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The car stopped right in front of her. Without waiting for the driver to open the door for her, Ji Xiao Han had already pushed it open.

With his slender legs, he got out of the car, held onto the dumbstruck Tang You You's small hand, and said in a low voice: "Let's go!"

"I'll take you shopping!" The man's voice was as low as water.

Tang You You laughed at herself: "I am so sorry, because of my attire, I have caused you to be scolded. At most, I can only guarantee that the next time I put on clothes and take special note of it, after all, I am still a designer and can only lift my fingers. In the end, I am still rather lazy, and love to pick up the simplest of clothes to wear when I go out."

"Why are you apologizing to me? It was you who got hit. " Ji Xiao Han laughed lowly.

"I saw someone saying that you were unwilling to spend money for me. Isn't this just scolding you for being stingy? Thus, since I have agreed to be your girlfriend, I have the obligation to change your image. I will truly pay attention to this and definitely not let you lose face. " Tang You You felt that this matter of his had truly implicated him.

"Do you really have to be so clean with me? So what if you implicate me? I am neither angry nor sad. On the contrary, since others can keep us together, I feel happy about it. Furthermore, I am not afraid of trouble. It is up to you to trouble me. " Ji Xiao Han's words revealed his love for her at every turn.

Tang You You was not an idiot. This man was so lenient towards her, there was no way she would pretend to be loyal.

"You … You don't have to be so kind to me. " Tang You You was about to be unable to persevere any longer, the determination to hate him for her entire life.

"Isn't it right for you? You are the mother of my child, and it is my duty to treat you well. " Ji Xiao Han knew how to flirt, but inside the conversation, his face turned red and his heartbeat quickened. He really wanted to escape from this man, if she were to continue like this, she was afraid that he would lose control and fall towards him.

"Alright, then go wherever you want to take me. I have no objections." As he finished speaking, Tang You You gave up on resisting and decided to follow him boldly.

Ji Xiao Han was startled, why did this woman suddenly become so obedient?

"Drive!" Ji Xiao Han instructed the driver.

In the back seat, with the partition, the space was still spacious, but Tang You You felt that there was not enough air, causing her to gasp for breath.

Ji Xiao Han calmly sat, his slender legs folded together, making him appear even more slender and straight.

"Regarding my godmother's promotion, I still have to thank you …" Tang You You felt that if she did not find something to say, she would really be dizzy from the stuffy space.

Ji Xiao Han laughed lightly: This is all your work, why are you being polite to me?

His words successfully stirred up Tang You You's tensed state. Her face, which had finally returned to normal with great difficulty, was flushed red from embarrassment.

"In the future, if I need your help, can I use this method to solve my problem?" Tang You You could not help but sneer.

Ji Xiao Han nodded: "Yes!"

Tang You You was speechless. Did this man have to answer so seriously?

"Do other women have the right to bargain with you in this way?" Tang You You mocked indifferently.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze turned profound, as he looked at her flushed red face. He answered seriously and resolutely, "No, this privilege will only be granted to you!"

Tang You You was startled, she suddenly felt that it was better not to speak, in case her words made her feel even more awkward.

"No wonder those women on the internet made you a male god, your method of flirting with women is really brilliant. People like me, who are enemies of you, can't help but feel admiration for you." Tang You You could only find some words to mock him.

Ji Xiao Han stared at her with a slightly innocent gaze, then shrugged his shoulders: "I have never come into contact with other women, how would they know what kind of person I am? Are you telling me what you just said? It's possible that you … You have fallen for me? "

Tang You You was shocked by his words, then she immediately denied it: "I don't like you, I've already said it before, you're not the type that I like."

If I don't like you before, it doesn't mean that I won't like you in the future either. To be honest, I've never had the patience to understand women's affairs, if it wasn't for the fact that we had children, and we spent the whole night together, and I realized how attractive you were to me. Ji Xiao Han's words were always so irrefutable, because it seemed like there was still some truth to his words.

Tang You You looked at him in astonishment, and then, mocked himself: "So you're saying, I'm considered lucky? Moreover, is it that a mother's child is too expensive? "

"No, it's because of the feeling you give me, that's why I want to know more about you. At first, I thought of you as a woman who could defeat you with money, but later, I realized that you have your own charisma, I can't say where you are, but every moment I'm with you makes me feel very comfortable and very real." Ji Xiao Han looked into her eyes. To his, these words were sweeter than confession.

Tang You You looked at him blankly. "Quarterly, haven't you heard this before? Whoever loves first loses, so you will lose miserably. I am not a woman who will shed tears of gratitude just because you said you loved me, and throw herself into your arms. "