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C914 the beginning of resentment

Ji yunning vomited in the bathroom for a long time. He was willing to vomit the whole stomach. Her eyes were covered with tears, and the whole person looked hopelessly gray.

Ji yunning never thought that she would have such a day. She always thought that even if she could not marry Ji Xiaohan, there would be many handsome rich second generation waiting in line to marry her.

As long as they want, nodding, you can easily have a handsome and rich husband.

But now, her dream, like a stop, has become a full stop. She was robbed of her innocence by a fat pig. In addition, she got her by means of medicine. It's more painful than killing her with a knife.

It's Ji Lin! The adoptive father she once trusted and relied on, she once thought that even if she was not his own, he must have a layer of affection for himself, and he would not watch himself being bullied by others.

But now it's so ironic that he would let her run over and be mercilessly ruined by a man. The disaster of extinction is just like this. Yunning stands up. The pain in his body is far less than that in his mind.

She suddenly heard the cell phone ring. It was Ji Lin who called her. She didn't even look at it. She walked straight to it, touched it, picked it up and smashed it against the wall. The machine disintegrated and the screen became a web.

"Why? Why do you do this to me? Am I not loyal enough to you? Why do you harm me like this? " Ji yunning covers his face, squats on the ground and cries loudly. He questions with hate.

After crying for a while, Ji yunning finally calmed down. Her tragic fate may be just beginning. Season

Lin can let her accompany that man for the first time, and surely there will be a second time, or, change a man to continue. Because in Ji Lin's eyes, she is a product that can be used.

Ji yunning's heart was full of blood, but soon she built a cold wall of her own. Because she was an orphan when she was young, Ji yunning's heart was stronger than that of other girls.

Even if she was arched by a pig last night, at the moment, she also quickly calmed down, and she decided one thing, who would hurt her, she would definitely retaliate.

Even if that person is Ji Lin, if Ji Lin doesn't love her and protects her, then she is absolutely disloyal to him. Season

yunning picked up the clothes and put them on one by one.

There are many marks on her neck and arms. She just looks at them and wants to vomit again. Season

yunning returns home, and the whole person huddles together on the sofa. She knows that Ji Lin will call her again.

Because, Ji Lin is such a person, he is ruthless, even if he used her, he would never let her go easily. Ji

yunning suddenly finds a butterfly and opens the video on the computer.

In the video, there is a green grass, a 17-8-year-old boy, stepping on a bicycle, walking along the avenue beside the green grass. He was wearing a white T-shirt. He was not old, but he was tall and handsome.

"Brother Xiaohan, look back at me. Look at me!" A girl's voice like a silver bell, rings in the video, can't see the figure, but that's Ji yunning's own voice.

At that time, she felt her voice was clean.

The boy stopped, his long legs on the ground, and turned lazily to look at the camera. The sun was shining on his face, which was clear and clean, as if the bright moon were pale.

Ji yunning's heart is hard. Maybe in that moment, she can't extricate herself from infatuation with this man.

"What are you recording?" The voice of the youth is very clear. It is in the period of changing voice, with a kind of pure feeling peculiar to boys.

"I'm recording you? Brother Xiaohan, you are so beautiful! " The girl quickly ran to him and magnified his perfect face several times, but it was still too beautiful to turn her eyes.

"Stop shooting!" Young season owl cold immediately reached out to block one side of the face, very uncooperative said: "you don't want to go up to see the scenery?"? If we keep recording, we won't have enough time! " "

brother Xiaohan looks much better than the scenery!" The girl giggled, but turned off the video.

The next short story is recorded from the balcony on the second floor. There is a chair in the garden. The girl is holding a glass of book and reading it carefully. At that time, yunning was very young, only 13 or 14 years old, very naughty.

She also deliberately magnified the camera so that she could see the thick and slender eyelashes of the man. This

video recording is very short, because it is shot secretly. In the next video, Ji yunning is lying on the bed, watching the man sitting next to him holding a glass of water, as if to feed her.

Her voice is weak, but full of smile: "brother Xiaohan, don't worry, I'm ok!"

"You blocked me, and said it was OK!" Young season owl cold eyes have self reproach.

"It's really OK. I'm willing to die for you. What is blocking the knife?"

"Well, I'll still shoot at this time. Don't do it. Have some water!" Young season owl cold snatched the video equipment in her hand directly, and the screen blacked out.

Ji yunning is almost obsessed with watching these videos over and over again, as if he really got the magic spell. She

remember that season Xiaohan asked her why she always liked to take pictures of him, and she replied that she wanted to have a good memory in the future. When she saw these good times, her mood would definitely get better. For example,

now, only when she saw these videos did Ji yunning realize that she was still alive.

"Brother Xiaohan, he's a bad guy. You're right. He's a bad guy!" Ji yunning suddenly murmured, then closed his eyes tightly: "I'm sorry, brother Xiaohan, I'm helping the bad guys to hurt you, but you have to believe me, I will redeem my sin, I will!" At this time, someone knocked on the door, and the housekeeper came in with a mobile phone in his hand.

"Sir, I want to see you!" The housekeeper came in and said.

And cloud face color suddenly stiff, she has recovered, decided not to escape. She received the call and heard Ji Lin's voice over there: "daughter, are you angry with me?"

"Why do you want to do this? Am I not your daughter? " Ji yunning is still very angry. "

No, no, no, of course, you are my daughter. I've been treating you as if you were my own child. Dad is in trouble, and you will help me out, won't you? You've been a good child since you were a child!" Ji Lin said shamelessly.

"Yes, I will!" Ji yunning's heart is dead, so he answers.