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In a twinkling of time, Ling wennuan has been in the small village for nearly two days. In Cheng's hometown, she has gradually adapted to the rough and simple life here. If she didn't feel it herself, she would not know that there were people working in the field, facing the Loess and facing the sky, working at sunrise and resting at daytime. The time line is very clear here. It's dark, and everyone comes back to their home, Only relatives and friends will come to the door in the evening and send some fruits of their own. There is no so-called night life at all. There is no street light here.

Ling wennuan is going to record the fragments of her life here with a computer, which is also a precious memory. Behind every idea, she will match with her carefully taken photos. If she has a chance, she can also show more people, so that they can really understand the life style of this partial small mountain village.

Xiaoyu has now become her small attendant, who can help Ling warm guide every route, so that she can quickly get familiar with all the affairs of the village.

"Sister Nuan, it's really a good time for you to come here. There is a folk festival in our village. It will be held the day after tomorrow. Would you like to play with me then?"

After dinner, Xiaoyu came into Ling's warm little room with the washed arbutus.

There is a mosquito net and a mosquito incense in the room. At night, there are more mosquitoes. Ling wennuan doesn't know how many times he was scared. He's not afraid to be scared. When he saw the mosquito, he just took a picture of it in a book.


You still have festivals?

Tell me, how did you get along? "

Ling warms up to be curious all of a sudden, in Mou son is shining bright light.

Xiaoyu immediately thought of something, and then quickly ran to the door: "warm sister, wait for me, I will give you clothes to try on."

Ling wennuan takes a red bayberry and just puts it in her mouth, she sees Xiaoyu running out. She is stunned and chuckles. Xiaoyu is young and energetic, like an indefatigable little rabbit. She jumps around in the daytime and at night. She is a lovely girl.

After a while, Ling wennuan came in with a colorful suit.

"Warm sister, this is my mother's, I think you are about the same size as her. Try it quickly."

Xiaoyu looked at her naively and lovingly, urging.

"This is your mother's skirt. I can't try it on."

Ling wennuan was flattered.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of. My mother hasn't come back to participate in this festival for a long time. She certainly won't come back this time. She's going to go on a business trip. Anyway, she's idle. You can try it on. On that day, all of us in the village will wear our folk costumes to participate in the festival. It's very lively. There are many interesting games to be missed. That's really too much It's a pity. "

Xiaoyu really wants to see the effect of Ling Nuan wearing this dress. She is so beautiful, she will be very beautiful.

Ling wennuan had to put on the clothes with half a push. The upper body was tight, and the hem was very wide. There were four or five colors of beautiful ribbons hanging on it. There were several silver ornaments and jade pendants hanging on it, and a small ring hung on the left and right sides. When walking, the ring was clear and pleasant, which made people feel like wearing the ancient times by mistake.

"Wow, it's really beautiful, warm sister. If you do your hair again, you will be the most beautiful girl in our village."

Xiaoyu's mouth is sweet, and she immediately praises others.

Ling wennuan looks down at her figure shyly. In fact, the dress is a little too big, but because of the complicated dress, it can't be seen at all.

"Xiaoyu, do you have such a skirt?"

Ling wennuan asked her with a smile.

"Well, there are several sets of girls in our village. Actually, what I'm looking forward to most is to see if my brother can hold a beautiful girl back this time. My brother has been secretly in love with a sister in the next village for a long time, waiting for this festival to show her love. If she accepts the wreath sent by my brother, she may be my future sister-in-law."

Ling wennuan chuckled: "I can't see. Your brother still has a crush on him. How old is he?"

"I'm three years old and twenty-two years old. In our village, I'm old enough to get married. My brother is warm-hearted and capable. He's very timid. He can't even speak when he sees that sister."

Xiaoyu looks disgusted.

Ling wennuan feels that Xiaoyu looks like she did when she spits up her elder brother. Sure enough, her younger sister feels that her elder brother's EQ is low.

"Xiaoyu, since you know that your elder brother is shy, you have to help him appropriately."

Ling warm interesting said.

"I don't want it. I'm shy, too."

Xiaoyu immediately turned her mouth and her hands around her chest. She didn't want to take care of her elder brother.

Ling wennuan looks at himself in the mirror, inexplicably hoping that that night, Mu Weicheng will also be free to attend the festival. Will he also send himself a wreath?

"Xiaoyu, I want to ask you, if a man proposes to a woman he likes to give a wreath, what does a girl do to a man she likes?"

Ling warm warm very curious, and, if there is such a ceremony, she really want to participate, want to use this special way, to express her love to Mu Weicheng.

"Warm sister, why are you curious about this?

Oh, by the way, listen to my grandfather. Are you dating that moo Shao? "

Xiaoyu suddenly became a gossip lover.

Ling warm face to her innocent eyes, coquettishly nodded: "it is right, but at present we have not reached the point of marriage."

"Sister warm, if I say the way girls express their love to their sweetheart, do you really want to use it?"

Xiaoyu suddenly felt funny, smiling face, a strange look.

Ling warm can not help a Leng: "why not ah?

If you have this kind of expression here, I must use it on him. "

"Do you know how weird our girls express themselves to their sweetheart?

Pour water on each other. "

Xiaoyu chuckled.


Ling's face is unbelievable. Why do men give women wreaths, while women pour water on men?

"You must think it's strange, but this is the rule set by our ancestors. Girls are as delicate as flowers. Men need to know how to cherish them. Men are water. Water shoulders our daily life. It also needs to irrigate our land for marriage. It's like the courage on men's shoulders to sprinkle water on them, hoping that they can take responsibility for the girls they like 。”

Xiaoyu explained solemnly that Ling wennuan still had big eyes and could not cry or laugh.

"I see. But if you splash water and people don't like you, will they be angry?"

Ling asked curiously.

"No, the boys here are very cheerful. If they don't like you, they will avoid you and don't let you splash it. But if he is also interested in you, he won't leave. He will stand in place and let you splash it head on."

Xiaoyu explained with a smile.

Head on?

Ling warm can't imagine that picture. It's too beautiful to look at it directly.

She can't even imagine that Mu Weicheng is serious. If he splashes a basin of water on his face, will he want to hold his neck?

Does she want to take the risk?

"Sister warm, are you afraid?

Are you afraid that your handsome brother will be angry? "

Xiaoyu immediately asked her.

Of course, Ling wennuan can't lose face. He said boldly: "how can I be afraid? Wait, if he dares to come, I will splash his face."

"Hahaha, that scene will be very interesting."

Xiaoyu immediately beats her chest and laughs. Mu Weicheng has seen her. If she splashes water on the frozen face of thousands of years, will his expression be wonderful?

Xiaoyu can't help but pinch a cold sweat for Ling.

Ling warm dry laugh twice.

The next day, it happened to be a weekend. After three classes at school, Ling went to Cheng's house as usual.

In the middle of the walk, she was suddenly chased by a dog running out of the side path.

"My God!"

Ling warms up and runs, but she forgets that she can't run when she runs after a dog. The more she runs, the more she pursues.

"Help, help!"

Ling warm screamed in horror.

At this time, the next step out of a large body, Ling warm directly hit each other's arms.