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He is learning his love experience

When he looked at the man up close, he realized that the man's eyes were too good-looking. His eyelids were long and narrow and deep, and his eyes were as dark as the night sky. However, they flickered with the radiance of the stars, as if he could suck in a person's soul.

His heart suddenly skipped a beat and he forgot to shake off the palm strike.

"I want to play games. Waiting for the dishes to arrive is too boring." Tang Xiao Rui said righteously.

Seeing his extremely bored expression, Ji Xiao Han could only throw the phone over to him again: "Try your Mummy's birthday!"

The man's voice wasn't loud, but when it reached Tang You You's ears, her eyes glazed over once more.

This man …

Tang Xiao Rui's big eyes were startled for a moment, then he snickered and asked: "Daddy, how do you know which day was Mummy born on?"

"Don't forget, she's working under me. How could I not know her information?" Ji Xiao Han replied lazily.

Tang Xiao Rui finally understood, and then he asked curiously: "Daddy, why did you set Mummy's birthday password? What are you trying to do? "

Ji Xiao Han gazed at the woman's back for a while, then lightly curled his lips: "Don't couples like to make each other's birthdays a secret number?"

Tang You You immediately turned around and glared at him. "Who said that?"

Seeing that she was finally willing to listen to him speak, Ji Xiao Han lazily said: "This is what the books say."

Tang Xiao Rui giggled: "Daddy, it seems like you have put in a lot of effort in chasing after my Mummy."

"I don't have much experience in love, I should go and learn." Ji Xiao Han said confidently, his gloomy eyes once again looking at the woman who had her back to him, seeing her petite body obviously stiffen, he could not help but laugh.

For some reason, teasing this woman had become his most special hobby.

He didn't know when he'd become so bad, but he was afraid he'd never be able to change his habits in the future.

Tang You You almost hated this man to death. She felt that she was now forced to follow him and treat matters of the heart as a very important matter.

"Mummy, did you hear that? Daddy is very serious about dating you, okay? In the future, you should also be more enthusiastic about your father. It's impossible to find such an outstanding man like your father even with a lantern in hand. " Tang Xiao Rui took the chance to help them, his small face full of happiness.

Tang You You pretended not to hear and carried Xiao Cheng Cheng out to the dining hall to play.

Seeing that Mummy was trying to hide, Tang Xiao Rui shrugged his shoulders: "Daddy, I can only help you to this point, the rest is up to you to work hard.

Ji Xiao Han patted his son's head as if he was rewarding him, and said with a pleased tone, "Son, thank you for helping father like this."

"I just don't want to be a pitiful little Mummy without a father." the little guy muttered.

Ji Xiao Han's heart trembled slightly as he directly pulled his son into his embrace. His thin lips kissed his little head, "Don't worry, Daddy's Mummy will never leave you again."

"Yes, Daddy!" The little guy nodded seriously.

Mu Shi Ye stood at the corridor outside and accepted the call from his sister.

"Where's Cheng Cheng? Did she cry? " When Mu Lin called her, the first thing she asked was how her Niece was doing.

Mu Shi Ye was speechless: "Sis, you called me seven times today. If you really don't trust me, you might as well pick her up tonight, you can take her."

Mu Lin was startled: "Really? Did I call you so many times? Why don't I feel it? "

"Sis, how about you hurry up and find a man to marry? That way, you can have a child and play. You don't even know how fun this little guy is." If she can make you faint, Mu Shi Ye didn't dare to say these words out loud.

Mu Lin didn't like him talking about this topic at all, so her tone turned heavy: "Stop being sarcastic here, do you think it's so easy to fall in love between two people? I'm not as casual as you are. "

When Mu Shi Ye saw that his sister was going to talk about his past again, he quickly changed the topic, "Cheng Cheng was crying just now. I forgot to give her some milk.

"Your brain is really stupid. Didn't An Xin write you a list?" By the way, hasn't she called you yet? " When Mu Lin heard Niece's crying voice, he immediately blamed it all on his brother.

"Not yet, she's probably still on the plane. She said that she's on a business trip, that's basically going abroad!" It was only then that Mu Shi Ye realised that he had been tricked by that woman. She only vaguely said that she was going on a business trip, but she was working abroad.

"That's enough, don't blame her. She's already pretty good. You have to be grateful to her for bringing your daughter to such a young age before handing her over to you." Mu Lin on the other hand, felt that Pei An Xin could be considered to be a very good woman, she had a very good impression of her in the past.

"Yes, I am very grateful to her, so right now, I am wholeheartedly taking care of my daughter, am I not?" Mu Shi Ye couldn't refute a single word of his.

"How about this, I'll take a half-day leave tomorrow to help you take care of this little guy." Mu Lin felt that allowing a grown man like him to bring a little child was a worrisome thing.

"We'll see about that tomorrow. Xiao Han and I are having dinner, so we'll hang up first." Mu Shi Ye had originally wanted to look for Yue Shuang to help, but the little guy seemed to have recognized her and didn't like dealing with strangers. Furthermore, he didn't feel at ease to hand her over to strangers.