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Ji Shangqing's eyes set for a second on Tang youyou's face, and Tang youyou also raised his head, touching his eyes and frowning away.

I don't know if the four eyes are the same, which makes Ji Shangqing feel better. He immediately said with a smile, "yes, seeing xiaonai and Xiaorui, I don't know if I want my own children."

Ji Lin has a smile on his face, but when he sees Ji Xiaorui, he still flashes a little annoyance inside. Because the mature rationality that Ji Xiaorui showed no matter in appearance or at that young age makes him seem to see that he will be the second season owl cold in the future. Facing such a small competitor, Ji Lin can't help but produce a sense of fear, which is really a very laughable thing


However, Ji Lin feels that it's not just that he has too many superfluous things, but that if Ji Xiaohan's children are as good as him, his son and grandson will face a strong opponent, and it's hard to snatch the family property back.

"Then you should find a girlfriend to get married quickly. Sooner or later, you will have your own children." The old lady happened to hear the conversation between the father and the son, and immediately advised with a smile.

Ji Shangqing said with a touch of helplessness: "grandma, do you think it's easy to find someone you like? Fate is such a thing, late and late, is a kind of torture. "

Ji Shangqing's words, if not studied deeply, will only feel like a kind of emotion, but Tang youyou's heart is a click, she seems to hear the real meaning of Ji Shangqing.

Tang youyou takes two little guys directly to the living room. Ji xiaonai climbs into Ji Xiaohan's arms and sits. A little hand touches Ji Xiaohan's face uneasily. His little mouth kisses him from time to time, and then Ge Ge laughs happily.

Ji Xiaohan is amused by his daughter's cute little action. He grabs her little hand from time to time with his big hand. Both father and daughter have a good time.

Dinner is also ready at this time. The family sits around the table. Even the old man Ji, who seldom gets out of bed on weekdays, comes downstairs in a wheelchair.

"After dinner, let's take a picture!" The old lady suddenly suggested.

Everyone's expressions were different. The old lady asked to take a picture. Naturally, she could not object to it.

So, while we were eating, uncle yuan took a lot of photos.

The old lady turned it over and looked at it, nodded and smiled: "yes, it's very natural. Xiaonai is really naughty, and she also makes a face. Xiaorui is too serious, but it's also good. Uncle yuan, please wash out the photo tomorrow and mount it for me!"

"Old lady, it's a pity that the second young master didn't come!"

"The old lady sighed," yes, yunning hasn't come back, and she can't get up all the time. Forget it, don't ask for it. "

Everyone could see the sadness on the old lady's face.

"Dad, I've got some old friends to get together tomorrow. Are you coming?" Ji Lin asked suddenly.

The old man's face was not very good. However, seeing his little son by his side, he forced himself up and looked as usual.

"Who are you dating?" The old man has been stuffy at home and wants to go out for a breath.

Ji Lin said the names of several people, all of whom the old man had known and played better before. The old man nodded: "well, let's go and sit tomorrow!"

The old lady suddenly frowned and objected, "don't go out, I'm not sure!"

Ji Lin laughs: "Mom, you are still so nosy about Dad's business. If you have me with him, you can rest assured!"

The old lady exchanged a look with the old man. The old man seemed to want to go out to relax. The old lady nodded and said, "well, go out in the morning and play for a few hours. Take him back quickly. He needs to take medicine."

"Mom, what medicine will dad take? Give it to me. I'll let dad take it." Ji Lin asked in a concerned tone.

Season owl cold in the side to the son and daughter folder vegetables, hear season Lin this tone, sneered in the heart.

The old lady nodded, "OK, I'll get the medicine ready for you. Shangqing, would you like to go with me?"

"I'm busy recently. I may not have time to go!" Ji Shangqing shook his head and didn't want to join his father and father.

The dinner was over, and then everyone left the table with their own thoughts.

Ji Lin did not live down, but left in Ji Shangqing's car.

When Ji Lin and his son returned to the car, they had a lot to talk about.

"Dad, how come the news I gave you last time hasn't come out yet? They're getting engaged! " Ji Shangqing is still very angry about this. At the thought that Ji Xiaohan is going to be engaged to Tang Youyou, Ji Shangqing doesn't even have a taste of eating now, but feels that his heart is blocked.

"Do you like Tang youyou?" On today's dinner table, Ji Lin finally saw one thing: his son looked at Tang youyou from time to time, with a sense of infatuation.

Ji Shangqing did not hide it, nodded: "yes, I like her a little!" "Don't you have a bad eye? She is a woman of Ji Xiaohan and has two children. How can you like her? What's your taste? " Ji Linzhi will be angry because things are out of his control. He sent his son back before. Although his son said that he wanted to destroy Ji Xiaohan's feelings, he didn't object. That's because he calculated that his son would not fall in love with Tang Youyou, but would make Tang youyou moved him. Now it's OK. It seems that things are going in the opposite direction.

"Dad, have you ever been interested in anyone?" Ji Shangqing did not answer questions.

"Why do you ask this?" Ji Lin frowns.

"I know you've been moved, but that person is not my mother." Ji Shangqing laughs.

Ji Lin's expression changed and he said calmly, "don't mention this topic. I don't want to discuss it with you." "Don't worry, I don't want to hate you for not loving my mother. I'm just curious about which woman made you moved." Ji Shangqing is still a bit reluctant. Although Ji Lin married his mother alone in his whole life and didn't remarry again, Ji Shangqing still knows that his mother is only a good wife in his father's eyes, but she never brings him a sense of love.

Ji Lin sneers: "what I can't get is always the best. I do like a woman. Unfortunately, she has poor vision and likes others!"

Ji Shangqing suddenly asked, "that woman's favorite is uncle!"

Ji Lin's face suddenly turned ugly, and a cloud flashed: "what do you know?" "It's nothing, I've seen the photos you collected, but I know one thing, that woman is not the one who cheated later," Ji said