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C515. She still cares

Tang youyou's soul seems to have been lost. She sits on the bed alone and can't sleep for a long time.

Just now, in the corridor, Ji Xiaohan's attack was followed by another wave, which made her unable to resist and didn't want to refuse.

She is not only physically honest, but also more honest in her heart.

She loves him, she can feel it, and Ji Xiaohan's heart hasn't changed.

Although he tried to restrain, she could still feel that a person's eyes were the most sincere and could not deceive others.

What to do?

She found that she was not as strong as she thought.

Is it possible for Ji Xiaohan to ask her to find her father and divorce him from his mother? Reality?

Should she sacrifice her own father's happiness for her own happiness?

Would it be selfish to do so?

However, he lost Ji Xiaohan because of him. Tang youyou suddenly didn't know what to do.

Maybe she really should meet her father who has never met since she was born.

The next morning!

When Tang youyou woke up, there were two more little Mengbao in his bed.

Two little guys just lie on the bed and blink at her sleeping.

"Mommy, did we wake you up?" Tang xiaonai suddenly asked himself some questions.

Tang youyou immediately sat up and asked curiously, "how do you two get up so early?"

"Mommy, have you made up with daddy?" Tang xiaonai did not answer questions.

Tang Xiaorui, lying beside him, sighed like an adult: "it seems that we haven't made up yet. Alas, did my method fail yesterday? No way. Daddy should be jealous now. "

Tang youyou heard his son's words and said that she had no words. She knew that her son would not really want her to be with Luo xuanchen.

He said those words yesterday just for the sake of the season and the cold.

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, don't worry about this time, OK? If you do this, your father will be angry with you sooner or later. " Tang youyou is still in love with that man. Thinking of his tired and painful appearance last night, where can Tang youyou still be willing to hurt him?

Tang xiaonai's eyes widened instantly: "is that right? That's going to piss off daddy, don't we have no daddy? "

Tang Xiaorui immediately patted his younger sister on the head: "if you say something stupid, if daddy can be angry, he will not be our Daddy!"

Tang youyou saw that the two little guys were fighting again, and urged them to make peace: "OK, in a word, you should be obedient. Don't make your father angry. It's not only his fault, but also mommy's fault. Let's find a solution ourselves, OK?"

"Mommy, is there any way? Then hurry to find it. Otherwise, I'm not in the mood to go to school! " As soon as Tang xiaonai heard that there was a solution, his two big eyes suddenly brightened.

In fact, there is no bottom in Tang youyou's heart. She can only sigh: "I don't know, but at present, we may be stuck for some time!"

Two little guys, see Mommy said with such a serious tone, are very conscious of no further questioning, obediently go to eat breakfast class.

Tang youyou sits cross legged on the bed and is not in the mood to go downstairs for breakfast.

Anyway, now the two little guys have uncle yuan to take care of them and the elder brother to take good care of them. She has nothing to worry about.

At ten o'clock, Tang youyou suddenly hears the sound of a sudden step. She pushes open the door of the room and sees uncle yuan leading a man in white and big trigram to the room of Ji Xiaohan.

Tang youyou's heart is clenched. How did the doctor come home?

Is he sick?

Tang youyou instinctively wants to go there. Unfortunately, after only two steps, she stops.

At last, she could only turn around and walk to her room.

Can she and he care about each other?

Tang youyou feels that Ji Xiaohan is ill. Naturally, someone will take care of him and love him. I don't need to worry about it myself.

Tang youyou tidies up and plans to go out. She is going back to the company to deal with some things today.

Just walked to the stairs, uncle yuan suddenly stopped her: "Miss Tang, please stay!"

Tang youyou steps, turns his head to look at Uncle yuan, and asks in a low voice, "what's the matter?"

"Young master is ill and refuses to take medicine. Can Miss Tang come in and persuade him?" Uncle yuan also felt that it was not appropriate for him to ask for such a request. However, he was worried about the aggravation of the young master's condition, so he could only plead with Tang youyou for help.

Tang youyou's expression is slightly dull. Is Ji Xiaohan willing to take medicine? It sounds funny.

"I'm not sure I can persuade him!" Tang youyou didn't dare to put himself in an important position, so she said in a light tone.

"You can do it, Miss Tang, as if I asked you." Uncle yuan is really helpless, said sincerely.

Tang youyou had to nod: "I'll try!"

Uncle yuan had to go in and invite the doctor out and let Tang youyou in alone.

Tang youyou walked in and saw the man lying on the bed with his back to the door. The curtains were not opened and the lights were still on inside.

Next to the bedside table, there is a cup of warm water and medicine prescribed by the doctor.

"Why don't you take the medicine?" When Tang youyou came in and saw his back to her, she hesitated for a moment and asked.

Season owl cold turns his head, his eyes have a happy look: "you care about me?"

"Don't you see Uncle yuan worried about you? Can you live with your conscience when you make an old man so anxious? " Instead of answering, Tang youyou blames him.

Season owl cold but light self ridicule: "it is a cold to have a fever only, also can't die a person!"

Hearing that he was still feverish, Tang youyou felt an inexplicable pain in his heart. What did he do to himself? Why does he, who is always healthy, get sick at this time?

Ji Xiaohan didn't want to tell her, but yesterday, after kissing her, he took a cold bath and drank wine. He had a headache in the morning and his temperature continued to rise.

Tang youyou hears that he actually said this, so she is also a little annoyed. She turns around and tries to walk: "since you can't die, you can live well!"

"Don't go..." The man suddenly rolled out of bed and grabbed her wrist. "As long as you let me eat, I will eat!"

Tang youyou feels funny. This man, why is he still playing with children at this time?

"Do you like it or not!" Tang youyou gave him a hard and soft look.

Ji Xiaohan looked at the melting ice on her face, and his thin lips raised a deep smile: "you still care about me, don't you?"

"Hurry up, I have to go to work!" Tang youyou said impatiently. Ji Xiaohan just took the medicine, threw it into his mouth and drank a mouthful of water.