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"Don't say anymore, this is all over. I'm very grateful to you for accompanying me during my childhood, really!" Tang You You was still desperately pulling at his arm, but unfortunately, her 1.85 meters tall body was not something the delicate Tang You You could pull up.

Thus, she had no choice but to turn around and take the basin to water him …

When another pot of water was poured over, Lu Xuan Chen's entire body shivered.

Tang You You stood at the side and explained in an embarrassed manner: "Hengcheng-ge, I'm sorry, this is the only way I can help you wake up. You should know that I have a child now.

Lu Xuan Chen only felt that this coldness had already entered deep into his heart. He painfully supported himself on the wall and stood up, then he walked into the bathroom step by step, stepped into the bathtub, and sat down.

Seeing him like this, Tang You You's heart did not feel good. She threw the pot to the side and leaned on the side of the door, looking at Lu Xuan Chen who was sitting in the bathtub with his eyes closed, he asked him with concern: "Are you feeling better?"

"Much better!" Lu Xuan Chen did not open his eyes, his voice was only filled with thick sorrow and despair, "Rest assured, I won't touch you!"

Tang You You looked at him gratefully. As expected of her friend from back then, it was because she knew Lu Xuan Chen was a man with good character, that Tang You You had always been willing to treat him as a friend.

"I asked my superior to call you, but you refused!" Tang You You said in a low voice.

"Yes, I don't want to rely on you!" Lu Xuan Chen opened his eyes, his scarlet pupils had already become a lot clearer: "I know that you mean well, but I really don't want to go. I want to walk up by myself, step by step."

"Hengcheng-ge, I know you are a person with backbone. I have no other intentions, I just want to help you!" Tang You You suddenly felt embarrassed, as if he had humiliated his character.

"I know, I'm not blaming you. I'm also very grateful that you didn't forget me!" Lu Xuan Chen laughed at himself; he laughed bitterly.

When Tang You You saw him in the cold water, and that the tone of his voice had calmed down, she turned around to open the door. She did not expect that this time, she actually opened the door, and quickly walked out to look at the empty corridor.

When Tang You You returned to her room once again, her handsome face was pale white. It should be because she had been tortured like this by the medicinal effects of the pill.

"The door is open, I have to go. Do you want me to call your friend over?" Or do you have to call 120 first aid? " Tang You You asked him.

"No need, you can go!" Lu Xuan Chen shook his head. At the moment, he was very tired and needed to rest.

Since he couldn't keep her, he decided not to keep her any longer.

Tang You You could only nod his head: "Then you have to be careful. If you have anything to say, call me!"

"En!" Lu Xuan Chen still did not want to open his eyes, because he did not want to watch her turn around and leave.

Tang You You left and gently closed the door.

Lu Xuan Chen closed his eyes and laid down in the cold water.

At this moment, a skinny man walked out of the wardrobe in the bedroom. He looked at the photo in his hand and walked out of the room with a smug smile on his face.

After experiencing this shocking experience, Tang You You was so embarrassed that she became angry and tried to call Tang Xue Rou again.

Unexpectedly, Tang Xue Rou actually questioned her angrily on the phone, "Tang You You, why are you still not coming over? I've been waiting for you for over an hour, don't you know that I still have to rush the announcement later?"

After Tang You You heard her words, she was shocked, then angrily said: "Tang Xue Rou, stop pretending, I just went to the hotel room that you talked about, I didn't see you, but I saw the Lu Xuan Chen who was drugged, is this arrangement interesting?"

"Lu Xuan Chen? What are you talking about? Tang You You, how can you accuse me wrongly? I was in my hotel room the whole time, but I didn't see any Lu Xuan Chen! " Tang Xue Rou started to shirk all responsibility.

"Hehe, didn't you do it?" Tang You You didn't expect that Tang Xue Rou would actually blame her finding the wrong door.

Tang Xue Rou bit him dead: "Of course it wasn't me, maybe there really is such a coincidence in this world. Did you go through the wrong door just now, and maybe the person living next to me is Lu Xuan Chen?"

"I don't want to pursue this matter right now. Hurry up and tell me what I want, or I'll call the police!" Tang You You was already very angry, but was scammed by Tang Xue Rou, and now that the accusation had been washed away by her, Tang You You really wanted to beat him up.

Tang Xue Rou knew that she had angered Tang You You, so she smiled lightly: "If you want the answer, you can go to the museum and find the curator to understand the situation, he is the one who found out!"

"Which museum?" Tang You You did not expect Tang Xue Rou to ask her to find someone else. Didn't she know about this?

"Our city only has one museum, which one do you think?" Tang Xue Rou impatiently said as she added on: "This is already a very important clue, moreover, I only know this much, don't come looking for me!"

"It's best if you have useful information. Otherwise, I won't let you off!" Tang You You was not satisfied with Tang Xue Rou's answer, she felt that she had been deceived.

After hanging up, Tang You You went straight to the museum.

At the museum's display of valuables, she saw a jade pendant that looked similar to her own.

Tang You You was a little happy, and quickly found the curator of the museum. He wanted to find the curator to understand the situation.

"Miss Tang, I'm very sorry, someone donated this jade pendant to us. The other party requested for confidential information, so we cannot tell you!" The curator politely refused to help her.

"If you tell me who he is, I'm willing to donate my jade pendant and let you beat it into a pair. Isn't that good?" Tang You You was very anxious at the moment, so she could only think of a way.

The curator looked at her jade pendant and took it over. "This pendant of yours has been repaired and lost its ornamental value!"

"Director, please do it. I'm looking for my biological parents. This jade pendant must be related to my parents, so I'm begging you so urgently!" Tang You You could only reveal his bitter loyalty.

The curator looked at her. Finally, he took a piece of paper and said, "Fill in your personal information, I will find the address of the donor!"

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Tang You You felt that there were many good people in this world.

In a pile of old information, the curator found a list with the address of the donor, but only the address and no telephone number.