with such a childish way to annoy me? However, your method is really effective. If I can't sleep or eat for three days, don't you find that I have lost a circle? " As soon as Ji Xiaohan thought of the picture of the woman holding Lu xuanchen's arm and leaving

on that day, he wanted to kiss her lips fiercely.

When Tang youyou heard his words, he laughed again and said, "you seem to be still ill. Is my influence on you really so great?"

"Next time you want to find another man to be angry with, believe it or not, I'll find ten women to be angry with you?" The season owl cold language belt threat said.

"No!" "If you dare to find another woman, the first son will not let you go."

Ji Xiaohan is just scaring her. Of course, she can't really do this. That smart son is more effective than anything else.

Of course, the most effective thing for Ji Xiaohan is his daughter Qiao Xiaoyi. As long as he thinks that it will make her cry, Ji Xiaohan can do nothing.

A good daughter.

"Tomorrow, let's get out of here. I don't want to disturb their lives any more." Tang youyou suddenly decides.

"Well, let's change to another city and keep playing for a few days. When we have had enough, we'll go back." Season owl cold dotes on of touch her long hair, the tone is gentle of say.

"Do you really have so much time to play? Is your work not very busy? " Tang youyou finds that although he is abroad, his mobile phone rings constantly, which shows how busy his work is. "Playing and working at the same time, I don't worry about mistakes. Besides, I should learn to relax myself. In the last few years of continuous work, I can't breathe. Only when I am with you is my most relaxing time." Although it's very important to work, it's even more important for Ji Xiao to enjoy a good time with her.

Tang youyou closes his eyes, picks up the dust and kisses on his thin lips. "Well, I'll accompany you wherever you want to go." Tang youyou is suddenly relieved. Maybe it's a new happiness to get along in another way.