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Facing the high-end kitchen equipment, Xia Xinnian was a little nervous. She opened the refrigerator and saw some fresh ingredients frozen inside. She took out several kinds of food. The other wall of the kitchen was close to a large French window. While cooking, she could enjoy the night view outside the window.

Xia Xinnian sighed. It's really full of money everywhere. Is this the life of rich people?

"Can I help you?" Jimucheng did not know when, standing at the door of the kitchen, long body jade, elegant temperament, a random stop, all revealed the sexy in the bone.

Xia Xinnian turned to look at him and shook his head: "no, I'll do it."

"Really not?" The man took a few steps forward with his long legs. His long arms, on both sides of her, trapped her gently in his arms. He smiled with his thin lips and asked her hoarsely: "I don't know why. I don't think I'm hungry."

Xia Xinnian is not an ignorant girl. She has been in the workplace for many years. She has never heard any jokes. Before, at the dinner table, a lot of male colleagues spoke in a yellow tune, so she understood the meaning of men's words in seconds.

She couldn't help but take the finger stained with water and flick it hard at the center of the man's eyebrow. The man stepped back in fright and looked at her in a circle.

Xia Xinnian can't be soft to clean up. She snorted out angrily, "who said that just now, if you don't marry me, you won't touch me. I didn't expect that Ji family's eldest young master could not believe it."

"I'm joking. Why serious?" The man some awkwardly put out his hand to wipe off the water drop on Jun's face, this woman really loves to be serious, so uninteresting, what does he like about her?

"Don't play this kind of joke again, otherwise, I'm not polite." Xia Xinnian put his hands in his waist and looked serious.

"Well, it's up to you." The man had to sigh, at home with two younger sisters to fight for family status, but not easy to form their own family, he did not seem to rise much status.

Is it true that the men of Ji's family are in this position at home? Even if the father listened to his mother's words, even his uncle only listened to his aunt's words. Sure enough, the rich man dotes on his wife. So he can be a rich man at ease.

Xia Xinnian couldn't help but smile. I don't know why. Seeing his expression of grievance, she was very happy.

"You brought me here just to eat the food I made?" Xia Xinnian didn't give him a good look.

"Otherwise, Yan Junhan can eat it, and I must." Jimucheng directly put jealousy on his face.

"I always thought you were a mature man, but I didn't expect that your mind and eye were smaller than the needle, and this kind of thing was also concerned." Xia Xinnian sighs and shakes his head. He is childish, just like his son.

"In front of outsiders, I can be a mature man, but in front of you, I just want to like my son, with privileges, jealous what? Who stipulates that mature men should not be jealous? " Jimucheng immediately retorted, with a straight face.

"I can't tell you." Xia Xinnian doesn't argue with him.

"I can't cook for other men in the future. You must promise me, or I will be angry." Looking at the way She Stoops to wash vegetables, jimucheng has a kind of indescribable softness, the most feminine appearance, which is the most able to strike into the man's heart. If other men can also see her gentle appearance at home, there is no guarantee that the man will not be attracted by her.

"You are so domineering. Elder brother Yan is my friend. You are angry to entertain your friend?" Xia Xinnian is completely speechless.

"I'm saying that you can't cook for him alone. If I'm here, it's another matter." Jimucheng also felt that he seemed to be domineering, so he had to change his explanation.

"Don't worry, I'll keep the women's way, but you must also keep the bottom line. I said in front of you. If you are with me and seduce other women, I won't be a resentful woman. I'll turn around and take my son away." Now that the words have come to this, Xia Xinnian decides to say what he wants to say in his heart and let him have a long memory.

"Is that a threat?" A man chuckles.

"That's right." Xia Xinnian takes a look at him angrily. What's his attitude? Not sincere at all.

"My father and my mother have taught me since they were young. We should not be single-minded. You can rest assured that since I have identified you, I will never provoke other women." Jimucheng answers her with his greatest sincerity.

"Then I really admire your parents. They teach you to succeed in your career and teach you to be a man to rely on." Xia Xinnian said from the heart.

"Yes, I thank them, too." Jimucheng nodded and agreed with her.

Xia Xinnian chuckles. I don't know why. She thinks jimucheng is not a man talking nonsense.

Time is pressing. Xia Xinnian has made three dishes, one is minced garlic shrimp, one is fried meat with green peppers, another is tomato and egg soup, and three dishes are put in front of the man by her. Ji Mucheng's eyes sweep past. They smell very fragrant. They look good. I don't know how they taste.

The man got up and served two bowls of rice for two people. Then he whispered in the woman's ear, "it's hard."

"Can you cook?" Xia Xinnian took the white rice he had brought and suddenly asked him.

Jimucheng's handsome face was stunned and shook his head: "I'm not very good at cooking. The only thing I can do is fry steak and bake two pieces of bread."

"Then you can spare time to learn, and I want to eat your meal." Xia Xinnian's big beautiful eyes flashed a smile of belly black.

Jimucheng is shaking. Do you want to marry her and learn how to cook?

"I'm so smart, I can learn everything quickly. If you want to eat what I make, I'll show you some other day." Jimucheng agrees, but doesn't know. She's got her way in.

"OK, I'll wait." Xia Xinnian finished and put a piece of shrimp in the man's bowl: "how does it taste?"

Jimucheng hasn't started to eat yet. His heart is as sweet as honey. His thin lips are light: "it won't be hard to eat. He has an appetite."

Xia Xinnian nodded: "of course, I am very confident in my cooking."

Jimucheng takes the shrimp and puts it in his mouth. Next second, his handsome face suddenly changes color

"Mind you, you won't let me down a bag of salt?" The man forced Jun to ask her.

"What? Is it salty? " Xia Xinnian said, stretched out a chopstick, clamped a dead shrimp, only stretched out the tongue to compensate for a small mouth, the next second, she disdained to spit out the tongue: "I seem to really put more salt, otherwise, you compensate for other."

The man handsome face is stiff, want to caress forehead, Yan Junhan is not to say that the rice that she makes is delicious? Did he love this woman to the point of deceiving himself?

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