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C1546 sweet as honey

The bartender is just a kind advice, but blue microfiber is ungrateful. She feels that her sadness is the biggest thing in the world. No one should disturb her to get drunk.

The bartender mixed two more cocktails for her, and took a sip of blue fiber. This time, she was a little drunk. She lay on the table and murmured: "Ling Mo Feng, I love you I really love you more than anyone else. "

Her voice is so small that no one can hear it.

Several young men have long been staring at the blue fiber, looking at her full of famous brands. They are all eager to meet her. These men are always wandering in the nightclubs, taking the rich woman as their goal, and trying to make quick money. They have one thing in common, that is, they are very handsome.

"Miss, alone? Would you like to have two drinks with you? " A man came quickly and asked softly.

"Go away." Blue fiber is not the first time to come here. Knowing these long and beautiful men, she wants to get money from her. She is very indifferent and pushes away the other side: "what's the use of long handsome men? Men who eat by their faces."

The man was so ridiculed by her that he turned red for a moment and wanted to beat her.

LAN Xianxian is used to being arrogant in the blue family. She thinks everyone in the world will give in for her. She sneers and stumbles out.

Blue fiber walked out of the door of the hotel. It seemed that she didn't drive today, so she reached for the car.

A taxi stopped in front of her, blue microfiber opened the door, sat in, took out some cash from the bag, threw it into the driver's seat, and then she reported her home address.

Blue fibril sat in the back seat. She didn't eat much in the afternoon, and suddenly drank so much wine. She felt that her stomach was uncomfortable. She could only close her eyes and endure the discomfort.

Suddenly, she found that the driver seemed to have taken a road she was not familiar with, and she immediately scolded angrily: "you think money is crazy, so close you still detour, I give you enough money?"

Just after the scolding, the taxi stopped beside a dark alley.

The door suddenly opened. Blue microfiber was trying to call his family with his cell phone, but he didn't expect that his handbag was snatched by a man outside.

"My bag..." Blue fibril woke up in fright. As soon as she looked up, she saw three men standing outside the door, wearing masks and covering them with hats. Her heart trembled and she felt the danger coming. She wanted to scream. Another door suddenly opened. A man took a rag and blocked her mouth. Blue fibril pupil opened, contracted and inhaled several times. She felt the darkness in front of her eyes , I'm not awake.

It was getting dark. In the vice president's office, Chu lie and Cheng Yuan left first. LAN Yanxi leaned on the sofa and squinted for a while.

In the stairwell, the lights were turned on. A long and healthy figure stepped down.

Ling Mo Feng has been awake. He reaches out his hand and wrists his brow. Although he is awake, he is still in a coma. He has taken off his coat. He is only wearing a white shirt, with two buttons on his collar, showing a small section of healthy skin, and the elegant and sexy collarbone.

Ling Mo Feng suddenly felt that his left hand was a little different. He had never worn the middle finger of something, and now he was wearing a delicate and elegant ring.

Looking at the diamond ring, the man's thin lips couldn't help but hook up.

Walking down the stairs, Ling Mo Feng saw the woman who was sleeping on the sofa with a pillow in his arms. His eyebrows were wrinkled and his long legs were walking fast.

Why did you fall asleep here?

Upstairs there is a bed, but she chose to sleep like this, it's easy to freeze.

Ling Mo Feng reached out and took the neatly folded blanket beside her, ready to cover her.

"Ling Mo Feng." Lanyanxi slept shallowly. As soon as the blanket touched her arm, she woke up. When she looked up, she saw the man standing beside her. She could not help shouting out his name.

The man stooped, or forced the blanket over her, muttering: "why lie here and sleep? It's the bed upstairs that doesn't sleep well, or it's not warm enough in my arms. "

LAN Yan hoped to see him seriously talking and laughing, but he was really amused. He replied with a beautiful grin: "I originally wanted to sleep beside you, but I was afraid that you would go to sleep if you were drunk."

"So you wronged yourself to sleep in the living room on the day of engagement? It should be known to outsiders that there is something wrong with our feelings. " Handsome man is still dissatisfied, more is heartache.

LAN Yanxi's smile is so sweet that her beautiful eyes suddenly coagulate somewhere. Her small hand stretches out and grabs the man's big hand: "let me have a close look."

Ling Mo Feng was slightly shocked. She took his left hand and looked at the ring he was wearing with beautiful big eyes.

"Your hand is so beautiful. It's suitable for wearing a ring. You can't take it off later. Unless we get married, you can wear another ring finger." LAN Yanxi said very domineering.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help chuckling: "when you ask me like this, you should do it yourself."

Blue words and beautiful eyes a startle, then, small mouth curled: "of course, I can do it, I will never take it off."

Ling Mo Feng shook his head and smiled: "it's getting dark. Do you want to do something?"

"What to do?" LAN Yanxi's eyes were bright and tense: "we can't do it now."

"Where do you want to go? How can we deal with dinner? Would you like to eat at my house? My mother just sent me a message. Let's go and eat it. " Ling Mo Feng was amused by her lovely appearance.

"Since your mother let us go, let's go." Lanyanxi is also a good obedient child. The elder's words must be obeyed.

"It's dark outside. It'll take at least an hour to get to my house. I told my mother we won't be there tonight." Ling Mo Feng answered her gently.

"Not in the past, will you? Does your mother think my daughter-in-law here is not kind? " When LAN yanshidun was nervous.

"What's wrong? I do this for our safety. You are my biggest weakness now. I dare not take you to risk, but my mother said As long as we quickly let her carry her grandson, everything will follow us, and she will never interfere. " When Ling Mo Feng said this, her eyes darkened a few times, with a warm flame.

LAN Yanxi's face was warm, and he murmured, "let's not take measures. Let's go with the flow."

"Well, I don't want to do it the first time. It seems like a waste of good time." The man sat next to her and held her gently with his long arm. The deep voice, mellow as wine, made lanyanxi feel drunk and speechless.

Ling didn't know why. At the moment, he saw her coquettish like a flower, too beautiful, making him feel evil. He just wanted to tease her and pick her severely.

When did he have such a bad mind?

"Whatever you want, I'm not afraid." LAN Yanxi looks indifferent.

"Really not afraid?" The man sees her this brave appearance, lovable and attracts people to bully.

LAN Yanxi nodded his head: "but you must be gentle with me, or I won't spare you."

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips aroused a smile. Suddenly, the two men seriously discussed this kind of thing. He was childish, so he had to knead her face and put his thin lips on her ear and said: "I promise to be the gentlest."

LAN Yan is extremely ashamed.

Sweet talk is not enough. No matter how much romantic time is, it's in a hurry. It's dark outside the window. Ling Mo Feng finally stands up: "since we don't go out for dinner, let's do it at home. Three meals a day is a big thing. We can't be careless. What's more, today is a good day for our engagement. I want to make something delicious for you."

Blue Yan Xi listened, immediately smiled: "well, no matter how expensive the meal is, it can't compare with the vice president cooking for me personally."

Ling Mo Feng said nothing: "first of all, I'm your fiance, and then vice president. You can change your name later. Don't even call me by my first name or my first name. It's more cordial."

"Call you mo Feng? I have goose bumps all over my body. " As soon as LAN Yanxi shouted out, his body was bristling with sweat. It was not cold.

Man handsome face instant dissatisfaction: "why can't call me like this, we are engaged, will get married soon, do you still want to call such a birthmark?"

"Well, I'll call you husband. It's better to call him." LAN Yanxi said with a smile.

"Well, call one now." The man's hands are in front of his chest, waiting for him.