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A man only feels a pain in his thin lip. When he reflects it, the girl escapes. He reaches out to the lip and touches it. Is it bleeding?

This woman actually didn't come to kiss him, but really bit him, puppy attribute. The first time Ling Mo Feng was kissed so hard by a woman, he sat on the sofa alone and was stunned for a long time.

At last, he came to a conclusion that the woman was angry.

He should be angry. How can she be angry and bite people?

Ling didn't look for a problem with himself at all. Of course, he didn't really blame LAN Yanxi. He just felt that the feeling of her biting on his lips made him feel more than he wanted to relive. Blue

Yan Xi ran up the stairs angrily. She had never heard such unreasonable words in her life. Ling Mo Feng even said that she was a woman with a good temper. She didn't carry this pot. The sky outside the window was completely dark. LAN Yanxi gasped on the door wall. Just now, he deliberately tried to bite him. I don't know if he was hurt? Can't you get along well? Why did he break the silence?

LAN Yanxi lies on the bed feebly and doesn't want to go downstairs to face him.

However, at half past seven, there was a knock outside her room. LAN Yanxi was shocked and stood up immediately.

She cut her long hair and opened the door. Mei Mou looked straight at the man in the white shirt. She asked in a muffled voice, "want to teach me again?" "

No, I want you to eat out!" Ling Mo Feng said in a low voice. "

go out to eat? Don't you cook it at home? " Blue words and beautiful eyes are slightly surprised.

"Don't you cook it? Don't you often go out for dinner when dating men and women? It's no fun living at home. " Ling Mo Feng said, while pulling the sleeves up, gracefully buttoning the cufflinks, while speaking slowly. "

to the meeting?" Blue Yan Xi's breath is a meal, and his white face is flawless, which is dyed with a touch of rosy clouds.

Ling Mo Feng wants to date himself?

The heart beat so fast, blue Yan Xi subconsciously tight breath, pretended to calm and said: "well, see in your so sincere invite me to eat, just not fast, don't care."

"As long as you promise that you won't talk about personal feelings with other men in the future, I won't make trouble without reason." Of course, Ling Mo Feng will not be so willing to be soft. "

of course not. I'm not that casual." LAN Yanxi Li stares at him. She is a woman with a bottom line and principles. Unless she loves, she will deliberately seduce her. If she doesn't love, let alone chat, her heart will not be disordered even if she looks at it more.

"Well, I believe you!" Ling Mo Feng said, reaching for her long hair, which was straightened out, and touching it a little disorderly. Her thin lips raised a slight smile: "go on, put on more clothes. It's very cold outside now."

"I see!" LAN Yanxi is shouting and answering, but on the tip of his heart, he seems to have been brushed by a feather. It's itchy, numb, strange and uncomfortable.

Now it's private time. After taking off her professional clothes, lanyanxi changed her ordinary casual clothes. In a moment, the whole person was young and beautiful, playful and lovely, like a beam of sunshine.

She stood beside a man in a black suit. Her temperament and aura didn't match each other, but she couldn't speak out how attractive she was.

The place where Ling Mo Feng takes LAN Yanxi to eat is not the romantic theme restaurant that the public will go to at all, or the place where he often goes to social activities, public, but also open to private.

LAN Yanxi has been here and met him for the first time after returning home. He came here to have dinner with him. At that time, she was completely new to Ling Mo Feng. She felt that he looked young, but his temperament was sophisticated and oppressive.

Now that he's here again, lanyanxi is not nervous at all. After him, he can see the clean sideburns repaired on his back, and outline his silent and funny but three-dimensional face. From this point of view, this man is also handsome and unsettling. "

Mr. vice president, it's hard to come here for dinner in private!" Suddenly, several middle-aged men came out of a box and greeted him with a smile. Ling

seeing these people, Mo Feng subconsciously stops in front of LAN Yanxi and lightly says, "there is something private to talk about!"

Those men's eyes are going to look at lanyanxi. Lanyanxi doesn't want to be stared at like they are, so he goes straight to Ling Mo Feng's broad back.

"Is this the eldest lady of the blue family? Mr. vice president is very lucky. Miss Lan's family is really beautiful and young. " One of them was respectful, but there was a disturbing sense of saltiness.

"Thank you for your kind words. Let's go first!" Ling Mo Feng said, and turned to the corridor. LAN Yanxi followed his footsteps. Then several men made eye contact and left. Blue

of course, Yan Xi recognized the identity of those middle-aged men. It was said that they were the big celebrities around the old president. Seeing Ling Mo Feng at the moment was naturally a fake smile.

After entering the box, LAN Yanxi took the lead in saying, "did I dissatisfy you with my performance just now?"

"Why do you say that?" Ling Mo Feng took a chair and sat down, glanced at her and asked with a smile.

"Didn't you let me pretend that I had a bad relationship with you? But I leaned over to you just now. Would they see anything? " LAN Yanxi asked nervously.

"Is it? What do you think they will see? " Ling Mo Feng picked up his eyebrows and looked at her interestingly. Yan Xi is an honest and good child. Of course, she told the truth: "I'm afraid that they can see the good appearance of our relationship." "

how is our relationship?" Ling Mo Feng continued.

"All right!" LAN Yanxi nodded at a loss. Isn't it good? Ling

Mo Feng looks confused when she makes fun of her face. He looks down and laughs loudly. Sometimes the woman's thought is too simple for him to use some means. He is not willing to talk. "

What are you laughing at? I don't want to talk to you, but I'm thinking about you! " LAN Yan hopes to see that he doesn't explain to himself clearly, but also laughs at her, and she becomes angry instantly.

Ling Mo Feng suddenly patted his thigh: "come here, sit here!"

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi was surprised by his invitation.

"Sit closer so I can explain it to you!" Ling Mo's eyes are full of danger. LAN

Yanxi quickly moved a chair, leaned against him, then sat down, smiled and said: "I'm sitting near now, please tell me, did I make trouble for you just now?"

"No!" Ling Mo Feng is a little disappointed. It seems that he still can't let this woman obey him. "

will they treat me as your weakness and take me against you?" Lanyanxi is most worried about this. She doesn't want to escape from the blue house and jump into the storm. "

no!" Ling Mo Feng replied in a low voice. "

How can you be so sure?" Blue Yanxi blinked.

"Because we haven't got married, and I haven't expressed anything to you. We just have a meal together, and there won't be so serious consequences." Ling Mo Feng gave a light hum.

"If so, we won't come out for dinner next time. Just cook something at home." LAN Yanxi felt that it was a little risky to come out like this.

"I'm sorry!" The man suddenly opened his mouth. Blue

Yan Ximei was stunned and said, "why do you apologize to me?" "

it must be boring to be with me. I can't give you a life as easy as other men!" The reason Ling didn't dare to find his girlfriend was that he didn't have confidence, but it was painful for him to admit his inferiority. At the moment, he faced up to LAN Yanxi.

"Well, although it's true, I don't dislike you. I don't think the marriage life is full of passion every day. The company of a long time and a responsible and considerate man are what every woman wants." LAN Yanxi replied with a smile.

"Don't you really dislike my boredom?" Ling also wants his mouth to be able to speak and to say something that women like to listen to, but he is not born to say it, and he is also distressed. "

as long as you don't doubt me in the future, nothing else will be a problem." LAN Yanxi's reply. "

sorry, I didn't expect that I would care about you so much!" At this moment, Ling Mo Feng admitted it directly. "

care about me!" Blue words and beautiful eyes brightened up, and a smile turned into a flower.