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C1757 sweet time

Man's words, let Ling warm instant blush, the next second, she hid in the quilt, shy and flustered, feel that she has no face to see this man again.

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was hiding, he felt nervous. He thought that she was angry. He walked to the bed a few steps, reached out to open the quilt, and thought of her appearance at the moment. His hands were stiff, and he shrank back. The voice line was a little dry. "Warm, sorry, you vomited some wine on your body yesterday, so I wanted to change your pajamas."

Ling's warm and stuffy voice came from the quilt: "Oh, so, then Then why did I take off my pyjamas? "

"In the middle of the night, you say it's hot, and then you take it off by yourself." Mu Wei Cheng couldn't help laughing. At that time, he was scared and held a quilt on the floor for the second half of the night.

Ling wennuan showed a head from the quilt, with long black hair and white face, but his eyebrows were pulled up: "it's really my own work. It's disgraceful. I knew that I would not drink that wine. I didn't do anything to you."

Mu Weicheng's handsome eyes are stunned. Next second, he can't help but want to tease her. Then he raises his eyebrows in an evil way: "don't you remember what you did?"

Ling warm shook his head, a face at a loss: "I really don't remember, I slept very well last night."

"If I don't remember, I will." Mu Weicheng pretends to be serious and turns to go back to the bathroom.

"Oh, don't go. You can say it clearly. What disgraceful thing have I done?" Ling wennuan is about to lift the quilt and cover it between his waist and abdomen. He stretches out his small hand and shouts, "Mu Weicheng, you must make it clear."

Mu Weicheng chuckles a lot. This little woman is easy to be cheated. She actually believes what he said.

"You say you love me so much, you want to have children with me, and you rush to pull my clothes." At this time, Mu Weicheng is free to play and make up. Anyway, she will believe what he said. Naturally, she can't let such a good chance pass.

"Ah?" Ling warm eyebrows pull tighter, about to knot, subconsciously cover their mouth, God, how can she say so not Jin hold the words?

When Mu Weicheng saw that she was stunned, he pretended to look at her seriously. "Warm, I don't know that you will talk disorderly when you are drunk. Remember, you can't drink any more. Otherwise, I'm afraid that you will make a bigger joke and say it's OK in front of me and in front of others. Then something big will happen."

Ling wennuan is so regretful that she reaches out and grabs her long black hair. She is going to be angry and cry: "I will never drink again. I won't drink anymore. It's disgraceful."

When Mu Weicheng saw that she had learned a lesson for a long time, he came up to her and comforted her: "well, don't be upset. As long as you don't get drunk next time, do you still have a headache?"

"A little." Ling wennuan glanced up at him pitifully: "Mu Weicheng, will you make fun of me?"

Mu Weicheng bent over her hair and kissed her gently and spoiled: "of course not. You can do anything in front of me."

"Really? When you get married later, you are not allowed to turn over the old account, or I will turn against you. " Ling wennuan is very domineering. Since he says he can't make fun of it, he can't do it in the future.

Mu Weicheng is speechless. How could he have such a unreasonable little princess.

"Out of this door, I'll forget everything that happened last night, and I won't say a word in the future." The man gave an immediate assurance.

Ling warm mood this just a little better, beautiful eyes look at the man, only to find that the man even came out with only a bath towel, that body good foul.

"Put on your clothes quickly, or I'm afraid I'll do something bad again." Ling warms up to remind him.

Mu Weicheng's face is embarrassed. Does this little woman know what a bad thing is? If she threatens people, she can't take her with a small mouth.

When Mu Weicheng came out, he changed into a set of casual clothes, and Ling wennuan also put on his pajamas and a pink face, which made the hearts of men slightly swing.

Ling wennuan takes the clothes she wants to change and goes into the bathroom. When she comes out again, she is dressed in a slim long skirt with a beautiful appearance.

"Our first stop today is to go to a small town with amorous feelings more than 100 kilometers away from here. It's very beautiful and has a natural lake." Mu Weicheng said, packing up his things, pausing and saying, "we spent the night in the villa hotel by the lake."

Ling wennuan's face warmed when she heard about the night.

After two people came out of the hotel, they drove straight to the next place to travel.

Along the way, the mountain flowers are blooming and the weeds are growing wildly.

The sky is high and the mountain is broad, which makes people feel relaxed.

Ling wennuan reached out his hand and turned up the music. Then he spread his hands lazily and hummed.

Mu Weicheng looked at her face and enjoyed the expression, and the corner of her lips also rose up involuntarily.

If this is their future life, that's great.

But the good is doomed to be short, more may be the separation.

It's nearly three hours' drive. The road is winding, but it's lunch time when we arrive.

Mu Weicheng arranged the accommodation first, then strolled around with Ling wennuan casually. After having lunch, they were ready to visit the natural lake.

The road to go is a path. After crossing the mountain behind, Mu Weicheng and Ling wennuan bought a bottle of water and walked there.

Surrounded by stone mountains, the trees are not tall. There is still snow on the top of the mountain in the distance. The air suddenly cools. Mu Weicheng quickly takes Ling's warm knitting coat out and puts it on her shoulder. "Why did you bring my coat?" Ling wennuan still thought that he would be frozen into a dog for a while, but he didn't expect that the man was ready.

"I've been stationed here all the year round. I know the climate here very well. The altitude here is very high. There is snow on the mountain for three seasons a year. Of course, I have to prepare your coat." Mu explained with a smile.

"Then why don't you have a coat?" Ling wennuan tightens up the knitted coat, and finally feels warm.

Mu Weicheng shrugged his shoulders and said confidently, "I can carry it. Don't worry about me."

Ling warms and whitens his eyes, but he doesn't need to worry about his physical fitness because he looks very rosy and looks good.

"Mu Weicheng, look at me!" After two people walked forward for a while, Ling wennuan changed a photo pole from nowhere, holding her mobile phone high, and suddenly, on impulse, shouted to the man walking in front.

Muwei Cheng instinctively turned around, and saw that the girl put her toes in front of him. The powder moistens her lips and pastes them on his thin lips accurately. Next second, he heard the sound of snap.

"Ha, I've got you at last." Lingnuan happily takes back her mobile phone and appreciates her masterpiece.

Men stay where they are. They don't like to take photos. They are afraid that they will be changed by this little woman.