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C721 someone is angry

On the way back, Ji Yueze's words echoed in Bai Yiyan's mind.


Does he really think of her as his lover? This feeling, like a little electric current, rushed through her heart and wound her heart, which made her breathe a little bit sluggish.

Ji Yueze glanced over her shoulder and smiled faintly: "what's wrong? What's wrong with her?"

Bai Yiyan looks so excited that she can't think about it any more.

"There is a supermarket in front. Do you want to buy it or do I want to buy it?" Ji Yueze intentionally laughs and embarrasses her.

"What do you want?" Bai Yiyan is obviously not in the state, nor at all in the rhythm of men. She looks at the supermarket in a daze and asks.

"Buy a set!" Ji Yueze said very directly.

Bai Yiyan froze for a moment. Her pretty face turned from white to red. Then she said angrily, "I'm not going to buy it. You're going too."

"What are you doing so angry? This is not a taboo topic. We often talk about it in the future. " Ji Yueze still laughs and teases her when he sees her angry.

"I won't mention it!" Bai Yiyan is still very ashamed.

"That line, don't buy it, maybe you prefer to be unimpeded..."

"Ji Yueze, you have to say, I won't play with you tonight!" Originally, it was a very shameful thing, but this man talked about it all day long. Bai Yiyan's heart couldn't bear it, so she finally lost her temper.

Ji Yueze's face was startled, and he frowned at once, "who are you going to play with when you don't play with me?"

"No one will play!" Bai Yiyan's voice is weaker.

Ji Yueze suddenly released a hand, like coaxing a pet, and touched her long hair: "OK, don't be angry!"

In fact, Bai Yiyan is not very angry, but she is ashamed and at a loss. She is comforted and shaken by her hand. She doesn't remember what she said just now.

It's over nine o'clock at home.

As soon as Ji Yueze came back, he opened a bottle of wine and then went to Bai Yiyan with a glass and asked, "do you want to drink it?"

"Well, have a drink!" Bai Yiyan has also made a dark decision. Tonight, whether she is alive or dead, she can go there with her eyes closed.

Ji Yueze looked at her clearly do not like to drink, but still want to show off the frown to drink the wine, he was surprised.

Pass the empty cup to him: "I'm going to take a bath!"

Ji Yueze also reached for the cup, and he was still very surprised at this woman's strong reflection of going to war.

Bai Yiyan enters the bathroom and comes out after the bath. She is still wearing his long white T-shirt. She comes out and finds Ji Yueze sitting on the sofa, turning an empty cup with her fingers. Her beautiful face is dark and obscure.

"Don't you take a bath?" Bai Yiyan asked him curiously. Ji Yueze suddenly pressed the fast-moving cup, got up, looked back at Bai Yiyan, and saw that she had two thin white legs. Some of the reason he had just pressed down came back to him, and his Adam's apple rolled for a while. Without any hesitation, he strode into the bathroom.

Bai Yiyan takes advantage of him to take a bath and sneaks up to his wine cabinet. Without taking a cup, she uses a wine bottle, raises her head and gules a few drinks.

"It's hard to drink!" Bai Yiyan's tongue is sticking out. She feels so bitter. It's hard to suffer.

However, wine can be courageous and promiscuous, which is exactly what she needs tonight.

After Ji Yueze took a bath, she saw Bai Yiyan sitting on the bed with a reddish face, her long hair scattered, and a plain white face, more pure and sweet.

Ji Yueze took a towel and wiped the water drops on his short hair.

"Come here!" Then Ji Yueze threw a towel on the sofa beside her and said to her in a hoarse voice.

Bai Yiyan stood up obediently and came to him.

As she took off her high-heeled shoes, Bai Yiyan's Petite one only touched the position of his shoulder. At this moment, she needs to look up to see the bottom of his eyes.

After the man took a bath, there was a fresh lemon smell on his body, which was good. There was also a unique male hormone smell. Bai Yiyan swallowed a mouthful of saliva fiercely, and the air around him became thin inexplicably.

Ji Yueze looks at her like a gentle kitten, and calls her to come here. This kind of obedience makes people want to bully her.

"Bai Yiyan, are you voluntary?" Slender fingers, playing with her long hair hanging over her ears, asked her in a low voice.

He doesn't like to be forced, because there is no such interest in the forced things.

Bai Yiyan nodded as if she were still obedient: "yes, I am willing!"

The voice of Auntie crying and begging for her suddenly occurred to her mind. Bai Yiyan thought that if she had a closer relationship with Ji Yueze, there might be room for her to turn back.

Thinking of this, Bai Yiyan suddenly reached out, hugged the man's strong body, and put her small face on his hot chest: "we Is it possible to start! "

Hear her say start, Ji Yueze inexplicably want to laugh, this woman when this is a game? There is a beginning and an end.

"Fool, how do you think to start?" Bai Yiyan heard him laugh and scold herself. She looked up at him in confusion: "how do you want to start? Don't you have experience? "

When Ji Yueze saw her, he began to talk nonsense again. He picked up her chin with his fingers and gave her a strong kiss: "who told you that I have experience?"

"Do you need to be told? You look like a very experienced person! " Bai Yiyan's breath is uncertain. The man's kiss just now disturbed all her mind and made her unable to think normally.

When Ji Yueze heard her saying this, he immediately kissed her more violently. This time, his voice was hoarse: "is that experience?"

Bai Yiyan's brain is buzzing and blank. Isn't that experience? All of a sudden, she was inexplicably acid.

Maybe she shouldn't think about his experience any more. The more she thinks about it, the worse it will be.

Come on, what if he ever had another woman? Who didn't let her meet him when he was born? Isn't life so full of uncertainty?

"Can I turn off the light?"

"No, I hate the dark!"

"Can you turn on only one light?"

"All right!" Someone compromise!


"I'll take it easy!"

So, three minutes later, a thin voice with pain asked: "OK?"

Some person's face is black and heavy, a little sad way: "the first time, control is not good!"

Bai Yiyan sat up fiercely and pulled the wound: "the first time?"

Ji Yueze stared at her angrily: "can't you? Wait a minute. What's up here? So much blood! " Bai Yiyan also saw the red rose color on the bed sheet. Her small face was white. Was she seriously hurt?