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Susie had a formal job as a clothing assistant for Yan Junhan, but today, she was absent-minded and accidentally tore a thin hole in a high-end shirt. A staff member nearby saw it and ran screaming: "my God, lingsusi, are you mentally ill? Do you know how expensive this dress is? Did you tear it? "

Lingsusi was also frightened at the moment. She stood beside her with a helpless expression, and her eyes were red with anxiety and self reproach.

"Lingsuxi, I will say that you are a layman. You are not suitable for our meticulous work. How can you promise Mr. Yan that you will do this job well? It's only two days now. You'll face me. Let me see. Hurry up and don't harm us." That female colleague has a great opinion on Ling Suxi, because she was directly called by Yan Junhan to work instead of passing the personnel application assessment, which will inevitably make people feel that Yan Junhan is defending her.

Lingsuxi's brain is blank, and she stands at a loss and is scolded by others. Indeed, it's her fault.

"Here How much is the dress? I'll pay for it. I'll deduct it from my salary. " Lingsusi stammered at once.

"You are only on probation now. Your basic salary is only 5000 yuan. The clothes are nearly 200000 yuan. How can you compensate?" Female colleagues look at Ling Suxi's cheap clothes and think she can't afford to pay.

At this time, Yan Junhan was told about it and was coming this way.

"What's the matter?" The man's clear voice, momentarily sinks the fire to press down.

Female colleagues quickly reported the whole thing to him. Lingsuxi's face was pale with fright at the moment. She dared not argue a word, bowed her head, and dared not look at Yan Junhan's expression.

"Change your clothes first, lingsusi. Come with me." Yan Junhan just frowned and called Ling Suxi into his office.

Lingsusi's face is panicked. It's over. This job is the first one.

Entering the office, Yan Junhan looked at her hands tightly held in a hurry and said lightly: "tell me, what's the matter? Are those people coming to you for money again? "

"No No, I was too careless. " Lingsusi immediately shook her head and replied.

"I don't think you can make such a low-level mistake. If you don't tell me something, how can I forgive you?" Yan Junhan is a reasonable boss.

Lingsusi lowered her head and bit her lips, so she had to tell the truth: "I have a friend who is in trouble. I am worried about her."

"Oh? What happened to her? A boyfriend? " Yan Junhan raises his eyebrows to show curiosity.

"It's not a boyfriend, it's a female friend of mine." Lingsusi shook her head and answered softly.

Yan Jun stared at her speechless and sighed: "it's good that you care about your friends, but you can't make such a mistake at work."

"I will pay attention to it next time. I won't do it again. Mr. Yan, I heard that the clothes are worth more than 200000 yuan. I will make compensation for the original price. I will work hard." Lingsusi doesn't want to win sympathy, that is to say, she has already owed so much money, she is really not afraid to add another stroke.

"The loss of clothes is counted in the company. You can go to work well." Yan Jun raises his hand.

At this time, a video of a woman apologizing suddenly appeared on a high screen nearby. When Ling Suxi turned and left, she stared at the screen closely, forgot to walk towards the door and directly hit the wall beside the door. Her forehead and nose were kowtowed and her voice was clear.

"Ah..." Ling Suxi cries out in pain.

Yan Junhan looked at her reckless appearance. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What kind of woman did he bring back to the company.

After Ling Suxi came out, she took out her mobile phone as soon as possible and searched for the video. As expected, when she saw the live broadcast, the woman outside aimed at Xia Xinnian was apologizing in the video with guilt on her face.

"Xinnian was set up. Now her reputation should be restored." Lingsusi was very happy. But next second, he thought of his own disaster and lowered his head. Anyway, something good happened.

The police station, in front of Xia Xinnian, sits Xia shuran with handcuffs. After she has faded all the lead, she shows a trace of fatigue and paleness. Her look is low and her eyes are blank.

"Xia Xinnian, are you here to laugh at me? Or to see how miserable I am? " Xia shuran laughs and looks at Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian can't laugh because it's not the result she wants. She always hopes to be strangers with them all her life.

"Xia shuran, today's results are all made by you." Xia Xinnian said without expression.

"Blame me for taking love too seriously. He Jiaxuan hurt me. He is a scum." Xia shuran's expression sharpened.

"Then it's your blindness. At the beginning, so many pursuers, you chose him to get married, but you still have to worry about robbing me." Xia Xinnian doesn't love her at all.

"Yes, if he married you in those days, you may be the one who was harmed by him today." Xia shuran raised his chin slightly, saying that whoever married he Jiaxuan would regret it.

Xia Xinnian bowed his head and smiled: "this is life. I won't meet him because of fate."

"It's your life to meet Jimu city now. Xia Xinnian, I won't compare with you. I know I can't compare with you." Xia shuran's face is full of disappointment and his mood is low.

"Who else do you need to compete with? If you are at ease to be the eldest miss of the summer family, you will have everything you want, but you are so competitive that you are better than others. " Xia Xinnian said and stood up: "if you think of me as your sister at the beginning, we are family. Unfortunately, if you think of me as your enemy at the beginning, we are doomed to be enemies."

"Xia Xinnian, will you let my parents go? It's not easy for them either. " When Xia shuran saw that she was leaving, she began to plead.

Xia Xinnian turned his back to her and said in a low voice, "I never thought about persecuting anyone. As long as they don't hurt me, I won't try my best to revenge."

Xia shuran opens his mouth, but he has nothing to say, so he has to close it.

Xia Xinnian went out and saw the tall man leaning on the wall beside her. She felt relieved.

"Let's go, let's go home." Xia Xinnian took the initiative to go and take his arm.

Jimucheng's thin lips are gently hooked, and the smile is satisfied and happy.

"Your affairs are all settled. Next, it's time to think about our marriage." On the way home, jimucheng still mentioned that he didn't want to be a neighbor with her, he wanted to have a further relationship.

Xia Xinnian blushed and nodded: "OK, what do you want me to think about?"

"Tomorrow, try on the wedding dress." The man attached to her ear and asked in a low voice.