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Mu shiye suddenly moved to lohnin's side and explained in a hurry: "I'm joking. Why are you all serious? You can't let Anxin hear what I just said, otherwise, I'm going to sleep on the sofa when I go home. " "

just know!" Ji Xiaohan doesn't like him at all.

"When the night of moo, you should be gentle, considerate and clever," he said Season

owl cold eyes dangerous stare at him: "what does this have to do with you?" "

I just want to ask, how can I make my wife have such a good character? Anxin's temper is getting bigger and bigger. I can't control her any more. It's also her children and her mother. Why is the difference so big?" When Mu night a face helpless feeling.

"That's because you broke Anxin's heart. She used to be gentle and lovely, didn't she? At that time, you should be satisfied. Anxin is not grumpy, she just becomes sensitive. " Lohnin kindly reminded him. "

I know it's all my fault. I caused it, but she's really cute with her spicy look." Mu shiye immediately smiles into a fool's face.

Lohnin and Ji Xiaohan look at each other, and feel that the man around him is more cruel and happier, and there is no remedy. Three

friends walked out of the hall, laughing and talking. At the door of the hall, they got on the bus and left separately. High

Yue hands around her chest, walked out of the banquet hall in all sorts of ways, and there were many men nearby who were actively chatting with her. She didn't even appreciate one with white eyes, proud and cold. The colder Gao Yue is, the more he likes to ignore them, the more energetic they are. He sits in the same elevator with Gao Yue on purpose and borrows the opportunity to make friends with him.

"Sorry, I have a sweetheart!" Gao Yue's casual words silenced the man in the elevator.

Gao Yue steps out of the elevator door and sneers at the bottom of his heart. These men are too vulgar. They are still the season owl. They are elegant and noble. Gao Yue is proud of his face in front of him today.

Ji Lin's recent inaction made the boss unhappy first, and once again called him in front of him to reprimand him.

Ji Lin stood in front of the old president with a shy face, his head bowed and his expression complicated.

"Ji Lin, I'll give you another deadline, one month, within one month. If you still don't let Ji Xiaohan get hit, our cooperation will be officially cancelled!" The old president has lost patience. There are only three months left for the spring election. He has no more time to wait. He can only use this harsh means to force the people who work for him.

Ji Lin has been very passive and frustrated recently. He managed to make a trick of beauties, but didn't expect such a failure. I don't know whether the selected beauties are not beautiful enough or whether Ji Xiaohan's loyalty to his feelings is overwhelming.

"Don't worry, Mr. President. I'm ready to make my final plan." Ji Lin raised his head and said word for word. "

final plan? What is your final plan? Kill Ji Xiaohan The old president sneered. "

it's the best thing to kill him, of course. Unfortunately, Ji Xiaohan has a strict defense around him. If he really wants to kill him, he must kill him once. Otherwise, give him a chance to fight back, I will die very ugly!" Ji Lin knows some things, there is no second chance. It really takes courage to gamble on life and death.

"Do you know this is the stupidest way? It's just like a piece of rubbish suggested by me to find an opportunity to assassinate Ling Mo Feng. But now, it's the same as causing me a big trouble. Ling Mo Feng is not dead, but I'm afraid that he will collect evidence every day. So, don't do this stupid thing any more. There are other ways besides killing people. You have to think about it. Don't put your brain on the table. " The old president angrily scolded, because he was already in a hurry.

"Mr. President is right. We have to leave some room for ourselves. Killing is not the best way, but I have a way!" Ji Lin's eyes shine like poisonous snakes.

"Well, I don't care what you do. In a month, you have to make Ji's house a mess." The old president's cold request, Ji Xiaohan has invested in the national military equipment behind his back, and this contribution is directly recorded in Ling Mo Feng's body, because, someone has revealed this news, the national people are also actively discussing this matter, everyone feels that Ji Xiaohan is a very positive energy entrepreneur, and philanthropy is thriving, and now he is funding the country It can be seen that his position will only be higher and higher. In the future, he only needs to reach a consensus with Ling Mo Feng, and his supporters will be broader. Ji Lin left in dismay. She clenched her fist tightly and was scolded like a dog. Ji Lin believed in the humiliation he suffered, just for the greater glory in the future. He gritted his teeth and would step on Ji Xiaohan sooner or later.

Ji Xiaohan has been fully prepared. Ji Lin thought about the idea of playing with Ji's two children, but now it seems that he can't do it. So, the only thing he can do is to focus on the old man who owns 30% of the equity.

Ji Lin knows that the old man has been in good health recently. He wants to ask him to come out and relax. By the way, he can use powerful means to take over his share. Wei

threatening his Laozi, Ji Lin, is a very dangerous move, because there is only one end to him. He wants to break all relations with Ji's family and become an unfilial descendant.

Up to now, he has no way to go. If this move is any more dangerous, he will have to gamble.

Therefore, Ji Lin called the old man, first told his sincerity and filial piety, and then asked him out for lunch. I haven't seen this little boy for a while. I heard his invitation, and of course I wanted to come over to have dinner with him.

So the old man sent a driver to take him out.

Ji Lin asked him to eat at a manor in the suburb. When the old man went out, he only told the old lady. The old lady wanted to come and was persuaded by the old man. He wanted to talk about his recent behavior with his son as a father. It seems that he went astray from the one five years ago. Ji was sweating nervously. He stood at the gate of the manor, clenched his fist and relaxed. He was also very uneasy. He was afraid that the old man would not come and the old lady would follow him. When

saw the old man coming down from the car alone, he was relieved.

The driver took the wheelchair down for the old man. Although the old man can walk, he is more dependent on the wheelchair. "

dad, the scenery of this manor is very good. Let me push you for a walk!" Ji Lin came over and said with a smile.

"Good!" The old man nodded and didn't refuse. The driver wanted to follow him. The old man raised his hand and stopped him. Ji glanced at his father's face, inexplicably raising a bad feeling. The old man he felt was also prepared.

The father and son walked along the garden path. There was still snow around them. The scenery was not very good.

"Dad, why didn't you ask mom to come with you?" Asked Ji Lin tentatively.

"Don't call her. She'll come here and have nothing to say but nagging!" The old man sighed.

"Dad, how are you these days?" Ji Lin asked. "

not so good. The colder the weather is, the more painful the leg is. Sometimes I want to leave early if it hurts!" Don't tell me the truth.

"It's not a bad thing to leave, at least free!" Ji Lin said sarcastically.

"What can I do for you? Today, we are the father and son. You can say what you want! " The old man recognized the dark in his words. "

dad, I want 20% of your equity!" Ji Lin asked directly. The old man was not surprised, but he smiled twice: "you finally said that!" "

What does Dad mean?" Ji Lin's face turned ugly. "

what would you do if I didn't agree?" The old man suddenly reached out to stop his wheelchair, then stood up from the wheelchair, turned his head, and stared at his son with dignity.

"You've written your will, haven't you?" Ji Lin has a look of anger on his face.