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C967 revenge and separation

In a resort outside the downtown area, Wang Cheng took a sum of money from Ji Lin and was having a dinner with some of her social brothers. They just got into trouble, so they didn't dare to be too arrogant. Instead of choosing a high-end place in the downtown area, they chose this humble restaurant and holiday tree to celebrate. Wang

Orange held up his glass, stood on the chair, and his face was a wild smile: "I promised my short-lived boyfriend that I would take my brothers to live a good life, eat meat, drink wine, have pain and have fun. Today, we finally said it, eat more. Tomorrow morning, we can go abroad by boat!" "

sister orange is powerful!"

A group of men immediately shouted happily. Wang orange jumped out of the chair and spilled the cup on the floor. The seemingly unruly eyes flashed with pain. She felt the scar on her face and thought of the fire. She was pushed out of the window by the man with all his strength. She picked up a life, but the man left forever. "

drink first, I'll go out!" Wang Cheng didn't dare to think about it any more, so he planned to go out. Suddenly, he didn't know when to stop several cars outside.

Wang's heart was shocked. He saw more than ten men in black coming down from the car. They were wearing masks and holding iron bars in their hands. To say nothing, they just smashed Wang's gang.

Wang Cheng didn't have time to reflect. He just shouted, "be careful!" Unfortunately, her shout didn't help. Those men who had already drunk were not rivals at all. During the period of

, the resort began to howl. "

who are you? Who sent you? " Wang orange also hung the lottery, broke a leg, she asked bitterly. "

you know too many things. I came to warn you on behalf of my boss. It's better to keep your mouth closed, otherwise, it's not as simple as breaking legs and hands!" After the first man said it coldly, he fell down and led his horse, got in the car and left.

"Damn Ji Lin!" Wang orange suddenly hit the floor with a fist of rage. "

sister Wang, did Ji Lin come to deal with us? Is it to give us a warning? "

"This old bastard has no credit." Wang orange is bleeding from the root of his teeth at the moment. He only feels cheated. "

sister Wang, what shall we do? Everyone is seriously injured. Shall we go to the hospital? "

There was howling all around, and the scene was very sad. However, these people were also bullies in normal times. They were only responsible for bullying others. It was their turn to be bullied, and they were immediately counseled. "

what hospital to go to? You all have people at the bottom of the case. If you want to live, you can find your own way. " Wang orange roared angrily, but the resentment in his heart was very strong.

Everyone dared not speak again. Wang orange picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number for Ji Lin.

Ji Lin received her call and was very unhappy: "Wang Cheng, I told you, don't call me anymore. Do you want to die?" "

Ji Lin, you son of a bitch, I didn't expect you to be ruthless and call someone to warn us. I tell you, you will regret doing this!" At the moment, Wang orange is blinded by anger, and her anger roars. "

What do you say? How can I not understand? " Ji Lin's face froze, smelling danger. "

you don't need to pretend. Didn't you find someone to teach us a lesson? My brothers are all badly hurt, you are satisfied, but don't forget, I can report you at any time! " Wang orange roared angrily.

"Wang Cheng, be rational. I didn't find anyone to teach you a lesson. You must have been cheated." Ji Lin reminds her with a cold voice. "

ah, you are the one who knows our whereabouts?" Wang orange is angry and resentful. "

you really despise Ji Xiaohan. The people under his hand are not rubbish. I asked you to leave as soon as possible. Why haven't you left yet? Now that something happened, it's my fault. Who is stupid? " Ji Lin's heart is also in turmoil at the moment. Hearing Wang Cheng's angry words, he feels that this event is not as successful as he thought. Wang became mute. Indeed, Ji Lin asked them to go abroad for asylum as soon as possible, but now, for personal reasons, she chose to stay in China for two more days. Unexpectedly, this disaster happened. "

really not you?" Wang orange can only calm down. "

of course, it's not me, it's someone picking our relationship." Ji Lin's heart was cold, and cold sweat rose from his forehead.

"I don't care. You need to give me another million cards. My brothers are injured. We are injured because we work for you. You can't ignore us. You give us money. We'll leave tonight!" Wang Cheng took the opportunity to raise the price. "

is Ji Lin a philanthropist? I've given you five million, and I'm not satisfied? " Ji Lin sneers, and he is definitely not that threatening.

"But we are injured in doing things for you. Shouldn't you say so?" Wang Cheng asked angrily.

"I told you to leave early. Haven't you listened to me? You deserve it! " Ji Lin is also very angry. Wang

orange can only admit planting, because Ji Lin did warn her several times and asked her to evacuate.

"Well, next time there is a chance to cooperate, I must not be the price!" Wang said, hate to hang up.

Can't get the money, but still want to withdraw immediately, Wang Cheng and his gang, very embarrassed left.

Late at night, as soon as Ji Xiaohan came out of the bathroom, Tang youyou told him, "your cell phone has been ringing just now. Would you like to see who called?" Ji

Xiaohan takes his cell phone, looks at the call and pulls it back. You

deep eyes turn on Tang Youyou, then he walks to the door with long legs. Don

youyou obviously felt that he was avoiding himself when he answered the phone, and his heart was slightly shaking. Is it too late? Whose phone does he answer? Do you have to avoid yourself? As a woman, Tang youyou is always thinking about things. At this moment, Tang youyou will inevitably be more concerned.

After a while, Ji Xiaohan came in. He put his cell phone on the table, looked at her and looked down at him. He chuckled and asked, "angry?"

"No!" Tang youyou immediately pretended to be unconcerned.

"It's a very important call, not from a woman!" Season owl cold or low voice explained a sentence.

"I don't want to know who it is!" Tang Youming begins to believe his words in his heart, but he can't help but keep a small mouth and still has a little mood.

Season owl cold sighed, sat on the bed, reached out to her arms forcibly to comfort: "well, don't be jealous." "

don't do this!" Tang youyou reaches out and pushes him, but he doesn't think her voice is full of coquetry. Alas, can't she get angry?