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"He fell asleep!" The man's reply made Tang You You feel inexplicably touched. She didn't want to continue chatting with him, so she could only end this with this sentence.

Unfortunately, after tossing and turning for half an hour, she finally fell completely asleep!

However, Ji Xiao Han's eyes were wide open as he looked at the ceiling, while thinking about whether he should go take a cold bath.

Like a child, he slept peacefully and sweetly.

Ji Xiao Han's heart was slightly moved, his thin lips curled up into a satisfied smile.

He could feel that this woman's initial dislike towards him had changed bit by bit.

It was because he was in too much of a hurry to get her, but she was someone who was born with no sense of security.

He needed more patience as he slowly pulled her feelings out of her sealed heart.

For someone like her who wasn't easily moved, once her emotions exploded, she would definitely be extremely beautiful.

Ji Xiao Han stood up, with light steps, he walked to the door and opened it.

The night light was still on in the living room. Ji Xiao Han poured himself a cup of wine and stood in front of the window, looking at the night sky filled with cities, and slowly sipped.

His heart gradually calmed down.

After drinking a cup of wine, Ji Xiao Han walked towards the children's room with light footsteps.

He gently opened the door and lit up the room with two small night lights.

The children had taken over half of the bed, and were sleeping soundly.

Tang Xiao Nai's leg was leaning on Tang Xiao Rui's chest, her sleeping posture was very cute.

However, the two little fellows had both kicked off their quilts, and the two quilts were on the verge of falling off their beds.

Ji Xiao Han let out a sigh as he walked over gently and picked up the blanket, covering the two little fellows.

The children were already sensible, this made Ji Xiao Han very happy and complicated in his heart.

He knew that as the children grew older, they would become more and more sensible, but it would also become more and more difficult to educate them.

However, he believed that no matter if it was him or Tang You You, both of them would give up everything for the growth of these two children.

Ji Xiao Han bent over and kissed his daughter and son's small foreheads.

"Good night, my little one!"

Ji Xiao Han mumbled in a low voice, but the two little fellows seemed to have heard her father's voice in their dreams, as their little mouths curved upwards.

Ji Xiao Han returned to Tang You You's room and laid on the floor. He closed his eyes and slept!


The first rays of sunlight streamed through the curtains and into the room.

Tang You You's biological clock had already awoken, and she lazily flipped a few times.

He was about to sit up.

When both her hands were up, she woke up abruptly. She was not the only person in the room.

She anxiously looked at the man lazily lying on the floor.

He was still sleeping. After a night of tossing and turning, his robe had long since become messy.

It revealed his strong and proud long legs, filled with a strong sense of power.

The muscles of the Golden Triangle area appeared clearly on the outside. When Tang You You saw this, she felt her head explode.

It was as if countless planes were rumbling past.

He was stunned.

Ji Xiao Han actually did not even cover himself with a blanket, and so calmly revealed everything that he should not have seen in front of Tang You You's eyes.

"Hey …" Tang You You only took a glance before blushing from embarrassment. She grabbed the blanket on her body and threw it towards the man.

All the symbols of his masculinity were blotted out.

Ji Xiao Han was suddenly woken up by the flying blanket, his lazy and low voice sounded out: "What's wrong?"

"You … "Why didn't you sleep under the covers?" Tang You You stuttered, revealing what she had just seen.

Ji Xiao Han then raised his body up slightly and looked at his own body. After that, he smiled enchantingly: "This is a reaction that every man will have in the morning. Did you see it?"

"Damn it!" Tang You You was extremely speechless towards this man, how could he not feel the slightest bit of shame?

Ji Xiao Han continued to smile: "I've already let you watch me for free, and you still despise me!"

"Who wants to see? I feel like his eyes are stinging!" Tang You You got off the bed in a huff, then walked into the bathroom to wash up.

Ji Xiao Han knew that this woman's skin was thin. Appearing in front of her this early in the morning, perhaps she was truly a little unsettled.

However, in any case, Ji Xiao Han would probably read it sooner or later, so he didn't really want to let her see it, what was there to be embarrassed about?

His large body stood up, and Ji Xiao Han immediately walked towards the bathroom.

When Tang You You wasn't wearing heels, she had already reached the man's shoulders. At this moment, when the man stood next to her, the two of them appeared to be at their most adorable height.

"Why are you washing up now? "Can't you just wait for me to finish bathing …"

"Wandering, have the children ever said that you are sometimes very noisy!" After Ji Xiao Han took the toothbrush and a cup of water, he said slowly as he drank.

Tang You You's body froze.

Was she noisy?

"It's like a bird, I can't stop talking!" Ji Xiao Han added.

Tang You You almost choked!

He simply stopped talking and kept brushing his teeth.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the silent little girl beside him, and could not help but chuckle. "I was joking with you, I actually really like listening to you talk!"

"I don't want to say anymore!" Tang You You was completely angered by him.

Ji Xiao Han was stunned, following that, his lips quickly kissed her.

"Bastard, you didn't brush your teeth!" Tang You You felt him kiss her just like that and was so angry that she quickly wiped the back of her hand.

"You dislike me?" Ji Xiao Han's handsome face instantly turned ashen.

"Yes sir!" Tang You You answered very straightforwardly.

Ji Xiao Han once again hooked her chin, and his thin lips pressed down on her lips with another kiss.

"You … "Oh my god, you're so unhygienic!" Tang You You was so angry that she almost exploded. How could this man be so detestable?

"Daddy, Mummy, good morning!" Just as Tang You You wanted to kick this man twice, he heard his son's voice from the door.

Tang You You's rough idea immediately cooled down, she turned her head and saw her son leaning on the door drowsily, laughing as he looked at her: "Indeed, when you woke up from your sleep, your relationship became better, all of you are brushing your teeth together."