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Ji Shangqing's words darkened Ji Lin's face. He turned his head to the window. As a father, his old love was exposed on the spot by his son, which was also a very humiliating and embarrassing thing.

Ji Lin has only Ji Shangqing as his son. The relationship between his father and his son has been neither hot nor cold since childhood. If it's not a blood relationship, I'm afraid Ji Shangqing will stay away from his father.

Because, he found that he once wanted to get rid of those characters, is little by little inherited to his body, ambition, perseverance, and know that is the pit of fire, but also want to jump in.

"Your mother has been away for several years, and I think I've done my father's duty to her as well as to you." For a long time, Ji Lin sighed, with a touch of pain in his tone.

Ji Shangqing nodded: "yes, you are good to her, but you don't love her, you are good to me, because I am your only child, your inheritance!"

Ji Lin still heard the resentment in his son's tone. He laughed at himself: "I can only say that I was shocked. Before I married your mother, I once loved a woman. Your mother also married me voluntarily. I didn't force her. She even knew that there was someone in my heart." "That's why I said that my mother was stupid. I thought that when the woman you like died, you would not love her. Instead, you would pity her honest wife. She was modest and tolerant all her life, and she was persistent in waiting. But when she died, you were in prison. You didn't even see her on the last day, and you still owe her"

Ji Shangqing's face at the moment, I don't know how sad or happy he is, as if he is talking about something unrelated to him. Seeing through, seeing too much, I find that sadness can also numb, but also so.

Ji Lin's heart flashed a flash of panic. He clenched his fist and his eyes twinkled, as if he had been exposed, scarred, white and blue. "That's why I want to take back my inheritance right and compensate you. You are my son and my pride. No one can replace you in my mind. Don't mention that again, OK?" In Ji Lin's words, there was a strong father's love. He almost used the voice of pleading to say

to Ji Shangqing.

Season still counts nods: "I do not want to mention originally, anyway mention not to mention, classics fruit already is such."

"Then don't mention it to anyone." When Ji Lin saw that he had promised himself, his face relaxed.

Ji Shangqing picked up a touch of imperceptible irony at the corner of his mouth, and then accelerated his pace.

Ji Lin fell into a long silence. He looked out of the window at the strange scenery, the strange street, and his thoughts suddenly drifted far away.

He clearly remembered that Bai Zhenzhen knelt in front of him and begged him to let her go. The gun in his hand pulled the trigger, but he was still heartless and could not erase the familiar and strange face from his memory.

Bai Zhenzhen has made a lot of poisonous vows to heaven, and repeatedly promised to swallow everything in his stomach without saying a word to others. He was soft hearted and put down the gun. The girl with the same face as Bai Zhenzhen would never kneel in front of him crying and pleading with him. At that moment, he really hated Bai Zhenzhen. He wanted to tear her face off and not let her wear the face he loved. He made this kind of action.

Finally, he let Bai Zhen live. All of this was in her face. The angel in his heart was dead. He thought innocently, let Bai Zhen live in the world instead of the angel in his heart. The former thought of kindness has become the most frightening evidence for him today. Ji Lin's eyes and heart flash through the dark color. If he finds Bai Zhenzhen again, he will never let her go again and give her a chance to escape, because he doesn't want to see the face of his beloved old face.

Mojia! Little orange has been two years old and three months. It has two braids. Two big eyes like crystal blink and blink. It's so cute. Its small face, hands and legs are white, tender and tender. It can't be any better. It's a smile. Two big eyes turn into a curved moon.

cute. It can make iron blood tough and soft in the next second.

Little orange got up secretly. Beside her, Mushi was sleeping soundly at night. The little guy climbed out of the bed. Then he saw that there were many interesting things in the cabinet nearby. He took them with two hands. It was a lipstick.

Little orange blinked in a daze, and then climbed to the bed. She sat directly beside Mu shiye. Two little meat hands were struggling with the lipstick cover.

She opened it with a snap. She looked at the red color and her little face was very excited.

Because you can see Mommy dressing up every day, little orange is smart enough to know how to do it.

She took the lipstick and colored Mu Shi's thin lips. She painted it in a zigzag way, like painting. I'm not happy.

When he finished painting daddy's face, the little guy saw his hand on the side again. She began to grasp daddy's fingers again, one finger by one.

After painting, she slipped out of the bed again. Her calves snapped to the end of the bed. Two little meat hands grabbed Mu shiye's toes and began to draw again.

Mu shiye felt his feet itchy, and he couldn't help kicking them.

"Wow!" A small moment on the stand instability, to the floor a seat, open a small mouth, an instant burst into tears.

When night Meng Mu sat up and rushed to the end of the bed. Did he kick his daughter out of the bed?

"Daddy!" Little orange is still holding a lipstick in his hand. When he sees Daddy anxiously coming out of bed to hold her, little orange stops crying immediately, but reaches out to draw on his face.

Mu shiye was horrified to find that his ten fingers had been painted red and his toes were half painted. At the moment, the little guy was seriously painting his handsome face.

Murin, who heard the crying, quickly pushed the door in.

When she saw the moment of Mu's night, she almost didn't laugh.

"What the hell is this?" Mu Shi night is simply unbearable, directly put her daughter on the bed, spread out ten fingers, a handsome face distorted.

With one hand on her waist, murin was about to die of laughter. Then she came and held the frightened little orange: "well, the little orange is making up for you. It's very good."

Mu shiye finds out that his sister is about to take a picture of him with her mobile phone, which frightens him to run to the bathroom.

"What a pity!" Murin still laughed. She really wanted to take a picture and share it with lohnin. Mu Shi ran into the bathroom at night. The face reflected in the mirror scared him to have a nightmare at night.