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C736 play in play

Ji Yueze is going to play the leading actor in her play. Bai Yiyan is surprised. Her eyes are beautiful and her face is beautiful. Her breath is a little sluggish.

"But you Don't you want to stop? Why do you want to act? " Bai Yiyan found her voice for a long time, but it was full of joy and surprise.

"I don't want other men to play your first play. All your first plays must be given to me!" Ji Yueze, of course, has no friends.

Bai Yiyan shivered again, and then she couldn't help laughing: "well, as long as you can solve the company's current difficulties, I will cooperate with you." Ji Yueze asked the company to release a list of candidates for the leading actor in the annual costume IP drama. As expected, the whole network was boiling up. Everyone was expecting the candidate for the leading actor, and even someone set up a voting column on the network. Ji Yueze's name is far beyond the second place. At this moment, Ji Yueze is the most perfect candidate in their mind At that time, many people were very excited and said they would always support him. As Ji Yueze's only publicly recognized girlfriend, Bai Yiyan plays the role of No.1 girl, and Ji Yueze plays the opposite part in front of the screen, which is even more expectant and full of highlights. Of course, more people are worried that Bai Yiyan, as a newcomer, will play such an important role for fear that her poor acting skills will destroy the image of the role in the public mind.

The company's stock has a trend of recovery. At 3:00 p.m., the effect of this move is still obvious.

As the only vice president of the company, Wu Chang was very angry.

He originally wanted to take this opportunity to directly cross the company, but unexpectedly, he had no time to start. Ji Yueze's counter attack took him by surprise.

Ji Yueze has become suspicious of Wu Chang. The company's financial department has many problems with the discrepancy of accounts. But because Ji Yueze has always trusted Wu Chang and has not investigated deeply, and because the company operates well with considerable profits, Ji Yueze has just let him go.

But now, when the company has the behavior of digging people, Wu Chang does not actively deal with it at all, and Ji Yueze begins to question his management ability.

Therefore, after Ji Yueze promised to play the leading actor, an important meeting was held in the afternoon, and a major personnel appointment was made. He directly announced that he would recruit an experienced deputy general manager to deal with the daily affairs of the company together with Wu Chang. This resignation was a great blow to Wu Chang, which directly divided his rights, which aroused his strong dissatisfaction. However, Ji Yueze's character, he also knew that he didn't dare to quarrel, but his heart was extremely resentful of Ji Zhize. At first, he wanted to empty the company step by step. Now it seems that he will speed up his action.

Bai Yiyan went to audition today. This ancient costume drama named "yujitianxia" has been popular on the Internet for several years. It's always good to talk with. The director hired is also famous. Therefore, how high is the expectation of this drama.

Bai Yiyan changed her makeup, made her ancient hairstyle, and put on a set of bright red ancient dress with fine fabric and exquisite workmanship, which made her instantly become an ancient girl princess.

The director was very satisfied with her shape, and kept praising: "well, it's very ancient girl's temperament. Your face shape is very suitable for ancient costume. Next, let's try a play."

"Director, I don't know which part you want me to try?" Bai Yiyan is a little nervous because she is still acting for the first time. Before she came here, elder brother an kept comforting her and taught her many unique skills, such as how to shed tears when angry and sad. "The part where she was divorced, that part of the play best reflects a person's acting." In fact, the director also wants to embarrass Bai Yiyan. After all, she is a new girl, and her head is covered. The tutor wanted to give her some oil, but now it seems that there is no chance. This makes him angry, so he wants to embarrass Bai Yiyan, a new girl, how to play a sad and angry drama of being divorced ?

Hearing the words of quitting marriage, Bai Yiyan saw a sadness in the bottom of her eyes. She felt that she had already experienced that journey. Bai Yiyan's mood is also pressing today. When she shows a young girl's despair and sadness after she was divorced, she has a strong explosive force. Even at the moment when the tears fell, she has no trace. It is completely from her heart, making people move.

The director's face was unbelievable. He stared at the beautiful face with rich expression under the lens. For a while, he was fascinated and some of his eyes couldn't be moved.

Ji Yueze picked this woman. It doesn't look like an accident. She still has acting skills.

When the play is over, Bai Yiyan is still squatting on the ground. Her tears are not stopped. It's sad to cry.

"Well, well, it's over. You're so good. Don't cry!" Angoli ran to comfort her.

Bai Yiyan stood up, looking sad. She took a tissue, wiped her tears and walked to the dressing room.

Suddenly, when she came to the door of the dressing room, she saw Ji Yueze standing there in a suit. Her slender body was too expensive to be ignored.

"You Why are you here? " Bai Yiyan didn't expect to run into him suddenly. The tears in her eyes didn't even come to her. She was panicked.

Ji Yueze came to her step by step, with deep eyes that locked her blinking eyes.

"What play did you try?" Ji Yueze is curious. This woman can't stop crying. It's a sad play.

"Next to an elder brother immediately loudly said:" is the little princess was divorced that scene

Ji Yueze's eyes are slightly dazed, which means that she looks at Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan seemed to be shocked and said in a low voice, "let's go in and talk."

"Yiyan did a good job. The director praised her." Angkor was still elated and said.

Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes and entered the dressing room with his long legs.

"You seem to be very involved!" Behind him, the low voice of the man came.

Bai Yiyan quickly took the tissue, continued to touch the tears in the corner of her eyes, and said to herself: "no, I just feel that a woman who has been divorced must be very desperate and sad, so naturally she cried." "Are you blaming me?" Ji Yueze suddenly approached, and the thin lips reached her earlobes: "I'm the one who canceled the engagement?"