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He took it away with him

When he thought about how he was going to see the child now, Tang You You panicked. No, she had to follow him and see what the situation was.

However, she was still very confident. The two little fellows already had their own independent awareness.

Although she was also going to school, she still decided to take a taxi.

When she ran to the side of the road and anxiously waved her hands …

Six domineering black sedans swept past her body like a gust of wind and instantly disappeared into the distance.

"Damn bastard!" Tang You You stomped her feet in anger, she had really never seen such an arrogant and disrespectful man.

When she hurried to school in a taxi, she found that there were no children in the classroom.

Where was he?

"Teacher, where are my family's Xiao Rui and Xiao Nai?" Tang You You panicked. His voice trembled as he randomly grabbed a teacher and asked.

The teacher still looked as if he had not recovered his soul from the handsome and aggressive man just now.

"He was taken away by the child's father?"

"Father of the child, he is not, how can you give my child to him? Do you know that your actions are very irresponsible? " Tang You You's heart was filled with fear, and he couldn't help but lose his temper at his teacher.

"But …" Your child admitted that the man was their father! " The teacher had an innocent look on his face.

"What?" Tang You You felt like she was struck by lightning and was unable to stand steadily.

She had always thought that there was absolutely no problem with her two treasures' IQ, but now … She doubted it.

He actually took an unfamiliar man with him … Oh, no, the man who had only seen him once in the morning thought he was his father.

Two little fools. They were so angry that they wanted to kill her. When they found them, they would see that she wouldn't spank them until they bloomed.

Just as Tang You You was angrily walking out of the school, two men in black stood respectfully at the school entrance.

Tang You You recognized them as the bodyguards of that bastard.

"Miss Tang, my Young Master invites you to our house to discuss the matter regarding our child." A man politely spoke up.

How could Tang You You not say? She wished that she could grow wings and fly over.

I really hope these two little guys don't get brainwashed by this man.

Halfway up the mountain, there was a row of villas, which were abnormally luxurious and domineering. The entire garden was exquisite and spectacular, with the momentum of a dragon head occupying the entire mountainside. Under the mountainside was a boundless sea, and the magnificent and exquisite garden was constructed all the way to the seaside.

It was only ten minutes drive away from the center of the city. The fact that he was able to build his own kingdom so close to the center of the city was a testament to the wealth of this man.