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Pei An Xin took a bath and stood at the door wearing his pajamas.

"Go sleep next door!" Pei An Xin said softly.

"Let's sleep together. I can take care of my daughter when she wakes up in the middle of the night!" Mu Shi Ye pleaded softly.

Pei An Xin could only say nothing more. Since he truly wanted to be considerate towards her, she would be at ease.

She lay down on the other side of her daughter and closed her eyes, but could not sleep.

Mu Shi Ye also lied on his side, looking at the two of them, big and small, he didn't feel sleepy at all.

"An Xin, it's been so many years. Have you thought about me?" Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran passionately asked her.

Pei An Xin shook his head, pretending to be cold: "No, I don't have time to think about you!"

"Really?" Even if you were busy during the day, did you not think about it when you went to bed at night? "What about dreams?" Mu Shi Ye asked, not giving up at all.

"None at all!" Pei An Xin took the blanket and covered himself up.

Mu Shi Ye gently turned his daughter's small body to the side and hugged her through the blanket. Her lips were pressed against her head: "An Xin, I've been thinking about you this whole time, thinking about you everyday, do you know?"

"What's so good about me that's worth thinking about? Beautiful women always appear around you! " Pei An Xin was still very emotional, because when she thought about how she still had a place in this man's heart, she felt at ease.

"Why do you think I'm so flowery?" Mu Shi Ye sighed.

"You are, don't deny it!" Pei An Xin snorted.

"Why should I admit to crimes that don't belong to me?" Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran pulled away from the blanket and hugged her even more tightly.

Pei An Xin immediately stretched out his hand to pull his finger, as if wanting to compete with his strength on purpose.

It was a pity that the man's palm was too powerful. She was successfully pulled into his embrace.

"An Xin …" Mu Shi Ye murmured her name, just like two years ago, when he had carried her to sleep.

Pei An Xin's tears rolled down his face. How could she forget about the warm time he had with him?

Right now, the sadness she felt made her feel even more fragile and nostalgic.

"An Xin!" Mu Shi Ye uncontrollably kissed her earlobe.

Pei An Xin cried to the point that he could no longer resist his kiss.

Mu Shi Ye had suppressed himself for far too long, and at that moment, the woman in his arms was what he had longed for day and night. If he wanted to be a righteous man, he was afraid that it was not possible.

His hands and lips, were constantly branding the woman's body.

Just as Mu Shi Ye was about to achieve the goal he desired the most.

"Daddy …" A childish voice made him stiffen. He turned his head to see that the little guy had somehow gotten up and was looking at them sleepily.

"Ah …" Pei An Xin was so shocked that he quickly covered himself up with the blanket, leaving only Mu Shi Ye's head exposed.

At this moment, Mu Shi Ye simply had the urge to smash his head against a wall.

"Why aren't you leaving yet?"

Mu Shi Ye had no choice but to walk around from the blanket, once again pulling his daughter into his arms to coax her to sleep.

This night, it was truly not a peaceful one. At least, when Mu Shi Ye wanted to succeed in his conspiracy once again, he was hit back down the moment he fell asleep with a single sentence from Pei An Xin.

Mu Shi Ye felt really sad, but when he saw the little thing that was soundly asleep in his arms, he felt even less sad.

After kissing her cheeks, Mu Shi Ye decided to really sleep.

The next morning!

The sun was shining!

Tang You You took his daughter's hand and led her downstairs. When they arrived at the breakfast table, the old lady suddenly spoke out: "You long, leave the afternoon free, I will bring you to meet my friends!"

Tang You You was startled, she turned and looked at Ji Xiao Han, who blinked his eyes at her and released a hundred thousand volts of electricity.

Tang You You trembled, and could only smile: "Grandmother, I've been rather busy these days …."

No matter how busy you are, you have to find some time to rest. It's a promise, I'll send the driver to pick you up in the afternoon, and what's more, Wandering, you don't need to be busy with matters of earning money. First, we need to settle the important matter of the wedding between you and Xiao Han. The old lady habitually made her decision, so she did not give Tang You You a chance to say no.

Tang Xiao Nai and Tang Xiao Rui who were sitting by the side drinking milk made eye contact.

After that, Tang Xiao Rui moved his small mouth towards Tang Xiao Nai.

Tang Xiao Nai understood immediately. Then, she turned her head around, pouted her small mouth and said: "Grandmother, what is a second child?"

Her great-grandmother immediately laughed and replied, "The second child is to have your Mummy give you another brother or sister. Do you want them?"

"If Mummy gave birth to someone younger than me, can't I be a younger sister? I'm going to be a big sister, right? " Tang Xiao Nai asked seriously.

"Yeah, you'll be a big sister from now on. Do you like being a big sister?" The old lady felt that the child was simple, she would definitely like him.

"I don't like it. I don't want to be a big sister. I want to be a little sister. This way, big brother will give me everything!" Tang Xiao Nai expressed her wish in her childish voice.

The old lady and the old man beside her were stunned. Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You, on the other hand, had smiles plastered on their faces.

"Xiao Nai, you can learn more things being a big sister!"

"Like what?" Tang Xiao Nai blinked her eyes wide.

"Lin Ru said she can learn to share, she will learn to take care of others, and …"

"great-grandmother, I don't want to share. It's enough for me to have an elder brother who can share the love of my father's Mummy. Also, my father has promised me that he won't have another younger brother or sister!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately pulled the fuse towards his father.

The old lady's expression suddenly became stern, and she stared straight at Ji Xiao Han and asked, "When did you agree to allow Xiao Nai to do this kind of thing?"

Ji Xiao Han could only laugh dryly, "It's because when I first recognized them, they were here. Grandma, I have only known these two children for a short while, so you should forget about the matter of the second child, in case the children find it hard to accept."

"What's not acceptable about that?" Xiao Nai and Xiao Rui are both so old now, and are only four years old. This is a very opportune time for them to give birth to their next baby! " The old granny immediately turned her gaze towards Tang You You: "Wandering, although you are still very young, I am still in good health. Your grandfather and I can at least help the two of you right? As soon as possible, it will be better for your recovery. "